I AM a firm believer in the Prospering, Healing, Joy-producing Power of Gratitude.

Personally, given some of the challenges and Blessings, I have experienced and received, especially in the last three years, if I AM breathing, then I must express Gratitude (and yes, I AM breathing!).

For now, I wish to take a few moments to express Gratitude to the following; I AM most thankful:


To my Celestial Mother, Auset, the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of Magick, Witchcraft, Psychic Powers, Healing Love, and Restorative Love, more commonly known as Isis, for giving Birth to my Soul, for Counseling, Guiding, and Healing me, as I Counsel, Guide, and Heal all those who come to me;

To Sekhmet, the Ancient Egyptian Lioness-Headed Goddess of Magick, Prophecy, Healing, Carnal Lust, and the scorching heat of the Sun, for giving Birth to my Body, for Re-Minding me of my Courage and Strength,and for teaching me that there is nothing wrong with anger or rage;

To Oshun, the Afro-Caribbean Goddess of All Things that Flow: Joy, Money, Sweetness, Honey, Rivers, Waterfalls, Music, and Dance, for Re-Minding me to celebrate my life, my joys, my pleasures, and my “Goddessness;”

To Hekate (also known as Hecate), for claiming me back in September, 2006, and for sternly teaching me not to care about the credentials, status of other Witches, especially those that have always been members of Covens, and to remember that She Is Law, regardless of what others say;

To Oya, for teaching me that it is OK to celebrate my Shadow;

To Ymoja (also known as Yemaya, although lately, I feel Divinely Guided to call Her Ymoja), the Afro-Caribbean Goddess of the Full Moon, and the Ocean Waters, for Blessing me greatly;

To Selene, the Greek Goddess of the Full Moon, for giving me the opportunity to learn more about Her;

To Laxmi, Hindu Goddess of Wealth and Opulence, for Blessings me with Money, Financial Supply, and especially for being One of many Celestial Beings Who teach me that people, positions of employment, conditions are NOT the true source of my supply, but the Goddess Is;

To Brighid, Irish Goddess of Divine Healing, Divine Inspiration, and Divine Prosperity, for Her Triple Goddess Blessings;

To Sarasvati, Hindu Goddess of the Arts, Creativity, and Eloquence, for Her many Blessings and Gifts;

To Athena, Greek Goddess of War and Wisdom, as well as of Arts and Crafts, for Her Many Blessings, Gifts, and Miracles;

To Mother Mary, just because;

To La Virgen de Guadalupe, for Her Love;

To Erzuli Danto, for being a Savioress to all those that are sick and tired of being broke, and sick and tired of crying;

To all those who have written about the Great and Glorious Goddess; they include, but are not limited to: (the late and great) Merlin Stone, (the late and great) Patrician Monaghan, Margie Lapaja, Rev. Laurie Sue Brockaway, Shekhinah Mountainwater, Nancy Blair, Priestess Brandi Auset, Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., Jean Shinoda Bolen, M. D., Z. Budapest.

To the participants of my very first, Goddess-themed Course, “Goddess-Graced Guidance,” and to the participants of my very second Goddess Course, “Goddess to the Next Level…” for giving me the honor and pleasure of having me teach them about the many forms of the Goddess.


To Pan, Greek God of Wild Fields, and Wild Lust, for Re-Minding me of my many Birthright Blessings;

To Shango, Afro-Caribbean Lord of Thunder, Lightning, and Fire, and the “Hammer of Justice,” for Being another one of my Divine Fathers;

To Ausar, the Ancient Egyptian God of Agriculture, the Underworld, and Sacrifices, more commonly known as Osiris, for allowing Himself to be slain so that I may live;

To Lugh, Irish God of the Sun, for all His Blessings of the Holy Harvests, Prosperity, and Infinite Supply;

To Orunla (also known as Orunmila), the Afro-Caribbean Lord of Divination, for His Many Blessings and Gifts;

To Damballah, the Lwa of Hidden Wealth;

To Frere Etoile, the Lwa for Gay Men, for His Blessings, Gifts, and many Miracles.


