The Adventure Continues, No Matter What

Good morning, dear blog readers, and a Happy Thursday and Day of Jupiter (Planet of Prosperity) to all of you!

Between various projects, both professional and personal, I have been especially busy these last few days.  Last night, I cam home after 11PM, and the last thing I was going to do was log on to the Internet.  In spite of how much I love the ‘Net, I also love the moments, times and hours that I AM not using it.  As soon as I came home last night, I made a quick phone call, fed my cats, engaged in some journal writing, took a long, relaxing shower, read a portion of a novel and went to bed.

I woke up this morning feeling supremely wonderful!  Truly, there is something about lounging in bed for an hour or so, reading a book, basking in the love of one’s animal companions (in my case, three cats) and being so thankful.

Indeed, between last night and this morning, I spoke to various Celestial Beings (primarily, Auset/Isis, the Egyptian Goddess of Magick, Witchcraft and Psychic Powers, and Pan, the Greek God of All, of Wild Fields and Wilder Energy) and expressed Gratitude and Praise for all that I have received these last few days, as well as all that and those that are no longer part of my life.

Truly, so many people are not thankful enough.  It was one of my pet peeves about engaging in Group Ritual; for years, I heard far too much “GIMME, GIMME, GIMME!” and not enough “Thank You for this.”  This is one of the reasons why, whether I AM leading a Group Ritual or participating in one, or engaging in Solitary Magick, I always give thanks first.  Then, if I have a desire or feel a need for something, then I state it.

I can honestly say that I AM most thankful that so many negative, disempowering, and poverty-inducing things and people are no longer in my life, no longer a part of my life. 

It feels so good.  Mere moments ago, I expelled a lovely sigh of Peace, of Fulfillment, of Completion.  Just in this last week-and-a-half there is so much stuff that is no longer a part of my life.  Or, as I AM fond of saying, these days, “my Divine DNA.”

A big part of it is Resonance Repatterning, but I AM also thankful for Holly Troy and her fantastic online Course, “Writing the Energetic Body–Shedding Inhibition Workshop.”  Although a part of me still feels uncomfortable that I allowed life to get in the way of completing my writing assignments, I AM beyond honored and Heart-touched with Holly’s caring, compassion, understanding and patience.  She promised the participants that this Workshop would be fun and she delivered the goods (and when a Capricorn promises fun, as well as delivers it, clearly it is an Earth-shattering event!). 

Now, does this mean that I AM not going to participate in the next Writing the Energetic Body Course that Holly is leading beginning on Tuesday, June 19, 2012?  As one of Tyler Perry’s characters would say, “Hell to the no!”  Participating in that Course shall be an opportunity for me to develop the ability to accomplish, achieve and do my best, no matter if Life gets in the way, and no matter how much of It does. 

So, for the next few days, and especially today, I shall catch up on Emails (both replying to and sending), follow-up with clients, students and friends, spend time with my cats, as much as I can and watch Doctor Who on Netflix every chance I get!  I have more living to do, and more adventures awaiting.  Thank you.


8 comments on “The Adventure Continues, No Matter What

  1. Lovely Robert! And I am grateful for you, and for writing, and for music, and for my cat who loves me despite that I had him shaved (actually I think he loves me more now – he wants to be pet constantly while purring very loudly). And I too, am catching up with closing the workshop over these next few days. Life just happens! Much love! Holly

    • Life happens a lot, Holly, and it is a wonderful thing. And I had no idea you had a cat. Details, details! Ha, Ha!! I, too, AM most thankful for you.

  2. Robert- Thanks you again for such a lovely post. 100% agree with your “GIMME, GIMME, GIMME!” and not enough “Thank You for this” comment. I always make sure to thank my angles and spirit for all that I have been given and thank them for all that I will receive. I am blessed, I am thankful and I am me. I LOVE IT. Blessings to you my darling.

    • EM, thank you for yet another lovely and Divinely Loving comment and compliment. For years, I have taught in my group Prosperity Classes that being thankful is a great way to manifest more Prosperity, more often. However, recently, I learned that being thankful, no matter what is amazing for getting through tough times, especially emotional ones. Being thankful is a way of life, and it makes me feel good. My friend, as always, thank you.

  3. Gratitude is such a powerful thing – before bed I do a thank you to the Universe too! Haven’t been sleeping so well going on three days….don’t know why but still grateful for my life and all that it is. My kitties are my nurse maids, cuddle buddies and sources of much amusement – so grateful for them. Have a wonderful weekend getting caught up and just have some down time from your busy week!

    • Saymber, I, too, do the same thing, no matter what. It is a great way to end the day and have some restful sleep. I shall post a recipe for a great night sleep momentarily. And my newest cat, Durga the Kitten loves sleeping on my chest. Given that she is named after a Hindu Warrior Goddess, I have a feeling that she (and She) is protecting me when I sleep.

      • I always sleep better when one of my cats lays on me and I agree (Durga, lovely name) I also feel protected. I need to check out your sleep ideas…need that.

        • Isis, the Alpha Female, and Kore (another name for Persephone, which rhymes with “cafe”) are my other two. It is rare that all three cats are on my bed, at the same time, so when I do, I take that as a clear and evident Sign to put away the book, turn off my lamp and sleep! Oh, check out my next post–“Trouble Sleeping?”–to find out what my late maternal grandmother and I used to do when we had a terrible bout of insomnia. Thank you, Saymber.

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