The “Divine Prosperity’s” the thing…

The last time I posted, I shared that I was nervous about the fact that there were a few people who were originally going to participate in the “Divine Prosperity Event” I led in Manhattan, New York City on Thursday, March 22, 2012.  Truly, I need not have worried.

Over the years, one of my favorite compliments is that I AM a Lightworker that “walks his talk.”  So, I did just that.  I immersed myself in Prosperity Consciousness.  I recently purchased and began reading a wonderful book entitled The Abundance Book, by John Randolph Price.  I mainly purchased it to receive extra insights into the “40-Day Prosperity Plan.”

However, I found that there were other Spiritual Pearls of Wisdom in the book.  I AM halfway with reading it, and shall probably read it a second time once.

Next, I focused on Spirit, and my connection to Spirit.  I refrained from focusing on the money I was not receiving, or the money I had.  I simply focused on what was positive, empowering and Prosperous.  And it worked.  I accomplished more in less time, I was surprised with gifts from two people and I basked in all the Divine Love Healing Energy that the Universe gave me in Divine Abundance.

As for the “Divine Prosperity Event,” it was one of the most beautiful, powerful and sacred Events I have ever had the honor and pleasure of leading.  It was an honor and a pleasure to teach people who are open and receptive to reclaiming the Divine Birthright and Spiritual Heritage of Financial Fulfillment, Money Miracles and Permanent Prosperity.  It was lovely to see people surrender and release their fears about money, as well as their attachments to lack, limitation and hard times.  And it was beautiful when not only but two of the participants had gifts for all the other participants.

I must say, I was once reluctant to lead Events on either New Moons or Full Moons.  Those days are far behind me.

I feel so alive and so awake (and given that the time is approximately 3:14AM, the “awake” part is definitely intact!).  I shall go to sleep soon, but I AM honored to be able to make a difference in so many people’s lives, and on an ongoing basis.

May Divine Prosperity be made manifest in your world!Image


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