To Archangel Michael, for protecting me and mine;

To Archangel Gabriel, for filling my Mind with Knowledge and Wisdom;

To Archangel Raphael, for Healing me and mine;

To Archangel Uriel, for Divinely Guiding me to where I need to go and with whom I need to work, to strengthen my Psychic Powers and Energies;

To Archangel Ariel, for Prosperity Power.


To Saint Germain, for enfolding me in the Violet Flame;

To Ascended Master Merlin, for Divinely Guiding those who shall become, and who already are Practitioners and Initiators of the Vortex Healing Modality;

To Saint Jude, for favors given;

To Saint Francis of Assisi, for so many Blessings;

To St. Therese de Lisieux, for being the beloved Little Flower;


To the Sacred Fey, more commonly known as the Fairies, or Faeries, for Their Beautiful Blessings of Love, Money, and Health;

To all my Crystal Companions, especially Fluorite, Amethyst, Citrine Quartz, Aventurine, Moonstone, Selenite, Angelite, Red Jasper, Tiger’s Iron, Black Onyx, Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Pyrite, and others;

To all the Herbs and Essential Oils that bring me Joy, Peace, Prosperity and Delight;

To all the foods and beverages, that I love and adore, including but not limited to: tomatoes, Granny Smith apples, Italian bread, cucumbers, mushrooms, green peppers, red peppers, bananas, peanut butter, rye bread, cookies and cream ice cream, iced tea, COFFEE, ginger ale, and so many others;

To my books and journals;

To all the Tarot Decks, Divination Decks, and Oracle Card Decks that bring my clients and me Clarity, Illumination, and Insight;

To my clients, students, and friends, who Lovingly and Lavishly, with Money, Gifts, Love, Honor, and Joy;

To all my blog followers and readers, especially those who follow both my blogs (hint, hint!);

To the Moon;

To the Sun;

And to the fact that I AM almost done (with this post, that is).


Today, I have received Money Miracles, eaten delicious food, imbibed fantastic beverages, and received many other Blessings, Gifts, and Miracles, that to have refrained from expressing my Gratitude to so many and for so much, truly would have been a cardinal sin (and, as a Cardinal Sign, I know exactly what constitutes a cardinal sin!).

Thank you, and good night.thankyou

As the Number Thirteen (13) is connected to the Goddess, in so many ways, I wanted to give all of you thirteen stars (as opposed to bullet points) regarding my upcoming, very first Intermediate Level Goddess Course, “Goddess to the Next Level…”

And here we go…


*”Goddess to the Next Level…” is open to anyone, male or female, who wishes to connect (or, reconnect, as the case may be) with the Energy of the Divine Feminine, the Sacred She, the Goddess;

*It is not required that one had participated in my very first Goddess Course, “Goddess-Graced Guidance,” which I led from January, 2010, until January, 2011;

*This Course shall be one Class per month, for a period of seven months (SEE the “Goddess to the Next Level…” entry on https://thetarotman.wordpress.com/events-with-robert-alvarez-the-psychic-witch-2015/ );

*Men are absolutely encouraged to participate;

*Although not a Tarot Course, the Deck we shall be using for this Course is the Universal Goddess Tarot, by Maria Caratti, illustrated by Antonella Platano (Copyright 2006, Lo Scarabeo, Torino, Italy).  Llewellyn Worldwide has been the exclusive American and Canadian distributor for Lo Scarabeo Decks for at least a decade.  And yes, we shall be using the Deck in the first Class of the Course;

*All seven classes of this Course have been scheduled, and the space has been reserved for the first three.  Ripley-Grier Studios in Manhattan has been happily Re-Minding me how wonderful their staff is;

*Regarding fees, one must pre-register for the first three classes, which is $78.  If one wants to pre-register for the entire Course, it is $156, which means you get the last class for free.  I can accept payments, via PayPal.com, Google Wallet, and for those of you who wish to meet in Manhattan to pay in cash;

*I can honestly say that “Goddess and Goddesses” have been giving me some amazing, fantastic, and great ideas for this Course.  Truth be told, I have lost count of how many ideas The Goddess and Goddesses have given me, but I AM crystal clear that every participant shall receive more than his or her money’s worth for the Course;

*I have been Divinely Guided to keep the Course “open” until the May Class.  In other words, if you are unable to participate in the first class, you may participate in the second, or the third, for that matter, going forward to the completion of the Course.  However, officially as of the June Class, the Course is only for those already participating;

