How to overcome the testing…

It seems as though, during the last few weeks, several of my clients, students and friends have been experiencing “testing” periods.  In fact, the last two days have been rather testing periods for me.

Now, if you know anyone, especially a Lightworker tells you that he or she relishes the testing periods, do not believe him or her.  Indeed, I can hear Madonna in Madonna: Truth or Dare telling someone (in a whisper), “You’re such a liar!” 

Why do testing periods occur?  Sometimes they occur because we are sick and tired of being sick and tired, but are not doing anything about it.  Sometimes it is because we have continued to tolerate and accept relationships that are unhealthy, Life Force draining, financially frustrating relationships (with others or even with ourselves).  And sometimes it is simply because the Divine–by whatever Name you call Her, Him, Them, or It–wants us to receive more.

As per Spirit, here are some guidelines for dealing with the testing periods:

1. Meditate, Pray, engage in journal writing, or do something that brings you back to a state of Being that is grounded and centered.  Regardless of how your life is structured, you can spare at least three minutes to bring yourself back to being calm, centered, balanced.

2. This is temporary and transitory.  It is temporary because it shall, indeed, pass.  It shall not feel that was, but it really is that way.  And it is transitory because you shall not remain the same person after the experience.

3. You are being Re-Minded that you DO make a difference in the lives of others.  It does not matter what you do or do not do, professionally, creatively, etc.  You contribute, you make a difference, you matter.

Although I recently completed rereading it, I AM also being Divinely Guided to recommend a Catherine Ponder book.  Specifically, The Prospering Power of Love.  This is a great book for those of you that either still have plenty of gunk about men, women, relationships, marriage and family.  This book is also ideal for those of you who wish to remember that you are Radiating Centers of Divine Love Healing Energy.

Of course, this book is also recommended for those of you who wish to surrender and release all that prevents you from both giving and receiving Divine Love completely, courageously, powerfully and peacefully.  Thank you.


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