Chakra Power

First, I have my wonderful friend, fellow Capricorn and fellow Reiki Master, Holly Troy ( Re-Minding me how powerful the Chakras–the “Goddess Gates of Power” of the Body–are, especially via her “Writing the Energetic Body” Workshop.

Now, one of my blog followers, Saymber, is doing the same.  Yesterday, Wednesday, July 4, 2012 she sent me two photographs of some of the Chakra bracelets she creates.  They are, without a doubt, GORGEOUS!

For those of you who want to cleanse and strengthen your Goddess-Graced Goddess Gates, and for those of you who wish to remember how powerful all of your Energy Centers are, then I highly recommend you contact Saymber directly.  Please contact her, via her WordPress blog.  The Web address is:


Dear blog readers, thank you for honoring who I AM and what I do.  I wish all of you and yours a Happy Thursday, a Blessed Day of Jupiter (Planet of Prosperity) and a truly wonderful weekend.

For more info on how you can obtain one of these GORGEOUS Chakra Empowering Bracelets for you and yours, please contact Saymber directly, via her WordPress blog, Thank you.

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