The Afterword on the “Prospering Love Event.”

As I posted previously, last night I led an Event called “The Prosperity and Abundance Event on Love (or, the “Prospering Love Event,” for short).”  This is an Event that I first began leading about eight to nine years ago, one that I took a two-and-a-half year break from leading.

I have often stated that the story of how my “Divine Prosperity Events (originally called the “Prosperity and Abundance Events for Abundant Finances”) came into existence is very long.  However, the story of how my “Prospering Love Events” came into being is very short.

One day, I was reading a book (sorry, I do not recall the title, author or publishing house) and I read the following:

“That which we most need to learn is that which we most need to teach.”

I happened to ask out loud, “What do I most need to learn?”  Although I was not asking Spirit the question, Spirit answered.  The response: Love.

I got the message.

For years, I studiously avoided dealing with romantic relationships or the lack thereof in my “Prospering Love Events.”  As a result, I did a phenomenal job of convincing many of my clients, students and friends that I AM anti-romance and anti-romantic relationship.  I know that I AM not, but again, I did a great job convincing so many others (including former lovers, as well as former potential love-mates).

So, imagine my surprise when, Spirit made it very clear that this time, during this particular “Prospering Love Event” I was going to focus on romantic relationships.  Specifically, on surrendering and releasing the psychic debris that keeps us locked into patterns and phases of anger, hopelessness and loneliness.

The result?  Of all the “Prospering Love Events” I have led in the last eight to nine years, the one I led last night is my favorite of ALL of them!  There was a Divine Abundance of Healing Laughter, there was so much openness, trust and caring and all the participants were contributing to each other and to me.  The Divine Love, the Prospering Love, and the wondrousness of last night shall remain with me for a very long time.

And I had so much fun talking to the participants about their Inner Love Goddesses, Inner Love Gods, Inner Sex Goddesses and Inner Sex Gods!  I can only begin to imagine how much fun they are going to have with Them, as well as the Divine Abundance of Goddess-Graced (and God-Blessed) Gifts they received.

Oh, and I have a secret to tell you: When someone says or writes something brilliant, I always tell that person and Re-Mind him or her of said brilliance.  Last night, one of the participants talked about she wants courtship.  Well, I needed NO coffee, because that woke me up in the quickness!  I LOVED IT!  It was such a beautiful and powerful statement.  So much so, that I used that word twice last night, during my talks, as well as once in the thank you Email I sent all the participants.  I have a feeling I shall use it in future Emails and blog posts, too.

And the Prospering Love Miracles are already in progress for me, as well.  For the past two weeks, I had been feeling angry about many of the challenges I have had in creating, manifesting and maintaining romantic relationships.  I had also been angry to learn of two people who I no longer trust or like in romantic relationships.  In fact, I was so angry, the only thing that stopped me from breaking something is the fact that I would have had to clean it up!

However, last night, after the “Prospering Love Event,” I treated myself to dinner in a nearby restaurant.  I was thinking about how grateful I was: for the participants, for my home, for my clients, for my cats, for the clear and evident Signs from Spirit, for the Prospering Love Miracles created during the Event, for the great food I was eating, and so much more.

I happened to look out the window and I saw two men walking down Eighth Avenue in Manhattan, New York City, holding hands.  Suddenly, I realized I had completely forgotten about all that anger, resent and bitterness.  All the loneliness, all the hopelessness, all the anger was gone.  I was truly shocked (especially considering that I have the Mind of a court stenography machine) that I had completely forgotten it.

Roughly fourteen hours later, it still feels like a very distant, very faded memory.  If that is not a Prospering Love Miracle, than I have no clue what is.

For you, dear blog readers, I wholeheartedly invite you to remember how beautiful, how powerful, how sacred you are, regardless of who is or is not in your life.  And remember: all of you have an Inner Love Goddess, Inner Love God, Inner Sex Goddess AND Inner Sex God that would love to spend more time with you.  Thank you.

A healthy, happy and supremely connected Heart Chakra. Thank you,

2 comments on “The Afterword on the “Prospering Love Event.”

  1. Robert! Brilliant! Beautiful!

    AS I was reading this, I too realize I have a LOT of anger. It’s been dissolving recently, mainly because I am aware of it. When I first started making videos for Writing the Energetic Body I noticed that I was talking through my teeth! A lot! Clenched jaw anyone??? A lot of jaw opening exercises that I used to do when I was a singer, and several takes later, and viola . . .videos where I open my mouth. And now, everyday when I wake up, I do the jaw opening exercises – and often throughout the day and at bedtime. Move the body and the mind follows . . .

    My anger and fear is more around money – and what the heck am I doing with my life – am I crazy??? But take a layer off of money, and it moves to my creative power and what I have traded in my life for love.So it all boils down to love.

    And lately I’ve been feeling pretty good, too. But last weekend . . .

    “That which we most need to learn is that which we most need to teach.” So, I like teaching people how to relax and let go. hmmm.

    Love you, Robert!!!


    • Your comment Re-Minds me of something that I read in John Randolph Price’s “The Love Book.” He wrote that he noticed how when he was closed off to Love, that his Divine Supply closed off, too. When I was at my darkest period between December of last year and February of this year, I especially noticed the distinct lack of Love and Money in my life.

      Now that you mention it, in the first two videos for your “Writing the Energetic Body–Shedding Inhibition Workshop” I thought there was something odd about your voice. I had no idea what it was, but now I do. And, of course, it is no coincidence that those two videos focused on the Root Chakra, the Goddess Gate of Money, Security and Safety.

      One of the things that I LOVE about leading “Divine Prosperity Events” is that some of the Guided Meditations I conduct assist the participants in surrendering and releasing their guilt and judgements about their past financial mistakes. We are now in a Waning Moon; perhaps you can create a Ritual in which you list all of the financial mistakes you have made (or, probably more accurately, feel you have made), burn the piece of paper, then flush the ashes down the toilet. After that and especially on Sunday, May 20, 2012 (the date of the New Moon in Gemini), write down what you would like to see in your life regarding Money and Prosperity. BE SPECIFIC! If you want, say, ten participants for your next “Writing the Energetic Body” Course, then write it down.

      And I AM happy to report that you are succeeding in teaching people how to relax and let go. You know we Capricorns are desperately in need of lightening up!

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