Archangel Gabriel

As an Energy Healing Practitioner, I work quite closely and often with Archangel Raphael, the Divine Healer of the Archangels.  As a Psychic and as someone who empowers others to surrender and release anger and bitterness, I work a lot with Archangel Uriel, the Divine Psychic and Divine Psychologist of the Archangels.

Through connecting with my Spiritual Warrior Energy (not to mention being Afro-Cuban/Latino), I work very much with Archangel Michael (also known as Saint Michael or San Miguel), the Divine Protector of the Archangels.

However, because I AM participating in Holly Troy’s “Writing the Energetic Body–Shedding Inhibition Workshop” I have been spending a lot more time with Archangel Gabriel, the Divine Messenger of the Archangels.  As a result, I was Divinely Guided to write about this beautiful Archangel today.

Archangel Gabriel’s Name is Hebrew and means “God Is my Strength,” or “Strength of God.”  In the Sacred Tarot, He Is traditionally depicted on Trump XX, the Judgement Card, which is Astrologically linked to the Element of Fire.  Of course, some modern Tarot users also associate it with the Planet Pluto.

Gabriel Is an Archangel that is connected to everything to do with children, from their conception to raising them to providing for them in every way.  Archangel Gabriel not only informed Mother Mary that She was going to give Birth to Jesus the Christ, but also informed Mary’s cousin, Elizabeth, the she was going to give Birth to John the Baptist.

Gabriel Is Astrologically linked to the Moon and in Magickal Traditions, Monday is the Day of the Moon (SEE my post, “Powers of the Planets, Part II: The Moon”).  Archangel Gabriel Is one of the best Archangels to invoke for learning about or using Moon Magick, as well as for deepening one’s Energetic connection to the Moon, although the Moon does a great job Herself.  Also, in both Magick and Western Astrology, the Moon represents Dreams.  You can certainly work with Archangel Gabriel to understand your dreams, remember your dreams and more easily interpret their personal symbolism.

I AM sure that many of you have seen various dream books on the market.  Both personally and professionally, I have no issue with them.  However, I find that dreams are very personal and subjective, and one author’s interpretations may not mesh with yours.  For example, in Latin American culture, to dream of shoes means that someone in the family shall die.  Now, it just so happens that, years ago, I worked in two shoe stores.  If I dreamed of shoes, I would interpret that to mean that I want to buy a new pair of shoes.  Incidentally, no, I did not dream of shoes last night/this morning, but I did have the thought that it was time to both buy a new pair of shoes, as well as have a not-so-new pair mended.

Archangel Gabriel Is also one of the best Archangels to call upon when you want to become creative, be more creative, or if you are an artist of any kind.  Years ago, I remember conducting a Reading for a man named Michael.  He is a fine artist, and he was commissioned by a writer to illustrate the cover of one of his books with an image of the Archangel Gabriel.  The synchronicities were astounding!  Also, several years ago, an actor came to me for a Reading.  I distinctly remember telling her that calling upon Archangel Gabriel would not only help her get better auditions, but ones that could lead to paying gigs.  The last time I saw her, she had just completed a one-and-a-half year paying acting job in the theatre.

Archangel Gabriel can help you with your creative process, regardless of what kind of artist you are.  If you are an actor, singer, dancer, musician, writer, fine artist, fashion designer, craftsperson, graphic artist, chef, choreographer, etc.  And, if you want to be creative, or if you want to know yourself as creative, then you can certainly call upon this Archangel.  As I stated in my post from yesterday, “The Adventure Continues…” it was not until I began listening to the CD in Louise L. Hay’s book and CD set,I Can Do It!that I even considered the possibility that I AM creative.  And now, I know I have this Divine Abundance of Cosmic Creativity that I can access any time, all the time.  Like now, for instance.

One of my favorite ways to work with any Divine Being (especially Goddesses and Angels) is to write Him or Her a letter.  For example, let us say that you want to work with Archangel Gabriel to empower your writing, you could write a letter such as this one:

Dear Archangel Gabriel, please guide my Mind and my hands so that what I write brings Blessings, Healing and Prosperity to all who read it, as well as to my life, too.  Please help me connect with people who need to read what I write so that there can be Peace, Health and Plenty for all of us.  Thank You, Archangel Gabriel.

Another example is if you do not think of yourself as creative, but wish to tap into that Wellspring of juicy, Creative Energy.  You could write something like this:

Dear Archangel Gabriel, I AM open and receptive to knowing myself as creative.  I wish to discover my Creative Energy and my creative abilities and I ask that You help me with that.  I AM open to your Divine Guidance and Wisdom.  Thank You, Archangel Gabriel, for working with me.

And please, before you contact Archangel Gabriel or any other Celestial Being, clear your Mind and Heart.  Meditate, Pray, or simply take three deep, Life-Force breaths, inhaling and exhaling.  Forget about the rest of the world, and focus on your Inner World.

Although there are many books that one can use to learn more about Archangel Gabriel, I learned so much from the Divine Messenger of the Archangels from the following resources:

Archangels & Ascended Masters;

Messages from Your Angels;

Healing with the Angels;

Goddesses & Angels;

Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards;

Messages from Your Angels Oracle Cards;

Archangel Oracle Cards.

All of the aforementioned resources were either written or created by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.

May Archangel Gabriel, the Divine Messenger of the Archangels, Divinely Guide your Mind, your voice, your hands and lead you to a new adventure of Cosmic Creativity.

Trump XX, Judgement, from the “Universal Waite Tarot.”

2 comments on “Archangel Gabriel

  1. Wow, Robert! What perfect timing – Archangel Gabriel is perfectly in line with the 2nd chakra (it’s planet is the moon, and it is about creativity). I love the letter writing ritual – it is beautiful!!! Also, I didn’t know about Mary’s cousin Elizabeth and John the Baptist.

    • Oh, my Goddess! I truly did not know that the Moon is Astrologically linked to the Second/Sacral Chakra!! Clearly, my Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras continue to work overtime! I first learned about the “Angel Letter Writing” practice from Catherine Ponder’s “The Prospering Power of Love,” which features two chapters on it. But I believe she also wrote about it in either her “The Dynamic Laws of Healing” or “The Healing Secrets of the Ages.” Incidentally, in Doreen Virtue’s writings, Archangel Gabriel’s Energy is more feminine than masculine.

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