Wisdom can come from anywhere…

In spite of having a wonderful, Loving and Prosperous weekend, today was a very sucky day.  And in spite of moments that were bright, fun and delightful, not soon after were moments that were truly suckier.

Nonetheless, throughout the day there were three things that kept my Spirits from remaining down:

1. Goddess: I AM a shamelessly proud Goddess worshipper.  Although there are many Goddesses that are Sacred to me, the One Who is most Sacred of all Is Auset (oh-SET, although some would pronounce it OW-set).  She Is the Egyptian Goddess more commonly known as Isis, the Goddess of Magick, Witchcraft, Psychic Powers, Healing Love and Restorative Love.  She Is the Goddess Who gave Birth to my Soul, and She Is, indeed, my saving Grace.

2. My three cats: I have three cats that I love and adore.  The Alpha Female, Isis, who is a beautiful, black Burmese cat, with a “locket” of white just below her neck, and what one of my clients calls “white panties.”  Then there is Kore (koh-RAY), which is another name for Persephone.  She is a Calico, and my first rescued stray.  Then Durga (DUR-guh), my very second rescued stray, who is a medium gray Tabby with the Soul of a Tigress.  I SO wanted to name her Fortuna, after the Roman Goddess of Divine Supply, but cats truly name themselves.  The first few days she was constantly biting and scratching, and the first words out of my mouth were “You little tigress!”  Incidentally, Durga Is a Warrior Goddess of the Hindu Pantheon, Whose Animal Companion is the Tiger.

3. I rarely watch The Simpsons.  In fact, I cannot say it is one of my favorite shows.  However, I have watched a few episodes and have somewhat enjoyed them.  However, there is one episode that remains forever tattooed in my gray matter.  Lisa, the younger daughter, was very upset and unfulfilled; one would say she was depressed, but I digress.  Her mother, Marge, meaning well, told her to smile and keep smiling.  So, near the end of the episode, Lisa was doing just that, forcing herself to smile even though that was the last thing she wanted to do.  When Marge saw this, she grabbed her, hugged her fiercely and told her that she would smile for the both of them until she was ready to smile on her own.  I think that was the first time that a cartoon moved me to tears.  To this day, it is the only one that has.

So, I sit here, writing.  Do I feel wonderful?  No.  Do I feel more Peace now than I did, say, two hours ago?  Yes.  Do I want to be consoled?  No.  Do I want to be understood?  Most definitely.cs-lewis-ordinary


What do you think?

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