*Each Class shall feature working with the Cards, in-class exercises, a Guided Meditation, and lots of fun.  In addition, I have been Divinely Guided to read from various Goddess-themed books during each class;

*Each participant shall not be given homework, as I do not give homework assignments.  I give Sacred Play Assignments (or, SPAs, for short).  Some shall be completed before the next class, and some shall be ongoing.  Nonetheless, no one shall receive more than five SPAs, per class;

*The Goddess-Graced Prayer Urn, created by Star-Achieving Artist Jama Young (SEE https://thetarotman.wordpress.com/2014/10/06/the-divine-events-were-a-divine-success/ for more info, and for photos of the GORGEOUS, Goddess-Graced Prayer Urn), shall be available to all the participants;

*Ultimately, “Goddess to the Next Level…” is for anyone who wishes to not only strengthen his or her connection to the Goddess, but to fully embrace and celebrate his or her innate “Goddessness.”


Recently, a good friend recommended that I Webcast this Course.  In fact, he referred to it as a “bold suggestion.”

Frankly, I disagree with it being “bold.”  It is a great idea, and one that I have considered in the past.  And, according to my Goddess-Graced tech person, it would be relatively easy for me to do, enact, set up, etc.

However, every single time I have done something that I was not Divinely Guided to do, it was not a success.  Either the result I wanted did not manifest, or I wasted a great deal of time, energy and money, or it created a problem or more than one problem.

Also, I have learned to pay attention to my body when I tune in to Goddess regarding something.  I could feel this band of tightness, as in, an energetic belt binding me, in the area of my Solar Plexus as I thought about it.

Divine Guidance and Intuition are quite simple.  And, at least in my experience, they are almost always accompanied by a peaceful feeling.  A band of tightness, or an energetic belt binding a specific area of my body, is not peaceful.

Shall I consider it in the future?  Yes.  Although I may want to do a “test run” with one class, as opposed to a multi-class course, but right now, I need to focus on the fact that “Goddess to the Next Level…” begins in exactly seven days, and I AM busy this entire week not solely with this Course, but I digress.

If any of you have any questions about “Goddess to the Next Level…” please feel free to submit a comment, or Email me directly at thetarotman@excite.com.  If you Email me, remember to put “Goddess to the Next Level…” in the Subject line.

Before I close, I wish to acknowledge my newest blog follower, “remciel2020.”  Thank you for honoring who I AM and what I do.  May you receive Divine Joy, Divine Riches, and Divine Success (not to mention Goddess-Graced Guidance helping you take your life to the next level) from following “This Is Who I AM.”

And for those of you already following or reading “This Is Who I AM,” thank you, as well, for honoring who I AM and what I do.  May you receive Love, Life, and Light; Prosperity, Protection, and Peace; Honor, Wholeness, and Healing, now and always, in all ways.

One of my favorite images of my Celestial Mother, Auset, the Ancient Egyptian Goddess more commonly known as Isis, depicts Her Sacred Hieroglyph atop Her Head.  Her Name means "Throne."

One of my favorite images of my Celestial Mother, Auset, the Ancient Egyptian Goddess more commonly known as Isis, depicts Her Sacred Hieroglyph atop Her Head. Her Name means “Throne.”


Next month, March, 2015, I have the honor and pleasure of leading my very first Intermediate Level Goddess Course, “Goddess to the Next Level.”

I must confess, this is not the first time I have wanted to lead this Course.  I put the feelers out there last year, in 2014, and in 2013, as well.  Alas, there were no takers; in other words, there were no registered participants.

Earlier tonight, while tending to my Altars, I had a chat with the Triple Goddess, and I told Her/Them that if no one participates in this Course, then I shall take it as a clear, evident, and irrevocable Sign that She/They do not want me to lead this Course.

To say that I want to officially and finally lead this Course is an understatement.  However, as I told the Triple Goddess, it is not my will, but Her/Their Will that shall be done.

First, the Course, “Goddess to the Next Level,” shall take place one Monday evening per month, beginning on Monday, March 23, 2015, 6-8PM.  One need NOT have participated in my very first Goddess Course, “Goddess-Graced Guidance,” to participate in “Goddess to the Next Level.”

