Mercury Retrograde Mysteries, Part I

Although the vast majority of my clients, students and friends come to me for Intuitive Card Readings, Metaphysical Classes (group or private or both) and/or Reiki Healing Energy Treatments, every once in a while someone comes to me for an Astrological Consultation.

Over the years, I have heard many people bemoan the mystery that is a Mercury Retrograde.  Spirit Divinely Guiding me to write a two-part blog post about it, and I AM happy to follow Spirit’s Divine Guidance in the matter.

Before I go any further, I wish to state, here and now that I urge you to ask any questions about Mercury Retrogrades, what they mean, what to do about them, etc.  However, I request that you ask them after you read the blog post.

First, in Western Astrology, Mercury is the Planet of Oral and Written Communication, the Intellect, Local Travel, National Travel and of the Mind (SEE my blog post, “Powers of the Planets, Part IV” for more info on Mercury).  It is the Astrological Ruler of both Gemini and Virgo.

A Retrograde or, rather, a Retrograding Planet, is a Planet that looks like it is traveling backwards, but it really is not, as Planets only travel in forward motion.  With the exception of the Sun and the Moon, every Planet from Mercury to Pluto (which in Astrology, as opposed to Astronomy, remains a Planet) has the potential to Retrograde.

When a Planet Retrogrades, it creates setbacks or delays in that area that it governs.  For example, when Venus–the Planet of Beauty, Interior Design and Pleasure–Retrogrades, it is the least ideal time to either redecorate one’s home, or have a personal makeover.  When Mars Retrogrades, it is an excellent time to take anger management classes, even if you are neither quick-tempered nor a violent sociopath.

When Mercury Retrogrades, it creates setbacks and delays in communication.  This is the time of the Astrological Year when everyone seems to have a problem with their cell phones, home telephones, Internet connections and regular mail.  Also, there always seems to be some type of rerouting with local travel and commuting.

I used to give Readings in a Metaphysical store in Queens, New York City.  My regular day of the week there was Saturdays.  It never ceased to amaze me that, shortly before a Mercury Retrograde, there would be no “E” train service going from the Port Authority Bus Terminal to the stop physically closest to said Metaphysical store.  In addition, shortly after Mercury would turn Direct (the opposite of Retrograde) “E” train service would resume normally.

The fact that there is an “E” in “Mercury” is not lost on me.

Incidentally, I always found it interesting (but unsurprising) that, at the time that I was giving Readings in this Metaphysical store, “F” train service would operate normally when Mercury was Retrograding.  And yes, the fact that there is no “F” in “Mercury” is also not lost on me.

The following is a brief example of what can and usually happens when Mercury Retrogrades in the Signs:

Mercury Retrograding in Aries–The worst Mercury Retrograde for any and all New Beginnings.  Also, even those not prone to headaches or migraines may experience some head tension;

Mercury Retrograding in Taurus–Financial leanness and excessive frugality may be the order of this Mercury Retrograde.  In addition, one may be plagued by excessive financial worries and mental images of financial lack;

Mercury Retrograding in Gemini–Sun-Sign Geminis and Virgos may have little or no problems during this time, but unless you are a hermit you may especially find that communicating with others (even in person) quite challenging.  Also, watch your hands; Gemini rules the hands, so try to avoid any and all sharp objects during this time;

Mercury Retrograding in Cancer–Any one with mother issues or issues with women shall have a hard time being around them during this particular Mercury Retrograde.  In addition, you may find that yourself or others being especially emotionally needy during this time;

Mercury Retrograding in Leo (the upcoming Mercury Retrograde)–Ah, those of you that LOVE looking good and are focused on appearances are going to have an especially challenging time during this Mercury Retrograde.  Bad hair days, clothes not “looking right” and making a sunlit splash may be rather difficult at this time;

Mercury Retrograding in Virgo–The hypochondriac’s Mercury Retrograde!  You may find yourself especially worried about your physical health or your body, and you may find that the details are getting over on you;

Mercury Retrograding in Libra–Issues in relationships, partnerships and friendships may be rampant at this time.  Even those of you that are non-confrontational may become quite angry and sarcastic;

Mercury Retrograding in Scorpio–Major worries and negative mental images of war, death, global environment, and the like are likely during this Mercury Retrograde Transit.  Also, worries about things dying, ending, finishing, etc., may bother you;

Mercury Retrograding in Sagittarius–Parties may be rescheduled, or after days or weeks of being excited about going, you simply do not go.  In addition, you may inclined to skip or ignore your Spiritual Practices;

Mercury Retrograding in Capricorn–Father issues, issues with men (even if you are male), issues with money and long-term Prosperity and issues with power and control are likely during this Mercury Retrograde Transit;

Mercury Retrograding in Aquarius–Your Inner Vision may plague you, or you may find yourself wanting to disconnect from being connected to all;

Mercury Retrograding in Pisces–Neediness, emotional co-dependency, emotional insecurity and relationship issues plummet to an all-time low during this particular Mercury Retrograde Transit.  Also, you may feel very much alone in the world, in spite of knowing this is quite far from the truth.

Tomorrow is Sunday, July 15, which happens to be the Birthday of my personal Psychic Advisor, Roger Pratt (  On his Birthday, Roger does not give Readings, not for love and not for money.  And on his Birthday (as well as my own), neither do I!

However, Part II of this article shall be ready to read on Monday, July 16, 2012.  In it, I shall tell you what you can do to not only make the most of a Mercury Retrograde, but how to make it a pleasant and eye-opening (and Mind-opening) experience.

In the meantime, breathe, Meditate and Pray.  And have a wonderful weekend.

In spite of Mercury Retrogrades, it is a wonderful Planet.

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    For those of you that are Metaphysically, Magickally and Mystically-Minded, here is one of two blog posts that shall help you overcome the challenges of a Mercury Retrograde. Thank you. Here is to the Divine helping you take your Mind to the next level, Robert Alvarez, the Psychic Witch.


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