“No One Can Make You Feel Inferior, Without Your Consent…”

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”–Eleanor Roosevelt

Today is the First Day of Spring, but in Western Astrology, today the Sun entered Aries, the Sign of New Beginnings.  I could not think of a better day to embrace a new beginning that I have long resisted: creating a blog.

Personally, I often feel as though I have too much of a Web presence, especially given what I do.  Nonetheless, I felt it was time; besides, I often describe myself as “Empowered, Wild and Free.”  If I AM resistant to new adventures, then I certainly no longer have the right to describe myself that way.

This blog is going to be a mix of a lot of things.  Given who I AM and what I do, it shall primarily be on topics that are Metaphysical, Magickal and Mystical.  However, I AM also a Gay Man, a man with African blood running in his Cuban veins, a man who loves sweets and a man who has cats.  Not to mention awesome clients, students and friends that are incredibly talented in what they do.

So, ultimately, this blog is about me and the people, animals, Divine Beings, things, et al that are a part of my world.  Who knows?  It might be a part of your world, too.