Also, men are encouraged to participate, as the Goddess Is not solely for women.  Men of all kinds receive Blessings from honoring, learning about, and venerating Her.

The Deck that shall be used for this Course is the Universal Goddess Tarot, by Maria Caratti, illustrated by Antonella Platano (Copyright 2006, Lo Scarabeo, Torino, Italy).

Now, a few things: first, I was Divinely Guided, several years ago, in fact, to use this Deck for my very first Intermediate/Advanced Goddess Course.  Second, although a Tarot Deck shall be used, I shall not be teaching the Tarot in this Course.

Those of you who own Divination/Oracle Card Decks know that very few, consist of 78 Cards, which is the traditional number of Cards in a Tarot Deck.  If I AM fortunate enough to have any of my former Tarot students participate in this Course, they shall be able to tell you that I AM not leading a Tarot Course.

The only thing that I shall teach about this Course in connection to the Tarot is why a certain Goddess Is appropriate on a certain Tarot Card.

For example, The High Priestess Card, appropriately depicts Auset, the Ancient Egyptian Goddess more commonly known as Isis.

Over the years, I have seen many Tarot Decks depicts this particular Tarot Card with Isian, or Auset-like Symbols and Attributes, from Full Moons to Lunar Horns.

Indeed, the Astrological Alignment with this Card is the Moon, which in Western Astrology is a Planet, and Auset/Isis Is a Full Moon Goddess.

During each Class, in addition to learning about all the Goddesses depicted on each Card, I shall also talk about the different ways to work with that particular Goddess.  In addition, I shall lead a Guided Meditation on a specific Goddess Aspect as part of the Class.

Since the first class is scheduled to begin exactly three days after the Vernal Equinox, which is the date when the Sun enters Aries,the Sign of New Beginnings, I shall lead a Guided Meditation to work with the Maiden Goddess, a great Goddess to call upon for all kinds of New Beginnings.

Second, although there are many different Goddess-themed Tarot and Divination/Oracle Card Decks in my possession, not all of them are in print, and some of them can be found on the Internet on sale for three times its original price.

The Universal Goddess Tarot, by Maria Caratti, illustrated by Antonella Platano, is a reasonably priced Tarot Deck, even the kit which comes with a purple velvet bag featuring the Triquetra (an Ancient Irish Celtic Goddess Symbol) is also reasonably priced.  In addition, Llewellyn Worldwide, located in Woodbury, Minnesota, has been Lo Scarabeo exclusive American and Canadian distributor for almost a decade.

So, you need not order directly from Torino, Italy, and worry about currency conversion rates.

The Course shall be held in Midtown Manhattan, and if one pre-registers for all seven Classes, the seventh Class is free.

So, you can pre-register for the first three (which is the minimum), at $26, per Class, or a grand total of $78.  Or, you can pre-register for all seven and only pay $156 (as opposed to $182, if one were to pre-register for the first three, then the second two, then the final two).

Since we shall be working with the Universal Goddess Tarot in the first class, it is important that one have the Deck in his or her possession before the Course begins.

I have been Divinely Guided to take a page from Jimmy Clark’s Spiritual Playbook, after having participated in his amazing “Moon Magick, Manifestation, and Journaling” workshop, and I shall purchase copies of the Deck so that participants can have them for purchase, in the event they cannot purchase them prior to the first class of the Course.

PLEASE NOTE: any place that sells Tarot and/or Divination Decks, such as Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Metaphysical stores, and the like may already have the Deck, and should be able to order it.

Of course, you can always visit




Not only is in print, but it is ready to ship!  How’s that?

For those of you who are ready to welcome to the Great and Glorious Goddess into your life, or receive Her Wisdom, Her Guidance, and Her Blessings, on a deeper level, and shall be in the NYC area to participate in this Course, I invite you to send the minimum pre-registration of $78 to my PayPal.com account.  The Email address is thetarotman@excite.com.

And, if you want more information, you can submit a comment, or send me an Email address with “Goddess to the Next Level” in the Subject line.

Before I close, I wish to acknowledge my newest blog followers, “Srinidhi,” and “John.”  Thank you, both, for honoring who I AM and what I do.  May you receive Divine Healing, Divine Inspiration, and Divine Prosperity from following “This Is Who I AM.”

