Divine Substance

Since November, 2001, I have been leading Prosperity Classes.  As per Spirit, the group Classes are now called “Divine Prosperity Events,” and the private Classes I usually refer to as “Metaphysical Prosperity Consultations.” 

Recently, I began rereading Catherine Ponder’s The Prosperity Secrets of the Ages, which is the companion book to The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity.  I have recently begun the chapter that discusses Divine Substance.

Every time I think of that phrase, I AM Re-Minded of one of my favorite passages from Louise L. Hay’s audio lecture, Receiving Prosperity.  She tells a participant, “Money is as Spiritual as a rose.”  Indeed, it is.

Anything in the Physical Realm–be it a person, an animal, a piece of furniture, or a flower–is made up of Energy.  That person, object, etc., is Energy.  And Energy is Divine Substance.

When something we desire comes to us, it is the manifestation of Divine Energy.  I went to www.dictionary.com a few moments ago, and looked up the word “manifestation.”  I wanted to look up the Etymology; it suggested I look up the word “manifest” for the info, and I did.  It comes from the Middle English and means, “visible.” 

However, before I did so, I noticed that one of the synonyms for the word “manifestation” is “materialization.”  The first five letters of “materialization” are “mater,” the Latin word for “mother.”  And if you add another “t” to “mater” you get “matter,” as in physical matter.

What you speak, what you think and what you write matter.  And they make your thoughts manifest and materialize.

I AM always amazed at what people write on social media Web sites, such as Facebook.  Why people want to write about things that are negative, disempowering and poverty-inducing is beyond me.  To clarify, I do not think there is anything wrong with people sharing their problems, concerns or fears in such venues.  However, I have noticed that certain individuals usually make a habit of writing the same thing over and over and over again.  And the message that I receive from that post is always the same.  A message of “I can’t do anything, and I really don’t want to do anything to help myself.”

Is that what they are writing?  No.  But that is the message they are giving me.  And I doubt very much that I AM the only one receiving that message.

There are moments when people are in pain, be it physical, emotional or Spiritual.  And there are moments when people experience pain for a long time.  Nonetheless, the true winners, the true leaders, the true Living Goddesses and Gods of Prosperity, Love, Healing, Joy, Inspiration, etc., are those that CHOOSE to surrender and release their pain, and do what they can to banish it back to the nothingness from whence it came.

In closing, I wish to acknowledge three new followers to my blog, “This Is Who I AM.”  They are dimitri seneca snowden, nora2012dubai, and healthdemystified.  On Midnight on Friday, April 6, 2012, I conducted a “Midnight Full Moon Tarot Reading” and posted it on my blog.  I also stated that, if I had at least thirteen new followers to my blog by the next Full Moon (Saturday, May 5, 2012, exactly six days from today), then I would do another Reading on the next Full Moon.  It looks like that could very well happen.  If not, there is another Full Moon on Monday, June 4, 2012.

I AM most thankful to all of you, that are currently following my blog, as well as those of you who read and/or comment on it, even if you are not subscribed to it.  I wish all of you a beautiful day and a wonderful week.  And may you always be present to the Prospering Power of Divine Substance.

As always, I AM most thankful to Ask.com for yet another beautiful, powerful and Sacred image.



3 comments on “Divine Substance

    • Thank you for the kind comment. I appreciate it.

      Although I must admit, although I do not divulge information about my clients and students, I can honestly say that I have not given a politician in office a Reading in a very long time. Perhaps your comment shall spark a trend!

      Thank you, again, and I AM very happy you enjoyed reading one of my personal favorite blog posts. I have learned a great deal from Catherine Ponder, and continue to do so.

  1. It is no coincidence that, mere moments after I began reading this post, a professional Psychic contacted me about an opportunity to give Readings at a special event. How is THAT for the Power of Divine Substance?!

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