The Issues of Money, Part I…

Good morning, dear blog readers, and a Happy Monday and Day of the Moon to all of you!  A Blessed Full Moon in Sagittarius (Sign of Mysticism) to all of you, too!!

I cannot help but think about my personal Psychic Advisor, Roger Pratt ( today.  He is a Sun-Sign Cancer (which is ruled by the Moon).  In addition, several years ago, while conducting a Reading for me, he advised me to refrain from giving free Readings and discounted Readings.  I can honestly say that his advice has always served me well, especially when I followed it!

I have been leading group and private Prosperity Classes for more than ten years, and I AM always intrigued by the “hot buttons” people have regarding Prosperity, money, the economy and finances.  Please know that I AM not being judgemental, I AM simply stating an observation.

I remember when I first began leading group Prosperity Classes, I had a client who was both interested and definitely participating.  She was excited, she was looking forward to it, and she said this was exactly what she needed.  When the date of the Class arrived, she called me to let me know that she was not participating because she did not have the money.  I called her the following day and informed her that I completely understood, and that I would inform her of the next one.

As soon as a new group Prosperity Class was scheduled, I called her and informed her of the date, time, location and fee.  She was excited, she was looking forward to it, and she said this was exactly what she needed.  The day of the Class arrived, and she called me to state that she was not participating in it because she did not have the money.

Now, when I heard this message, my immediate thought was, “That doesn’t make any sense.  I gave her advance notice, and she was interested.”  Also, I remembered thinking that, perhaps she could ask someone to borrow the money; although I do not recall, exactly, I think the fee was only $20, which is less than the current fee for my “Divine Prosperity Events,” at the present time.

Nonetheless, I called her the following day, told her I understand (which I did not, but I digress), told her I AM not upset with her (and I was not upset with her but, again, I digress), and that, if she was interested, I would inform her of the next one.  She called me back the following day to state that she was interested.  I had my doubts, but I did not share that with her, and simply told her that I would inform her when the next one was scheduled.

I do no recall if she was excited about the next group Prosperity Class, nor do I recall her telling me that she was looking forward to it.  I do, however, recall that she did not state that she felt this was exactly what she needed.  Nonetheless, on the date of the group Prosperity Class, she called me to state that she was working late and was unable to make it.  However, even if she had not been scheduled to work, she would have been unable to participate because she did not have the money.

Not too long after this happened, I was reading one of Catherine Ponder’s Prosperity books.  In it (sorry, I do not recall which specific one), she wrote that some people are addicted to poverty consciousness and to financial challenges.

At the risk of sounding judgmental, I still find it difficult to believe that there are people who prefer financial hardship and challenges than to be ongoingly, if not Permanently Prosperous…


Dear blog readers, this is one of those occasions when I was going to write one thing, and Spirit took over and Guided my Mind and my hands to write something else.  I must confess that, I do not know where this series of posts is going, but I already see that this post is the first of five parts.  To the Ancient Mystics, as well as in the Numerology of the Sacred Tarot, the Number Five is the Number of Change.  Perhaps this shall either help you change your thinking from poverty to Prosperity, or help you move more flowingly into a Prosperity State of Being.

In any event, I would love to read your comments on this post, as well as any issues it may have brought up for you.  Thank you.

How do you feel when you look at this image?

2 comments on “The Issues of Money, Part I…

  1. Robert- I can’t wait to read blog posts 2-4. I too, like your potential client, feel like I don’t have money for XYorZ. But if I feel it (whatever “it” may be) costs me money and it enriches my life or someone else’s, then I got for it. Unlike your potential client, I’m usually a man of my word and I feel like that’s important in life. Anyway, there’s been times I’ve spent my last dollars on items (whatever they may be) that enrich me and stay with me longer than the money ever does. I feel as though your client was a bit of a flake and painted herself in a corner with excuses. It seems like she’s comfortable there. Everything is free will and it’s up to her to take that first stop out of that corner. It’s unfortunate, because I feel that had she gone to your seminar and spent the $20, it would have been a huge step out of her corner. I’m sure that she would have received the $20 back ten fold. I personally have learned to let people like your potential client go from my life. As soon as I did, the rivers of joy, light, prosperity, and love opened up. I spend less time navigating around their idiosyncrasies which block me, them, and their own path… it will sound selfish, but I’d rather be basking in light and not blocked from it.

    • EM, your comments have truly become my favorites! As per Spirit, “The Issues of Money” shall be a five-part series. I shall publish Part II no later than 12PM today. And I must confess that, when you referred to this client, I had no idea to whom you were referring. As I was reading your comment, my immediate thought was “Wow! I was challenging BIGTIME yesterday!” Then I thought I would reread my post and refresh my memory, but toward the end of your comment I suddenly remembered to whom you were referring. It is interesting that, over the years, there are things that I do not experience as a professional Psychic simply because I charge a fee. And you shall be able to read the story about that in “The Issues of Money, Part II.” You honor me greatly, EM, and I AM most thankful.

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