About the Weather…

If you were in the New York City/New Jersey area yesterday, Wednesday, July 18, 2012, then you saw and heard a lot of rain, thunder, lightning and wind.

Personally, I loved EVERY second of it!  For me, a Storm is nothing less than Sacred.  This one was especially beautiful and powerful for me.  I lost count of how many lightning bolts, thunder rolls and torrential rains I saw and heard and felt.  Not to mention the wild winds.

Quite frankly, I AM not a fan of complaining about the weather.  Which Re-Minds me of a quote that, I believe, is attributed to (the late and great) Eleanor Roosevelt: “Great people talk about ideas.  Average people talk about things.  Small people talk about other people.”  And, according to (the current and great) Robert Alvarez, “Complain about the weather.”

How many times have you heard someone complain about the weather?  How many times have you complained about the weather?  My biggest pet peeve is when someone who has lived in the area for years and years and then complains about the high temperatures and humidity.  I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have wanted to walk up to that person and say, “Oh, are you new in town?”  Really, this person has lived in the area for YEARS!  They know that, sometime in June, and July and August and maybe September the humidity and the temperature shall be in the 90s.  Nothing new, nothing new at all.

Personally, I can find enjoyment and pleasure in all types of weather.  I love snow because I can make Snow Angels.  And although not a fan of excessively hot weather, I know that flowers bloom more powerfully and fruits ripen more richly because of it.  And the Sun is so needed to keep all of us alive on this Planet.

Of course, Autumn is a Celebration of the Earth, and Winter is the Season during which I was born.

Ladies and gentlemen, although there are certain weather patterns that simply do not fill me with glee, I can honestly say that I love living in an area where I can see and feel all four Seasons.  Yes, there are people living in San Diego, California that encounter fully sunny weather and temps in the 80s, and they are so happy about that.  And there are people living in Alaska that are going to see a lot of snow and ice and experience temps in the 10s or so, and they are happy with that.

But for those of us that live in an area where one sees and feels all four Seasons, the weather is truly temporary and not worthy of complaint.  Besides, it is safe to say that, six months from now, the people who were complaining the loudest about the high temperatures and humidity levels are also going to complain about the very low temperatures and the wind chill factor.  As Ralph Kramden would say, “Some people are never satisfied!”

Dear blog readers, although part of this post is a complaint (If one more person asks me “Hot enough for you…”  Truly, it is a good thing that Robert Alvarez, the Psychic Witch does not own a Glock 9 mil.), the bigger part of me invites you to find some good in all kinds of weather patterns.  Yes, I know that some weather occurrences have literally killed people and animals, but this post is not about that.  This post is about enjoying what you can.

Do I care for 90+ temperature and 90% + humidity?  Hell.  NO!  But can I appreciate it?  Yes.  Yes I can.

Before I close, I wish to acknowledge my newest blog follower, “gracescreenwriter.”  May you receive Divine Healing, Divine Inspiration and Divine Prosperity from what you read on “This Is Who I AM.”

And for all of you, dear blog followers, I wish all of you and yours a Divinely Radiant, Divinely Prosperous and Divine Peaceful weekend.


6 comments on “About the Weather…

  1. Yesterday I went out to a nearby water collection area near my neighborhood and did some Tai Chi….100 degree temperatures. It felt great to sweat and be cooled by the breeze. I’m sure my body let go of a lot of toxins. They are doing road construction behind my house and I’d been starved for time with Momma so found another place. FELT GREAT! I wrote an article regarding our climate controlled life style and how it seems like we have become “soft” to the elements. http://saymberblondi.wordpress.com/2012/07/19/weve-gotten-soft-life-with-air-conditioning/

    • Saymber, as usual, you make a wonderful comment on my blog! I AM so very beyond long overdue to begin a regular Tai Chi practice, and this is a clear and evident Sign from Spirit to do so. Also, although it may not always feel like this, perspiration does cool the body. And Intuitively I feel that you did, indeed, let go of a lot of toxins–physical and otherwise–from your Being.

      I look forward to reading your post tonight. In the meantime, between your comment, your post and the fact that two people that have never commented on my blog before did so after reading “About the Weather…” I AM going to write a similar post, one that I wrote in a broadcast Email almost a year ago. Look for it, and thank you.

  2. What a beautiful day… regardless of the weather. I love the rain; it waters my gardens and fills the water table. (I especially like to dance naked in the rain, and I have the advantage of having a secluded yard to do so.) I love the snow, cuz it smells so nice – although shoveling it can be back-breaking. I love the sun, cuz I get so tan during the summer – it’s a natural sunblock after you get one… Funny how that works, you need the NATURAL sun to get a tan to block the sun… SMILE
    And the summer heat is wonderful… I love a good sweat. I run sweatlodges, so I enjoy those hazy, hot and humid days. Born under the Sign of Cancer means I should enjoy the summer… and I do!
    I guess the only weather I dislike is the extreme weather… hurricanes wreak havoc and cause structural damage. Last year the hurricanes dropped three major trees in my yard. The Goddess looked upon my land and said, “You don’t need that tree or that one or that one… Poof!! Poof!! Poof!!” They’re down for the count and the benefit of that action is that I got tons of firewood for sweatlodges this year!!
    Summer heat can cause droughts and the grass dies… that means less mowing for me!! And I save money on gas for the mower at that. I will water my gardens sparingly during the driest times, but only enough for them to survive the droughts. And I only water in the evenings, so the heat of the sun doesn’t dry out what I have just given to the plants… the plants have a chance to drink overnight.

    • My friend, what a beautiful comment and a lovely and long one, too! Indeed, there are so many Blessings to and from so many weather patterns.

      As I live in an apartment building, I do not dance naked in the rain. However, when the Witch in me needs to bask in a Sacred Storm, I just pull on a pair of pajama pants, slip into the nearest shoes, grab my keys and practically run down the stairs.

      Indeed, my blog post was not about extreme weather conditions. My intention was to focus on the positive aspects of “normal” weather patterns and to express my annoyance at how often people complain about the weather. Indeed, there are certain weather patterns that do cause major damage and death; my intention was to instill in the readers of this post that there are good things about the ones that seem to be complained about the most.

      Thank you, again, for this lovely comment and you can expect my reply to your Email soon.

    • The Varied God, you made my day! Seriously, I do enjoy all four Seasons. I simply cannot imagine making grass angels or dust angels, and as much as I love Winter, I know the fruits and vegetables I love so much do not grow in that weather. Thanks, again, for the great, smile-inducing comment.

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