Midnight Full Moon Tarot Reading


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Witching Hour.  It is a little past Midnight, going from Thursday, April 5, to today, Friday, April 6, 2012, the date of the Full Moon in Libra.  Also, welcome to your surprise, the one I mentioned very briefly in my previous post, “Powers of the Planets, Part V: Jupiter.”

With a combination of Divine Guidance, fun, gratitude and insight, I present to you this Full Moon Tarot Reading.

UsingThe Robin Wood Tarot,by Robin Wood–one of my personal favorite Tarot Decks–I asked the Sacred Tarot, as well as my Primary Psychic Guides, David and Anthony, “What do my blog readers need to know right now?”  Here is what the Sacred Tarot told me…


The Devil: You are worrying too much about the outside world.  You have become consumed by the illusion of mortal consciousness.  Focus, instead, on your Inner Light, especially regarding money, Prosperity, sex, romantic relationships and expanding your Spiritual Awareness.

Four of Cups: Pay attention to your emotions–the highs and lows–during the next four to five months.  Do what you can to create emotional Healing in your life and your world.  Meditation and Prayer, especially in Nature, are highly recommended right now.

Three of Cups: Three Sisters Celebrating; Three Goddesses Dancing.  This is a time for Joy, Pleasure and fun.  Your Summer looks good, and this is an excellent time for reconnecting with friends, especially good friends.  Day trips are highly recommended now, too.  The number 3 and its multiples (6, 9, 12, etc.) shall be quite prominent in your life, as well.

Final Message Card: The Fool: New Beginnings, New Clarity, New Illumination, New Connections, New Spiritual Thoughts.  Embrace the new, let go of the old, surrender and release fearfulness and go for the bold!


Now, my clients, especially my long-time clients can tell you, I NEVER give free Readings.  On the extremely rare occasions that I do, it is almost always because I AM Divinely Guided to do so.

However, if you want to see give a Full Moon Tarot Reading every Full Moon (and if you want to have your questions answered by yours truly, on my blog), then here is what needs to happen.  Between now and the next Full Moon (Saturday, May 5, 2012, a Full Moon in Scorpio) I need to have at least thirteen more followers on my blog.  If that happens, then I shall consult the Sacred Tarot either the Night of or the Night of the next Full Moon.  Incidentally, there are thirteen Full Moons in a Lunar Year.

And yes, as long as there are thirteen new followers to my blog between Full Moons, then I shall do this.

With that, my lovely and honoring blog readers, there are exactly twenty-nine days until the next Full Moon.


2 comments on “Midnight Full Moon Tarot Reading

    • tygerbear, years ago, I remember watching an infommercial for the “Psychic Friends Network.” There was an on-air Reading for Robin Strasser, who starred on “One LIfe to LIve.” She might still, but I digress. The Three of Cups Card came out in her Reading, and the Psychic asked her if she has sisters. Ms. Strasser indicated that she has two sisters. All these years later, that interpretation stayes with me. Thank you for the compliment, the “Like,” and if there are at least thirteen more followers on my blog, then I shall do this again on “Cinco de Mayo.”

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