Honoring Your Word

This morning, as I began my day, I noticed a new cafe that opened in my area.  It is a Venezuelan cafe.  I rarely see them here, as there are many Cuban, Puerto Rican and Colombian eateries.

Like any good Cuban (or Latino/Latina, for that matter), I happen to LOVE drinking cafe con leche in the morning, so I stopped in and had a cup.

I loved this woman’s Energy, and loved the caring she used to prepare my cup.  I Sensed she is a mother of two, maybe three children, and I knew instinctively she was preparing my cafe con leche as if I was one of her sons.

Shortly before she handed it to me, I said to her “God Bless you and your new business.”  Now, I AM a shamelessly proud Goddess Worshiper and I rarely say, “God Bless you.”  But the few times I do say it, I mean it!

Dear blog readers, I wholeheartedly encourage you to always say what you mean, mean what you say and honor your word.  I cannot deny that, since the beginning of the year, there are a few people who have not done this (which is why some of them are no longer in my life) but I also encourage you to always honor your word to yourself.  If you have promised yourself something, no matter how great or how small, then keep that promise to yourself.  If you have been having difficulty manifesting the time, the money, the whatever, then know that you have a Divine Abundance of Celestial Beings that Are more than happy and more than willing–and Lovingly so–to help you physically manifest that desire, that need, that promise.

No matter how generous you are, no matter how much you want to do for another, always make sure you take care of yourself first.  If you want to do something for another, then make sure you do something for yourself first.  If you want to give something to another, make sure you give something to yourself first.

In closing, please be good to yourselves, be better to yourselves, be the BEST to yourselves, and know that even that makes a big difference in the world which, by the way, contains the word, “word.”  Honor your word, for by doing that, you honor the world and you honor the world of another.  Thank you.

10 comments on “Honoring Your Word

  1. Holly, whenever you reblog my posts it is beyond an honor and beyond a joy! And, it tells me that I AM clearly tuning in to the Magickal Messages of Spirit. I cannot thank you enough for all the lovely ways you honor who I AM and what I do.


  2. Wonderful post and a great reminder. If you don’t take care of yourself how will you be able to help anyone else? When your in the Tazmanian Devil swirl of it all it’s easy to forget!


    • I think, Saymber, are more powerful than you realize, and can tame the Tazmanian Devil swirl. Nonetheless, thank you for the lovely compliment.


    • Saymber, thank you so much. And know that you have more power than you realize to handle all demons (I feel like I have been saying this a lot lately).


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