The Many Forms of Prosperity

This past Monday, April 9, 2012 I posted “Nervous?  Not me!”  In it, I quoted one of my favorite passages from Catherine Ponder’s book, Open Your Mind to Prosperity.  I happily repeat it here:

“You are prosperous to the degree that you are experiencing peace, health, and plenty in your world.”

When I lead a “Divine Prosperity Event,” I AM focusing on Prosperity in the forms of Money, Professional Success, Professional Fulfillment, Wealth and Opulence.  When I lead a “Divine Love Healing Event,” or a “Prosperity and Abundance Event on Love,” I AM focusing on Prosperity in the forms of Love, Personal Fulfillment, Joy and Peace.

There are many forms of Prosperity.  There is Love, Beauty, Time, Wisdom, Health, Healing, Joy (one of my personal favorite forms of Prosperity) and many others.

There is a series of Emails that I began writing a few years ago called “Prosperous Minds Lead to Prosperous Lives.”  I send these Emails almost exclusively to the regular and semi-regular participants of both my group and private Prosperity Classes.  However, I shall share with all of you something that I have found has worked for me, over the years to create Prosperity in one’s life, both financial and otherwise.

There are times when, to be more fully Prosperous (especially so that you can receive Peace, Health and Plenty), you need to use the word “no.”  For example, to what or to whom did you say “yes,” when you are now long overdue to say “no?”  What or who have you been accepting and tolerating in virtually every way when you simply need to surrender and release it, him or her?  And what burden have you been carrying around as your “lot in life,” when you can simply create Heaven on Earth by no longer accepting it, tolerating it, having it?

I began leading Prosperity Classes in November, 2001, and the one thing I have found, time and again, is that many people look to people, places, conditions as the source of their supply.  The Divine Truth Is that the Divine (or, as I call Her, Holy Spirit Goddess) Is the Source of your Supply.

To be perfectly blunt, I do not care if you call your Source God, Higher Power, Lord Most High, The Divine Feminine, the Universe, Spirit, Infinite Radiant Is, etc.  The only thing that matters is that you begin to acknowledge a Divine Energy as the one and real Source of your Divine Supply.

As the participants of my group Prosperity Classes can attest, I AM fond of saying, “Learn from my mistakes.”  Every single time I have looked upon a person, a place or a condition as the source of my supply, I have been fucked over every single time.  And there is not a question in my Mind that every time you look upon a person, a place or a condition as the source of your supply, you shall be fucked over, too.  And, ladies and gentlemen, I AM old-fashioned and traditional in that, if you are going to be fucked, you deserve to enjoy it.

With that, I wholeheartedly urge you to begin to look upon the Divine–by whatever name you call Him, Her, Them, It–as the one and real Source of your Divine Supply.  Then, and only then, shall you create, manifest and maintain Divine Peace, Divine Health and Divine Plenty in your lives, and in your worlds.

I AM Robert Alvarez, the Psychic Witch, and thank you for reading this post.


9 comments on “The Many Forms of Prosperity

  1. “Every single time I have looked upon a person, a place or a condition as the source of my supply, I have been fucked over every single time. ” Oh Robert, so true!!!

    And, I completely agree that if there is going to be any fucking happening, it had better be enjoyable!

    • Holly, I love you! You are wonderful! Your comment brought a BIG smile to my face! We fellow Capricorns have had this challenge many a time. Personally, I have more Peace, more Joy and certainly more Financial Prosperity when I began to acknowledge Holy Spirit Goddess as the one and only Source of my Divine Supply. I do love God, but I spend more time with His Mother. Peace truly is a priceless commodity, and if I can have more Peace simply by changing my thinking, then I AM all for it.

        • I have no idea how to reply to this comment, but I do not care. Your initial comment was so wonderful and fabulous that I AM replying to this one, too. Indeed, I AM greatly honored by you, Holly. Thank you, once again, for being the Cosmic Clearing for my own blog to manifest.

    • Wow! When I began reading the comment I thought, “How wonderful! Another great post on Divine Prosperity!” Then I realized this was about me! Thank you, and thank you, again.

        • OK, it is official: Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, BlogSpot, etc., need to create the following buttons: “LOVE,” “ADORE,” “FABULOUS,” “WONDERFUL,” “MAGNIFICENT.” All that and more is what I would click regarding this comment. This is one of the most beautiful compliments I have ever received in the ten plus years of leading group Prospeirty Classes. Thank you, Holly. Truly, thank you.

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