Today’s Magick

Today is Monday, April 30, 2012, EDT.  There is a lot of Magick in this day and for several reasons.

First, tonight is the Eve of Beltaine (also known as Beltane; most people pronounce it BELL-tane, but I usually pronounce it buhl-TAHN-yuh).  In Traditional Wicca, Beltaine is the Sacred Marriage between the Goddess and the God.  It is a time of Fertility, Prosperity (after all, it does take place when the Sun is in Taurus, Sign of Money and Possessions) and Creativity.

In my Magickal Teachings, I learned that the Night before a festival such as this one holds greater Power and Energy than the Night of it.  This is especially true of Full Moons.

Although my primary Magickal Path is Heka (HEH-kuh), the Path of Ancient Egyptian Magick and Ritual, I have come to develop an affinity for things Celtic, including Irish.  In the Name “Beltaine” we find the names of two Irish Deities.  Aine (pronounced AHN-yuh), the Irish Fairy Goddess of Moon and Sun, as well as Fertility; and Bel (BUHL), the Irish God of the Beltaine Fires, as well as of Virility and the Sun.  The two of them come together (no pun intended) and their Sacred Union Blesses the land with great Fertility, Prosperity and Joy.

For many Wiccans, Beltaine is the start of Summer.  Indeed, many a day in May after the first do I find the temperature way too hot for me.  Usually by seventy degrees Fahrenheit I AM already sweating.  But fifty degrees in sun or shade and I AM feeling good!

Tonight is also a Magickal night for me because tonight is the night before Holly Troy’s “Writing the Energetic Body–Shedding Inhibition” Workshop.  I have never participated in a writing course before, and I AM very excited.  Recently, I went to one of my favorite places on the Planet, New Hope, Pennsylvania.  While there, I stopped in a bookstore that has never drawn me; and yet, I felt that I would find a perfect notebook journal, and I did.  At the time, I had no idea for what I would use it, but I knew it was going to be used for something special.  It is called the Pictorial Webster’s Artist and Writer’s Notebook, by John M. Carrera, and it was such a great find.

I feel ready to make this positive and powerful change in my life.  I have no doubt that Holly’s Course shall empower and clarify my writing, and given her commitment to working with the Chakras, shall cleanse, charge up and empower these “Goddess Gates” of my Body.  In addition, I feel that it shall open my Mind to new ideas and new horizons, not to mention new ways of looking at myself and my world.  Incidentally, if you want to know more about Holly Troy’s Course, visit  You can also visit her WordPress Blog,

I must admit, part of me cannot help but chuckle when I think about something Holly wrote to me–twice–in the last two weeks.  You see, earlier this year, the word “adventure” kept coming into my Psychic Mind.  Personally, I do not recall asking the Innumerable Goddesses and Angels for adventure in my life.  And yet, I feel as though, at the age of forty-two, that adventures are beginning to, well, begin for me.  I look forward to this new one in less than twenty-four hours.

As for all of you, dear blog readers, regardless of your faith, religion or Spiritual Practices, I invite you to do the following:


1. Think about where in your life you wish for more Fertility (literal or figurative);

2. Think about what kinds of Prosperity you wish to have increase in your lives;

3. Once you are clear about what you want (and please refrain from focusing on what you do not want), write it down;

4. Say a Prayer to which ever Being or Beings Are Sacred to you, asking Her/Him/Them/It to Bless these desires, and to bring the manifestation of them or better;

5. Finally, BURN THE PAPER!  Remember: For the Ancient Celts, Beltaine was a Fire Festival.  Jumping over bonfires and passing cattle and other animals through the Beltaine Fires (located on either side of the animals) was thought to provide Fertility, Prosperity, Good Fortune, Sexual Bliss, Purification and all good Blessings.


Burning your piece of paper with your desires has a two-fold purpose.  First, it is an act of Faith in the Divine Being or Beings that you love and adore the most.  It is your testament that you do, indeed, trust the Divine to provide for you, take care of you, heal you, Bless you.

Second, it is your act of surrender and release.  When we hold on to something or someone, it does not breathe, it does not live.  If I were to hold down a person or animal that I loved, he or she would experience discomfort, pain and fear.  And if I was too rough, too hard, too fearful, he or she could also experience death.  But that is what we, as human beings, do with the things and people we love.

As Spiritual Beings having a SuperBeing experience, we do not need to do such things.  We can hold open our hands, our arms, our Hearts, our Souls.  We can allow all our desires and dreams or better to come to us and bring us Peace, Health and Plenty.

Whatever you choose to do tonight, may it fill you with Love, Bless you with Money, and Re-Mind you of your Power.

The "Pictorial Webster's Artist and Writer's Notebook," by John M. Carrera.

6 comments on “Today’s Magick

  1. Love!!

    I did not get a chance to read this post until today . . . I was so busy working on the writing class . . . A good way to celebrate the Eve of Beltaine – as I want to be writing more! 🙂

    Happy Beltaine!! (It’s 90-something here already)


    • No worries, Holly. You were especially busy finalizing the preparations for your FAB workshop, “Writing the Energetic Body–Shedding Inhibition.” Indeed, Beltaine is primarily focused on Fertility, and although I did not engage in a Beltaine Rite last night, I shall do so tonight, after a major cleansing bath. I have recently remembered the Sacred Powers of the Healing Waters. Oh, and while you commented, I was watching the first of your Chakra Videos. WOW!!!

    • Correction: so we can take advantage of the aspects and also for the reminder about Holly’s course. Love the journal pic! 😉

      • Lillian, I think you are tuned into Holly Troy’s “Writing the Energetic Body–Shedding Inhibition Workshop” more than you may realize. One of the exercises every day is to write for a specific amount of time, and to refrain from worrying about spelling, grammar, syntax and punctuation. A major challenge for a perfectionist like yours truly, but I AM open to the adventure. And if you are unable to participate in it (it begins today) she shall have another one soon enough. Oh, and I AM glad you love the journal pic, but you were the one to see it live!

    • Lillian, it was my pleasure to write about Beltaine. It felt right to write about it! Ha, Ha!! Seriously, it is a beautiful Wiccan Holy Day, Abundant with Sacred Symbolism, and I feel it is important to balance the Masculine and Feminine Energies, which is why I now work with Gods, as well as Goddesses (although Goddesses take priority one in my life). Thanks, again, Lillian.

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