Pieces of Me…

For many of us on a Metaphysical, Magickal and Mystical Path, as well as for my fellow Indigo Adults (SEE my post “Indigo Adults”), we have begun to surrender and release not only the need or the desire to use labels, but the labels themselves.  Indeed, there are times that I forget I AM a Gay Man, being Cuban, etc.

However, there is something about identity.  There is something about the words that describe who we are, what we are about, what and who we love.

There are only a handful of times in my life when I have been just plain Robert.  And I would not have it any other way.

As a new blogger (four months and counting), I have found myself reading blogs more than I ever have before, as well as subscribing/following more blogs than I would have anticipated previously.  Some of these blogs are written by people I met and have known from one year to seven, and some from people who I have only known about for less than three minutes and may never meet in this lifetime.

Recently, I have been touched and Divinely Inspired by two men who happen to Gay Men, as well as bloggers.  One is James Ebert, one of the bloggers of “Together, We’re Better” (http://togetherwerebetter.net).  His recent post on dealing with his body issues growing up, both as an overweight man and as a Gay Man is one that I found especially moving and healing.

The other is Julian Hill.  He is not only one of the other talented and wonderful bloggers on “Together, We’re Better”, but he also has his own blog, “Queer Spirituality” (http://www.queerspirituality.net).  Some of his recent posts have Re-Minded me to more deeply connect with my Inner, Outer and Higher Witch.

So, I AM a Gay Man and a Witch.  Two labels.  Two designations.  Two names.  And yet, they are integral to me, they are important to me, they are essential to me.

But I AM Cuban.  An Afro-Cuban Man, with strong, African blood running through his Caribbean veins.  Although I have never been to Cuba, I empathize with those that have suffered because of Fidel Castro, having to leave behind homes, family members, etc.  On a lighter note, I love anything performed by such groups as the Buena Vista Social Club and Afro-Cuban All Stars.  And yes, I LIVE for my cafe con leche!  And although I AM not a strict vegetarian, I AM more inclined to eat moros y cristianos (“Moors and Christians;” black beans and white rice), as well as some pollo asado (roasted chicken).

So, Gay Man, Witch, and Afro-Cuban.  Is that it?  No, of course not.  There is so much more to me, there are so many more ways to describe me: animal lover, cheesecake eater, bed lounger, book reader, journal writer, Netflix user, too-infrequent dancer, Western Astrologer, paperwork powerman, rather occasional RuneCaster, cat cuddler, sometime Numerologist, too-rare singer, and so many more.

Labels, labels, labels.  And yet, they are currently important to me.  All of them.

As always, dear blog readers, thank you for honoring who I AM and what I do.


2 comments on “Pieces of Me…

  1. Ultimately, we are more than the sum of our labels:)

    However, I do notice I much prefer being James rather than Ennugi, Shalia, or Orpheus, or any other usename I’ve taken over the years, Because James encompasses the whole of me rather than a specific reason for another name.

    Although gangrel_pri works as well, since I’ve been using that as an on-line handle for nearly 15 years. 😀

    • James, your opening statement brought a big chuckle from my lips.

      And your remaining comment was quite thoughtful and thought-provoking. Indeed, I have various names, too, Magickally and otherwise, but Robert is definitely my favorite. Although, I had a friend named Joe (yes, James, another “J”) whose nickname for me was “The Professor.” I so miss that nickname. And now I shall need to find out what Shalia means and read more about Orpheus.

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