Do you unplug?

Yesterday, Sunday, April 15, 2012 was an “Unplugged/Off-the-Internet” day for me.  Now, one would think that, as a very new blogger, that is the last thing I would want.

However, I have found that it works for me.  I first learned of this practice from a Clairvoyant approximately two years ago.  My cell phone is turned off (I no longer have a landline), my computer stays off, and I do not use any electronics.  I do, however, use gas and electricity (unplugged means unplugged; so no ordering Chinese, no matter the craving).

These days, I only get to have an unplugged/off-the-Internet day once every two to three weeks, but the benefits are worth it.  My Readings are more accurate and more insightful, my connection to the Divine is clearer and stronger, and I reach deeper states of Spiritual Awareness.  In addition, I sleep better and more richly, I laugh more, and I AM physically and emotionally healthier.

A few years ago, I began rereading The Dynamic Laws of Prayer (originally published under the title Pray and Grow Rich), by Catherine Ponder.  I had resisted my Divine Guidance to reread this book because, when I first read it, it seemed as though I was reading every other paragraph three or four times each.  Nonetheless, I finally followed my Divine Guidance and I found that rereading this book was more easier, more accessible, and more fun.  And, it was a more Spiritually Uplifting experience.

Yesterday afternoon, I spent time with Chapter 10, “The Prayer of Silence,” which, given the theme of the day, was most appropriate.  I was Lovingly Re-Minded that so many of us spend too much in idle chatter.  Have you ever met someone who seemed so incessant about talking?  Or someone who simply had to have the television on–even to “watch” a motion picture–simply because he or she could not stand the silence? 

It is ironic that so many people have this irrational discomfort about peace, quiet and silence, and yet there are more people walking around more afraid of speaking in public than dying.  You silly humans!

Regardless of what you do, professionally, how your household or social life is structured, I invite you to spend at least one minute of silence.  If you need to, go to the bathroom.  I had a close friend who would use the bathroom when she needed a few moments of quiet (she has two kids, a husband and a dog).  It worked for her.  It still works for her.

And, if you really have difficulty creating an unplugged/off-the-Internet day, then ask the Universe to help you make that happen.  Surrender and release the belief–which, if you look closely, contains the word “lie” in the middle of it–that this cannot happen for you.  Then, allow yourself to receive it.  It is that simple; it is too simple for complicated Minds.

Perhaps you need to simplify your Mind first?


4 comments on “Do you unplug?

  1. Robert – Thank you for the reminder to unplug. The last time I unplugged was last September, when I spent almost three weeks in the Amazon jungle! I was much happier, and I didn’t miss any “news” either.

    A once a week technology fast sounds perfect!!

    • Oh, no! Holly, with the greatest honor and respect, that is FAR and WAY too long to go without an “Unplugged/Off-the-Internet” date. That was roughly seven months ago! Oh, my Goddess! You are desperate for an unplugging (that sounds almost nasty! Ha, Ha!!). Seriously, the Psychic Witch in me highly recommends you have one, and perhaps even two between now and either Sunday, April 29, or Monday, April 30, 2012. Given that your next “Writing the Energetic Body” Course begins on Tuesday, May 1, this is an ideal time to engage in a major unplug.

      • the unplugging does sound “almost” nasty, and “almost’ refreshing at the same time! I think I will try to get two in there before the end of the month. NEW MOON this weekend . . . hmmm

        • It is no coincidence that I AM listening to RuPaul’s “House of Love” as I write this reply. This Saturday, April 21, 2012, is the date of the New Moon in Taurus (ruled by Venus, Planet of Love and Pleasure) and Taurus is a Sign of Comfort. An “Unplugged/Off-the-Internet” day is a comforting treat to Body and Soul, and this upcoming New Moon is a great time to begin such a Sacred Practice.

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