Surrendering Anger Spell

Good morning, dear blog readers.  A Happy Thursday and Day of Jupiter (Planet of Prosperity, Higher Education and Mysticism) to all of you!

When I lead a group Metaphysical Class, I refrain from checking my Email.  Also, since I launched this blog on Tuesday, March 20, 2012, I rarely spend time here, either.

However, a blog follower’s comment Divinely Inspired me to post this.

This is a simple and powerful Ritual that can be done to surrender and release any negative emotion.  I learned this Spell from my personal Psychic Advisor, Roger Pratt (

First, take a black Crystal.  Any black Crystal shall do, but it is especially powerful with Black Onyx.  One of Black Onyx’s Metaphysical Properties is that it promotes emotional detachment, making it ideal for this Ritual.

Second, go to any flowing body of water, such as a river, ocean, waterfall or stream.  Stand facing it, so that the flow of water is moving away from you.  Once you are there, you can either cast a Circle, or you can say a Prayer of Protection.

Now, take the black Crystal and pour into it all the anger and rage, all the loneliness and hopelessness, all the worries and woes.  Take as long as necessary to do this.

Finally, take the black Crystal and either place it in the water or throw it into the water.  As soon as you are done, say or think “Thank you,” walk away and DO NOT look back.

From a Moon Magick perspective, the best time to do this would be during a Waning Moon.  For me, that is from the Night of the Full Moon until the Night before the New Moon (also known as the DarkMoon, or Dark Moon).  However, any time you are consumed by a negative emotion you can use this Spell.

If you are open to this, I would love to hear of your experience about it, or your experiences with it, but only after you do it.  In Ritual Work and SpellCraft, talking about the Ritual or Spell while it is still in progress undoes what you wish to accomplish or manifest.

Before I close, I wish to acknowledge my newest blog followers, “izabella31” and “thelivingnotebook.”  May my WordPress blog, “This Is Who I AM” fill your Minds, Bodies and Souls with Divine Intelligence, Cosmic Clarity and Insightful Illumination.

And for all of you, dear blog readers, I wish you a lovely weekend Divinely Abundant with Divine Radiance, Divine Prosperity and Divine Peace.  Thank you.

A Black Onyx sphere, perfect for enveloping you with Divine Protection.



2 comments on “Surrendering Anger Spell

  1. Your advice here helps me make sense of my dream! Reading this I can visualize the process and how it would be a tangible way to release the intangible. One of my Aunts rituals on Memorial Day is she takes dried roses and in honor of all our loved ones, releases them into the racing stream behind her house. Your ritual made me think of that one. Sometimes it takes someone who is “in tune” outside of ourselves to make sense of things…thank you for doing that for me and in the process help others.

    • Saymber, your comment made me think of the Spell, and it also Re-Minded me about the Healing and Divinely Loving properties of the Element of Water. My Sense is that this Ritual may also assist you with the challenges you have faced regarding your insomnia. Your Aunt’s Memorial Day Ritual sounds beautiful. And I enjoy the compliment you gave me, too; one of the reasons why very few Psychics give themselves Readings is because–no matter how talented they are–they may find it extremely difficult to be objective about a certain matter. I AM honored to be of Spiritual Service, and I AM glad to know this post made a difference for you.

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