Divine Love for the Divine Healer…

Although the vast majority of people who come to me do so for Intuitive Card Readings (Tarot, Goddess Cards, et al), I have people who also come to me for Energy Healing Treatments.  I have been a Reiki Master for approximately nine years, and am also a Mahatma Infusion Energy Therapist.  I have been attuned to some other Energy Healing Systems, as well.

I think virtually every Energy Healing Practitioner I have ever met has a strong affinity with Archangel Raphael, the Divine Healer of the Archangels.  I have had a strong connection to this Beautiful Archangel for many years and often venerate Him on Wednesdays.  In Magickal Traditions, Wednesday is the Day of Mercury (Planet of Communication), and this Planet is Astrologically connected to the Divine Healer of the Archangels.

In the Sacred Tarot, Archangel Raphael can be found on Trump VI, The Lovers Card.  I have always found this most appropriate; more people have more stuff, issues, gunk about romance than any other facet of life on Earth.

Although many call upon Raphael for physical healing, one can also call upon Him for other kinds of healing: mental, emotional, sexual, financial, Spiritual.  Whatever part of your life needs Healing, I invite you to call upon Archangel Raphael to help you.  You can also call upon Raphael for healing animals, such as beloved pets, but more of the people I have met over the years have called upon to heal a person, including yours truly.

Several years ago, I had Bell’s Palsy, which is a type of facial paralysis.  It is usually temporary, as was the case for me.  I went to a general practicing doctor, then to a neurological specialist.  I took prescription medication, and was compliant with when to take them, how to take them and how often.  Nonetheless, I also used Affirmations, Prayers, Meditation and Ritual.  I called on various Celestial Beings, including Raphael.

Now, well, at times I forget that I even had it, and people who did not know are always amazed that I had it, which is not only a testament to the ones that helped me in the Physical Plane, but also those that helped me in the Astral Plane.

If you are open to Divine Healing, call upon Archangel Raphael.

That may seem odd to some of you: “If you are open to Divine Healing…”  And yet, there are some people who simply want to remain in pain and suffering, and some people who want to cause others pain and suffering.

Nonetheless, if you are open to receiving Divine Healing, then I invite you to call upon Archangel Raphael, the Divine Healer of the Archangels.  Let His Divine Love and His Sacred Commitment to assist this world, assist you.

Thank You, Archangel Raphael, for Your Divine Love Healing Energies.



11 comments on “Divine Love for the Divine Healer…

  1. I feel there is a difference in reading someone’s aura or energy from their chakras, I dunno it feels different to me, as I did some reserch, I feel that I am reading more from the energy centers/ chakras vs an aura , I dunno.. can’t really describe, but using your inner wisdom, what would you say for me to learn and tap into this ability for service. Or should I continue to develop signatures/meanings through Spirit for the colors… I would love to find some meanings the feel right to me, and build upon

    • Actually, from what you have written in the comments, I think it is safe to say that you are following your Divine Guidance correctly.

      Nonetheless, you do raise a valid point. For example, there are traditional meanings associated with Tarot Cards, but there are some Tarot Decks that I use that give me interpretations that I do not have with other Tarot Decks.

      For example, with only about three or four Tarot Decks, the Eight of Cups Card means “a voyage on or above water.” I do not get this meaning with all Eight of Cups Cards, just some from very specific Tarot Decks.

      You may wish to explore books written by Ambika Wauters, known as the “Queen of the Chakras,” as well as Doreen Virtue’s “Chakra Clearing,” either the book or the book-and-CD set.

  2. Wow, it’s amazing, I have been really taking in this light and I feel awesome like I’m on drugs or something lol.. So what does this mean :

    “What is even more interesting is that, for some people, it is not the following day until after Sunrise.”

    Are you referring to the time I had my encounter between Zadkiel and the time the Violet light came to me??

    So this happened Wed night and I woke up to the flame Thur. morning..

    Wow these are some divine synchronization!!!!

    Question, is violet light stronger than white light, I was told there are 3 powerful lights in spirit, white, violet and black. Are the all equally powerful ?

    I feel that the violet light is much powerful, when I call it down, I mean it penetrates my whole being, I feel it in my physical body as well. I decided to put a bubble of violet light and reversed/reflective mirrors around my family and I, this morning and it felt much more powerful than white light ? What you think?

    • Actually, I meant that, for some, it was still Thursday, November 20, 2014, when I commented.

      Although for me, given that it was already after Midnight, it was now today, Friday, November, 21, 2014.

      Personally, yes, there is a great Power in the immersing and/or visualization of a purple light (or, a Violet Flame, if you prefer). In fact, after I finished replying to your comment, I began reading “Violet Flame to Heal Body, Mind & Soul,” by (the late) Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Some of the sensations you have experienced were mentioned in the book.

      However, all Lights and Colors have their Properties and their Powers, and one can benefit from them all.

