Powers of the Planets, Part III: Mars

"Mars, can You be Victor without Villain, Protector without Predator?"

Mars is the “Red Planet.”  It is named after the Roman God of War, Whom the Ancient Greeks called Ares.  If you add an “i,” then you get “Aries,” which is the Western Astrology Sign ruled by Mars.  The month of March is named after Mars, and it is no coincidence that this year, the Sun entered Aries, Sign of New Beginnings, on a Tuesday, Day of Mars.

Mars represents a great deal in Western Astrology.  It represents our motivations, goals, how we express our anger, and how we express our Sexual Energy.  For example, my Mars-Sign is Pisces.  I AM motivated by the desire for unity, community and idealism; I see the world not as it is, but how it could be.  I have the desire to connect to others, via emotions, and emotional healing.

I express my anger emotionally; there have been times when I have been angry or upset or even sad to the point that I could not speak.  As for my Sexual Energy (which, for me, is on the other side of Spiritual Energy), I express it in a flowing, emotional, playful and erotica manner.

Magickally speaking, Mars is a great Planet for working with Warrior Goddesses and Gods, for martial (linguistically related to the word “Mars”) arts, Courage, Spiritual Warrior training and development and others.  Some of the Goddesses and Gods that have either a direct or an indirect connection to the Planet Mars include, but are not limited to:


Athena, Greek Goddess of War, Wisdom, Arts & Crafts and Strategy; 

Minerva, the Roman Goddess Whom the Ancient Greeks called Athena;

Tyr, the Norse/Scandinavian War God of Victor and Single Combat (after Whom Tuesday–‘Tyr’s Day”–Is named);

Agni, Hindu God of Fire;

Sekhmet, Egyptian Lioness-Headed Warrioress;

Morrigan, Irish Warrior Goddess of Death;

Bellona, the Roman and Feminine Counterpart of Mars;

Shango/Chango, Yoruban/Nigerian/Afro-Caribbean Warrior God of Fire, Lightning and Thunder.


The Archangel Astrologically linked to the Planet Mars Is Camael (also known as Khamael).  His Name Is Hebrew and means “He who sees God.”  This Archangel Is not the same as Camuel/Kamuel, Whose Name Is also Hebrew and means “He who seeks God.”  Camael Is considered one of several leaders of the Seraphim, “The Fiery Ones,” of The Angelic Realms.  Camael and the Seraphim Are the Angelic Beings that right wrongs, dispense justice and work towards creating and maintaining safety.

Regarding Ritual Work and SpellCraft, some of the best to conduct on a Tuesday would include:


1. Increasing courage and confidence;

2. Being motivated;

3. Exercise, or physical fitness;

4. Rituals or Spells to lose weight (or, as one of my clients and students would say, “give up pounds to the Universe”);

5. Making powerful changes in one’s life;

6. Safety and protection for a soldier, warrior, law enforcement official, etc.;

7. Increasing libido or Sexual Energy;

8. Increased virility;

9. Attracting a buff young stud (if you find that kind of man appealing, that is).


Finally, remember that Mars is pure, raw, unbridled Energy.  It takes, it commands, it confronts.  Working with the Energy of Mars, the Planet is not for the faint of heart, the timid, the rigid, the prudish.  If you feel that you are ready to make some powerful, dramatic, sweeping changes in your life, and if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, then work with the Energy of the Red Planet.

However, the Psychic Witch in me feels the need to recommend that you are crystal clear that you can handle Mars’ Planetary Energies.  I consider myself a skilled, experienced Witch, and I have not engaged in any of the aforementioned Rituals or Spells.  Nonetheless, if you feel you are ready to work this Massive Martial Energy, then please wait until after Friday, April 13, 2012, when Mars (the Planet) turns Direct in Virgo, Sign of Healing.

Finally, here are the resources consulted in the creation of this post:


The Goddess and the Tree: The Witches Qabala, Book I, by (the late and great) Ellen Cannon Reed;

A Dictionary of Angels, including the fallen angels, by (the late and great) Gustav Davidson;

Llewellyn’s 2012 Daily Planetary Guide;

Love Planets, by M. J. Abadie and Claudia Bader;


ask.com for another FAB image of a Planet.


Lastly, the Oracle to Mars captioning the image at the beginning of this post is from the Wisdome Writings of Robert Alvarez, the Psychic Witch.  Thank you.


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