And for those of you already following or reading “This Is Who I AM,” thank you for continuing to honor who I AM and what I do.  May the “Goddess and Goddesses” Bless you Abundantly with New Joy, New Riches, and New Success.

Good night.

Auset/Isis, as depicted on "The High Priestess Card" of the "Universal Goddess Tarot, created by Maria Caratti, illustrated by Antonella Platano.

Auset/Isis, as depicted on “The High Priestess Card” of the “Universal Goddess Tarot, created by Maria Caratti, illustrated by Antonella Platano.

I AM crystal clear that I love teaching.

I love leading Metaphysical Classes, and I enjoy teaching my clients and students about different and various Metaphysical Methods and Sacred Tools that they can use to empower their lives, and strengthen their Spiritual Energies.

However, every once in a while, I love being on “the other side of the lectern.”  As well as remembering how important it is for me to learn.

Tomorrow, Sunday, February 15, 2015, 2PM, I shall have the opportunity to do just that.

Last month, I met a truly cool man named Jimmy Clark.  I met him at a Vortex Group Healing Event (which, deserves its own blog post, but I digress), and when he mentioned this workshop, the first thing I said was, “I AM so there!”

And now, I have the honor and pleasure of participating in his “Moon Magick, Manifestation, and Journaling for Creative Abundance Healing Workshop.”

Here is a little bit about it, in Jimmy’s own words:




“The workshops always begin with creating sacred space/circle casting, where I integrate directional/elemental energies, and purify the space and its occupants.  We then do introductions, followed by intention setting with a journal.

The program then moves into Pranayama, a grounding technique used by Yogis and Spiritualists the world over, which syncs the body to the breath and creates internal sacred space for our workings.  During this portion, various materials and tools will be used to tune the ambiance of the group and the room.  These tools include various cleansing spurge sprays, crystals, and more.

The main body of the program is divided into two segments.  The first of which will be focused on discussing Lunar cycles, moon meanings, and traditions.

The second segment will include a lecture on journaling for manifestation and creative abundance, where tips, discussions, and advice on how to successfully cultivate a daily writing/awareness practice will be shared.  There will be segments of time allotted for each participant to practice these techniques during the workshop, while also applying Lunar influences that will be discussed.”




Jimmy Clark (or, in some circles, Pan) is an ongoing student of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Reiki, a double certified Yoga Instructor/Aerialist, and has deep-seated roots in Celtic Shamanism, Druidism/Wicca and Nature-based Ritual Magick.

He is also an Usui Reiki Master Teacher, and also has a background in music of more than fifteen years.

He played with the band Amber Blues, and is actively involved with a New Jersey-based group called Helping All Little Things (or, HALT, for short).

Feel free to contact him directly for more info on his Moon Magick Workshops, his various professional/Metaphysical/Mystical Services, or for more info about him by Emailing him at artistenhancement@gmail.com.

And yes, Jimmy Clark is leading this event again.

Thank you, one and all, for honoring who I AM and what I do.  Have a great night, and a wonderful weekend.lunarphases


Good afternoon, everyone, and a Happy Tuesday and Day of Mars (Planet of Motivation, among other things) to all of you!

I think it is safe to say that the ennui that I had experienced has certainly faded.  Or, at least, begun to fade.

I feel more together, more ready, and more focused.

Of course, Mercury turns Direct in Aquarius tomorrow, Wednesday (Day of Mercury, not surprisingly), February 11, 2015, 9:57AM, Eastern Standard Time (thank you, Llewellyn’s 2015 Daily Planetary Guide).  And from there, I look forward to triumphing over the Post Mercury Retrograde Storm, but I digress.

For the most part, from the moment this Blog started going, I would listen closely to my Divine Guidance, and write a post based on that Intuitive Lead.

However, I recently read a WordPress Blog post written by a WordPress Blogger, primarily for WordPress Bloggers.  The writer recommended creating a schedule regarding when followers or readers can expect a blog post to be published.

Personally, I have no problem with that.

Nonetheless, between my Psychic Practice, a position of employment that I have come to realize is not as temporary as I thought it was, not to mention those insignificant things like sleeping and eating, I AM uncomfortable with the thought of stating, as an example, “I shall write and publish a new blog post every Sunday, between 12-3PM.”

