A truly lovely weekend

This past weekend was quite wonderful.  On Saturday, June 9, 2012, was a major errand-running day.  At one point, I felt like someone who works full-time traditional business hours.  The post office, the supermarket, cashing a check and working on various home tasks.  I AM inclined to call it weird, but it really is not.  Besides, for me to call something weird, it really has to be out there!

As for yesterday, Sunday, June 10, I met with a first-time client (YAY!), and then she and I participated in a fantastic workshop.  The workshop was called “Fear Forward” and it was led by Gladys Murphy, a Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner.  The purpose of the workshop was to assist the participants in surrendering and releasing some of their biggest fears so they can move forward in their lives, and in all areas of their lives, too.

What I found most fascinating was the major healing and consciousness shift for me.  For example, there was a statement that related to being unable to function in the face of an emergency.  That was me.  I vividly recall when I was barely nineteen a good friend of mine was rehearsing a dance step and then fractured his ankle.  I began hyperventilating!  Some of the other cast members were wondering if they were going to need to call a second ambulance for me.

However, toward the completion of the first portion of the workshop I could easily see myself being in control of my emotions in an emergent situation.  Even now if, Goddess Forbid, I needed to take charge in an emergency situation, I have full confidence in my ability to do so.

I could write so much more about Resonance Repatterning, but I invite you to check it out for yourself.  As for me, for more than a year I have been a walking commercial for it.  I can only begin to imagine how much time, Energy, money and tears I would have saved had it been available to me when I was in therapy.  Enough said.

My dear blog readers, thank you so much for honoring who I AM and what I do.  I wish all of you a beautiful night, and I wish all of you and yours a Divinely Joyous, Divinely Rich and Divinely Successful week.


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