Mercury Retrograde Mysteries, Part II

Good morning, dear blog readers, and a Happy Monday and Day of the Moon to all of you!  I hope and pray all of you had a wonderful weekend.

Before I begin to write about how best to deal with a Mercury Retrograde Transit, I wish to Lovingly Re-Mind all of you of the Healing Powers of what I call an “Unplugged/Off-the-Internet” Day.  Yesterday, Sunday, July 15, 2012 was just such a day for me, and I feel great!  My physical health is definitely better, my emotional health is fantastic and my connection to the Divine feels strong and clear.  I spent the day reading, writing, lounging in bed, bathing my three beautiful cats with Divine Love Healing Energies, not to mention eating yummy food and preparing wondrous beverages (I drink hot coffee, regardless of the weather, and I make BADASS coffee!.

I also swept the floors, changed the litter boxes and changed my linens, so my day was not totally lazy, but I digress.

One of the first and one of the best things I learned about dealing with a Mercury Retrograde was from (the late and great) Sydney Omarr.  In his annual Sun-Sign books, he often recommended engaging in activities that begin with the letters “RE.”  This would include, but certainly not be limited to: REad, REread, REnew, REview, REst, RElax, REevaluate, REexamine, REdo, etc.  Rereading and reviewing documents are especially important during this time, and with Mercury Retrograding in Leo, especially reread and review documents pertaining to appearances, makeovers, wealth, children (Leo is the Sign of Children), and anything that shines a light on a situation.

Second, one of my Spiritual Teachers often told me that a Mercury Retrograde Transit is one of the best Astrological occurrences to ask the Universe for a Spiritual Pearl of Wisdom.  If you wish to receive Clarity and Illumination about a certain Metaphysical, Magickal, Mystical or Spiritual topic, this is an excellent time to do so.  Of course, given who some of you are, you may receive more than one Spiritual Pearl of Wisdom between now and Wednesday, August 8, 2012.

You know, I did not realize that Mercury turns Direct on a Wednesday, a Day of Mercury.  As I AM fond of saying, “Why am I not surprised?”

Now, if you are traveling to a place locally or nationally (within your own country of residence) and are doing so for the first time, the Western Astrologer in me would recommend you reschedule (or, REschedule, if you prefer) the trip.  For example, I have never been to Rhode Island; I would not go during this Astrological Transit.

However, for some of you that may not at all be feasible.  In that case, I would recommend you double-check and triple-check the details: arrival and departure times, hotel reservations, etc.  Also, either for business or pleasure, make sure you have all the necessary documents you need with you, perhaps even make copies/backups.

Incidentally, if you have been a certain local or national place before, then you may have less problems going back there.  For example, I have been to Florida a few times in my life; visiting that State during a Mercury Retrograde would not bring too many problems.

Last year, a client and former private Tarot student told me that a Clairvoyant told her that, during a Mercury Retrograde, people show their true colors.  Now, this had been the first time that I had heard this, so I was intrigued.  Oh, boy, did I learn this to be true.

I had a client who had known for five years (the Number 5 being associated [according to the Chaldean-Hebrew Kabbalah System of Numerology] with Gemini, Virgo and Mercury).  She had both Sun and Moon in Virgo.  In November of 2011–approximately two days before Mercury began Retrograding, that time–she accused me of everything from black magic to hexing her with various Energy-Uplifting sprays.  I was shocked and stunned, to say the least.  Granted, referring to myself as a Witch, I know there is always the possibility of being called a lot of bad things, but this was the first time it had happened in my professional career.  Ironically, I have been called bad names because of my weight and because of my sexual orientation.  Go figure.

It happened a second time shortly before Mercury turned Direct before the end of least year.  What shocked me about this person is that he is a professional Intuitive.  Granted, his specialty is Mediumship, but he also receives Messages from the deceased that would fall under the category of Precognition.  I was amazed that a professional Lightworker would behave this way, but after the incident with my former client, I was not surprised.  Incidentally, this professional Lightworker’s Sun-Sign is Sagittarius, which is the Polar Opposite of Gemini, ruled by Mercury.  Coincidence?  Yeah, right!

One of my personal favorite things about Mercury Retrograding is that, in its own way, it clears the Mind.  Well, sometimes it clears my Mind.  I may have wanted something, very much, but during a particular Mercury Retrograde Transit I realized that not having it is really OK.

Of course, keep in Mind that Mercury, the Planet, is named after a Roman God.  And like His Greek Counterpart, Hermes, as well as Loki, Elleggua and Coyote Trickster, They Are going to poke fun at you and make you laugh, whether you want to or not.  Several years ago, I was in an Internet cafe in Queens, New York City.  As I was about to leave, the cord of my headphones snagged on a nail.  It ripped the cord out of the (I believe) right headphone.  To say I was bitched out is an understatement, but there was NO WAY I was going home listening to music in mono!

I remembered there was a Sam Goody store a few blocks away, so off I went.  As I was approaching the store, I remembered thinking, “Boy, they need to do something about their lighting.  It looks like the store is closed.”  Well, not only was the store closed for the night, but it was closed for business!

But wait, there’s more.

I vaguely remembered that there were two or three Sam Goody stores in Manhattan.  So, I went to Manhattan, and a block or two from the subway station I used, I went to a payphone and called Sam Goody’s toll-free customer service line.  I obtained the locations of three Sam Goody stores.  One, I decided was too far (this from the man who used to walk five miles a day, once a week), but the other two were close enough.  When I went to both locations, the stores were closed for business.

Now, one would think that it was time for me to go home.  Not this bitch!  Now, it was a personal mission!  I was NOT going to leave the Island of Manhattan until I had a brand new pair of headphones!

I remembered that I was not too far from the Manhattan Mall (still cannot used to that; me, who lives in New Jersey, Mall Capital of America.  Again, go figure).  I went there, looked for headphones, found a pair I liked, bought it and put them on to listen to my tunes.  To say I was breathing more easily and more relaxed is a gross understatement.

Mercury had a lot of fun with me that night!  Yes, there were lessons learned, but I do not care.  Well, maybe a little bit.  Now, I look at this and I think two things: First, enjoy life, no matter what (only a Trickster God would have such a fucked up [OOPS!] I mean, valuable message).  Second, sometimes you are going to spend more money than you prefer; if you are not giving enough, we, the Divine, shall make sure you do.  I got it.  Thank You, Gods.

Aside from Sydney Omarr’s annual Sun-Sign Astrology books, some of the resources consulted for this blog post were The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need, by Joanna Martine Woolfolk and Linda Goodman’s Star Signs, by (the late and great) Linda Goodman.

Ladies and gentlemen, I began this post in the AM, and it is not the PM.  Looking at the word count, I think this is my longest post to date but, as you can see, there is a lot to the Mercury Retrograde Mystery.

If nothing else, it is my intention that, via this post, I teach you something that most people, even professional Astrologers, seem unwilling to consider: Mercury Retrograde Transits have their good points, positive qualities and Blessings.  Through this blog post, you are probably going to receive Cosmic Confirmation that you have been Divinely Guided to do, but found yourself resisting said Divine Guidance.  You may have received a teaching or a Blessing (or, perhaps, even a Healing) that shall bring you great Peace, Health and Plenty, as well as Clarity and Illumination.

Nonetheless, thank you so much for taking the time to read it, and thank you for honoring who I AM and what I do.  I wish all of you and yours the Beauty of the Day, and a wonderful and Prosperous week.

Ah, Mercury, life around you is never boring!

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