      • I did look up that book, I will add it to my list as well. But yes, I am loving this violet light, I was told to be careful of “pulling down black light” because it’s dangerous and can cause me harm if I haven’t mastered white and violet light first, this persona also said that violet light is trans mutational, still don’t understand that, so I just have to discern for myself and through my own experiences. Spirit has a way of confirming the truth, just like you did about my sensations, it’s always nice to know that I’m not cra-cra lol

        How can I learn more about the other colors, when I read someones energy, I have a signature meaning for some of the colors, but since I did my first body scan, the same day I got the violet flame, the colors have been more vivid, and I would love to learn what it means when I body scan someone either distantly or from a pic, or heck from tv, or in person, I feel this higher vibration will serve, when it’s time for me to learn energy work…

        • First, think of Transmutation as the process of taking something that is negative, and taking the negative part out of it.

          For example, snake venom is poisonous, or negative, if you will. However, one can take snake venom and make an antidote out of it. Hence, it is tranmutational.

          Incidentally, in the Native American Tradition, the Snake represents Transmutation, although in other Traditions it represents Healing, Wisdom and/or Sexual Energy.

          Regarding black light, I recall my very first lover once was Divinely Guided to tell me to “darken my shields.” Lately, my Aura has been either a blinding white light, or a blinding white with a rainbow of colors. So, I may be led to black out my Psychic Shields as a way of increasing my Psychic Protection.

          And yes, I do feel that one must follow one’s Divine Guidance regarding working with any Lights, Colors, Metaphysical Methods, Sacred Tools, etc.

          I must confess, that I rarely remember the traditional meanings of Aura Colors, but I go with my Intuition, although part of me feels it is important to know the basic meanings of Aura Colors.

          And I have no doubt that working with the Violet Flame shall increase your effectiveness as an Energy Healing Practitioner. And I just remembered that my Reiki Master Teacher also engaged in Violet Flame Decrees and Visualizations, as well.

        • Yes, I receive… I’m learning as I go, its amazing to me, cause I literally see flaming violet, like purple fire, and it just comes to me, I’m gonna let this settle, snd work with it, I feel i just got elevated, I’m able to pull another form of light from Creation. I’m grateful. 🙂

  3. So, I was led to check my email and here you are talking about Angels.. So I was in meditation a few nights ago, just really dealing with my emotions, I am pressing on to complete a goal and it’s weighing on me mentally and emotionally, so I did some tapping and affirmations and I began to feel my soul ascend from by body and as I my soul was rising up, our soul looks like steam, white light, you know energy. I saw pure white light, my soul and the the Angel, he wrapped himself around me, like hugging me and he gave me great comfort, I saw just pure white light and wings, as a signature to let me know it was an angel too.. he was def here for emotional healing and comfort as well for me, mentally , most people call on him for psychic power etc. I saw us both ascending/ rising, kinda of floating above my head, and he told me to wake up and I felt myself “come to”. I felt great peace, after I heard Zadkiel in my hear several times. I never heard of this Arch Angel before as I am getting more familiar with the Arch Angels as they present to me and through the cards. I needed some relief. The next morning, prior to me rising, I saw violet flame, lots of it, it was amazing and I heard “Amethyst on body”. So, this is my first call to a crystal, and I looked it up and this stone is associated with violet flame, which is also associated with Arch Angel Zadkiel. So, this flame has been with me pretty heavy these past few days. Needless to say, I’m gonna get my hands on some amethyst. I hope that makes sense, kinda hard to describe, but even all day today, I saw the violet flame and blackness in the background, which made it pop even more. It seems to calm me. Very new to me, I was also able to do my first body scan and see colors of someone’s energy distantly, his projection and his actual colors of energy the day after this happened. I usually see colors and have some meanings for them when I read intentionally or not, and I can read folks pics for guides, energy and angles but this was different. I’m amazed… so this violet flame is with me now. Not sure what to do with it, but I also feel called to Reiki and energy work. I saw white light in my hands awhile ago, and actually had Ms. Takata comet to me during a session, the Healer called on her because she felt she needed more help as I am a Messenger. That experience was amazing, all it’s on. Yes, but this is def new for me.

    • Wow, wow, WOW!!! I AM so blown away by this comment.

      Where to begin? First, you are the second person in the last month or so that has mentioned both Archangel Zadkiel and the Violet Flame. Second, from what I have read about Archangel Zadkiel in Doreen Virtue’s writings, this Archangel is wonderful to call upon for Psychic Development.

      Also, after I read your comment, the first time around, I went to the closet in my bedroom in which I house Magickal Supplies and some Metaphysical and Magickal books that I use infrequently. I took out my copy of “Violet Flame to Heal Body, Mind & Soul,” by (the late) Elizabeth Clare Prophet. I think it is time I begin working with this book.

      What is even more interesting is that, for some people, it is not the following day until after Sunrise. Right now, the time is approximately 4:43AM. According to the “Cosmic Color Vibrations” section of one of my favorite books, “The Goddess’ Guide to Love,” by Margie Lapanja, the ideal colors to wear or use on a Thursday (Day of Jupiter) are violet (or purple), lavender or lilac.

      I have also been Divinely Guided to work with lavender oil, more frequently, as well.

      And finally, I normally wear a rich, purple Star Ruby pendant when the Sun is in Sagittarius (the Sun enters Sagittarius tomorrow, Saturday, November 22, 2014, 4:38AM, EST). Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, and both Sagittarius and Jupiter have a has a “Cosmic Colors Vibration” connection to purple.

      The Sacred Synchronicities are amazing!

      Thank you for sharing a portion of your Spiritual Journey with me, and with the others who read “This Is Who I AM.”

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