“Divine Prosperity Event”

Tomorrow, Sunday, July 8, 2012, 3-6PM, I have the honor and pleasure of leading a “Divine Prosperity Event” at the Seasonal Health Wellness Center in Hoboken, New Jersey.

I love leading these Events.  Growing up, knowing that the welfare checks and food stamps were keeping my family alive, in a home, fed, etc., I can wholly advocate for anyone being Prosperous.  And, I especially love hearing about the Money Miracles the participants manifest in their lives, both before and after participating in one of my “Divine Prosperity Events.”

However, these last few days have been quite challenging for me, financially speaking.  I have no problem manifesting money, and yet, there has been very little success for me in doing so.

This morning, I was thinking about this.  Or, rather, “pondering” this.  Even in an Email I sent to my personal Psychic Advisor, Roger Pratt, I wrote that I knew that something was going to change.  But there was something I simply was not getting, not understanding.

So, on my way to run a few errands, I asked Spirit, “What do I need to know right now?”  The words “be at peace” came to me.  I was trying to figure out what to do, what to manifest, and I was so fixated on this that I was not at Peace.

Today, I AM at Peace.  No, I AM not at Peace with all of Life, but I AM at Peace with me.  And that, dear blog readers, is a very good beginning.

My Sense is that one of the lessons I needed to learn from this experience is one that I have read in some of Catherine Ponder’s Prosperity books.  Specifically, using what one has.  For example, I normally purchase foods and beverages for the participants of my Metaphysical Classes, including my “Divine Prosperity Events.”  However, this time I AM going to make something for the participants to eat.  As for a beverage, I have plenty of herbs so I can make a nice and chilled herbal tea.  And with both items, I can Bless them with Divine Prosperity as I AM preparing them, and infuse them with Reiki Healing Energy, too.

The other thing I realized this morning is that I still hold on to shame regarding my upbringing.  There is a part of me that still thinks that what I do is a waste of time.  I know all too well that nothing could be further from the truth, and there is that lingering gunk.

Sometimes, all I need to do is ride that wave.

On a lighter note, over the years I have found that some of my favorite Affirmations and Words of Empowerment have to do with the Element of Water, the Element of Love and Intuition.  And Healing.  I have always loved the phrase “turning the tide” in Catherine Ponder’s books.  In Louise L. Hay’s Receiving Prosperity lecture, she talks about taking a vessel to the water to collect your Prosperity.  For some it is a bucket, a cracked glass, a pipeline!

One of my favorite Money and Prosperity Affirmations is “MONEY ROLLS IN LIKE BIG WAVES!”

I keep hearing this Affirmation in my Mind, “Hardship goes out, Peace comes in.”  I wholeheartedly invite you to use this Affirmation today and every day.  And feel free to modify it.  For example, “Loneliness goes out, Love comes in.”  Or, “Poverty goes out, Prosperity comes in.”  Use what comes to you.

And yes, I AM aware that Spirit gave me the phrases “going out” and “coming in.”  In other words, “outgo” and “income.”  Spirit Is great like that!

I shall give all of you an update in two days.  But for now, dear blog readers, thank you for honoring your Spiritual Heritage of Divine Prosperity.  Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.  And thank you for honoring who I AM and what I do.

“Wholeness,” by John Langdon

5 comments on ““Divine Prosperity Event”

    • Saymber, you and I have become quite linked! A few hours ago, I was Divinely Guided to write a post about the “Divine Prosperity Event” I led this past Sunday, July 8, 2012. The title of the post shall be “A Divine Prosperity Event Update.” I expect to publish it within the next two hours. I hope and pray you and my other blog followers enjoy it. Thank you.

    • Saymber, Mercury the Trickster was having a lot of fun with me on His Sacred Day of the Week; I have had a spotty Internet connection since I replied to your comment. Therefore, I shall try again later tonight. Thank you, and the others, for your patience.

  1. “The other thing I realized this morning is that I still hold on to shame regarding my upbringing. There is a part of me that still thinks that what I do is a waste of time. I know all too well that nothing could be further from the truth, and there is that lingering gunk.”

    I can SO relate to your comment here! With the language of “the Secret” I’ve learned we get what we expect and like you, I have lingering “fear” regarding having monetary prosperity. I too came from a childhood where we had to struggle and so that clings to me and I’m also afraid having lots of money with change and complicate my life too much. I’ve watched people with lots of material wealth just be miserable and make really bad decisions. A role model of mine, stemming back from my Roman Catholic roots, is St Francis of Assisi. If you read about his life he came from a place of great wealth but gave it all up to serve God and his community. His followers had to keep him from literally giving away the clothes off of his back! I guess balance is the goal? The one word I’ve sought pretty much my whole life to have is inner and outer peace! The quelling of the storms, the waves in the mind, body and soul. Dancing/Tai Chi/walking really helps me and meditation….with a chatter brain it’s so hard for me to be still (my Chinese symbol is a monkey after all lol).

    Thank you for sharing this!

    • Saymber, ultimately my (now surrendering and releasing) shame about my upbringing is the reason why I wrote this post. Frankly, I have come to believe that all serious Lightworkers need to express their shortcomings and vulnerability so that they can be truly Divinely Inspiring and Divinely Healing to others.

      Actually, I have read about Saint Francis of Assisi and his Prayer–the one that begins with “Lord, make me an instrument of Your Peace–“is one of my personal favorites. One of these days, I shall FINALLY lead an Event on Prayer, and when I do that shall be one of the ones that I read to conclude the Event.

      Do you know, I was thinking about dancing and Tai Chi just the other day? The walking I do virtually every day. And now I shall need to read more about Monkey. Do you know your Chinese Element, too? As for me, depending on the resource consulted, I AM either a Metal Rooster or a Fire Dog.

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