Those of you that know me very well, know that lately, the abundant mindlessness and lack of honoring one’s word and keeping one’s promises that I have witnessed lately, both on and off Facebook, has certainly been such that the LAST thing I want to do is make a promise or a commitment I shall not keep.

Nonetheless, there are several posts coming up, just in the next few days.

Other than that, I shall keep you posted, and I do promise that I shall write and publish at least one post on this Blog at least once a week.

In the meantime, thank you, one and all, for honoring who I AM and what I do.

May we continue to live lives Divinely Abundant with Peace, Health, and Plenty.blog


Last Friday, February 6, 2015, I led my first “Divine Prosperity Event” of 2015, “The Year of Taking it to the Next Level.”

It was truly an amazing and powerful experience for all of us in attendance.

In the past, I have occasionally stated that I do not want just “bodies” in my Events.  And now more than ever, I mean that!

Although there were only four participants, all four of them contributed to each other in beautiful and powerful ways.

There were two regulars, an old-timer, as this particular client has participated in many of my “Divine Prosperity Events” as well as other Events I have led on a regular basis for several years, and a first-timer.  It had been a while since someone had participated in one of my “Divine Prosperity Events” for the first time, and it was wonderful how she was contributing to everyone else in attendance.

It was also wonderful how with each passing minute, she was remembering her Power to Prosper, but I digress.

There are certainly more Metaphysical Classes coming up, so please remember to check https://thetarotman.wordpress.com/events-with-robert-alvarez-the-psychic-witch-2015/ periodically for any updates.  And there shall be another update coming up in less than two weeks.

In the meantime, I have begun to slowly but surely catch up on blog posts.

As some of you know, my Birthday is January 8, and I celebrate my Birthday all during the month of January, from the first day to the last.

Last month, was equally challenging and fulfilling.  It seemed as though every week I would have a great Happy Birthday day, followed by a crappy birthday day.  It was frustrating and perplexing, to say the least.

Nonetheless, I concluded my Birthday month with two back-to-back Sacred Solitude Days, and I do not mind telling you I cannot wait for my next two-day personal retreat this month.  In fact, I need to schedule it, ASAP.

In the meantime, let me take a few moments to express Goddess-Graced Gratitude to all of you who follow or read “This Is Who I AM.”  To those of you who have submitted comments, who have begun availing yourselves of my Psychic Services after reading this WordPress Blog, who have recommended me to your own clients, students, and friends, who have reblogged various blog posts, etc.

I wish all of you a beautiful day, and a wonderful week.fengshuiwealth

Yes, I AM excited!

Tomorrow, Friday, February 6, 2015, from 7-10PM, I shall lead my first “Divine Prosperity Event” of 2015, “The Year of Taking it to the Next Level.”

I AM looking forward to discussing some easy, yet powerful Metaphysical Methods and Sacred Tools for creating Divine and Permanent Prosperity.  In addition, I AM looking forward to leading two, maybe three Guided Meditations.

There is one first-time participant, possibly two, and I AM excited about that, as well.

And finally, I shall discuss the Chinese New Year of the Wooden Sheep, or Green Goat, if you will.  I AM looking forward to discussing that, especially before the official beginning of the Chinese New Year of 2015 on Thursday (in Magickal Traditions, Thursday is the Day of Jupiter, the Planet of Prosperity, Expansion, and Mysticism), February 19, 2015.

This also begins my second year of using Ripley-Grier Studios in Manhattan.  I have known about them for years, and have enjoyed using their facilities.  Every staff person with whom I have met or spoken has been professional, very friendly and very accommodating, too.

Before I close, I wish to acknowledge my two newest blog followers.  They are: “kayliz241″ and Stuart M. Perkins.  Thank you, both, for honoring who I AM and what I do.  May both of you receive Divine Healing, Divine Inspiration, and Divine Prosperity from following “This Is Who I AM.”

And for those of you who already follow this WordPress Blog, or who read it, from time to time, thank you for honoring who I AM and what I do, too.  May you continue to receive many Blessings, Gifts, and Miracles from the Divine.SheepNewYear747




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