Another Weather Post

I love seeing how much my recent post, “About the Weather…” has inspired others.  As a result, I was Divinely Guided to “repost” a broadcast Email I sent last year.  It was originally sent on Friday, August 26, 2011, at a time when the New York City/New Jersey areas were being threatened with hurricanes.

Here we go…


As some of you know, yesterday, Thursday, August 25, 2011, 7-10PM I led a “Prosperity and Abundance Event for Abundant Finances” at TRS in Midtown Manhattan.  Usually, after a “Prosperity Event” I AM both physically and emotionally energized.

However, last night I felt both physically and emotionally drained.  I knew that the fears and worries about certain weather conditions had taken a toll on me, and it has taken a toll on others, to the point that the very first “Prosperity Event” that I was going to lead at Seasonal Health in Hoboken, New Jersey on Sunday, August 28, 2012, 1-4PM needed to be postponed.

As a Spiritual Being having a human experience, I also realized that I simply could not get upset and concerned about these weather conditions.  And today, I realized that it has a lot to do with my Divine Faith in the Innumerable Goddesses and Angels that Are a constant part of my day and my world.  It has to do with the fact that I use Affirmations, Blessings, Decrees, Prayers and Treatments every day.  And it also has to do with the fact that, in my forty-one years of life as Robert Alvarez, some very bad things have happened to me…

A. When I was eleven a kid of about fifteen, who was bigger and taller than me tried to rape me;

B. When I was in my early twenties a man held a knife to my throat while I was in the street;

C. When I was in my early thirties I attended a cultural event; less than fifteen minutes after it ended a man pulled out a gun and began pointing it at various attendees.

There is more, but the fact of the matter is that I AM alive, I AM loved, and I AM am Empowered, Wild and Free Afro-Cuban Gay Man.

I AM aware of the fact that there are many Witches, Pagans and Wiccans–both in New York and New Jersey–that are engaging in Weather Magick.  Earlier today, when I was at Stick, Stone & Bone–one of the best Metaphysical stores in Manhattan–I overheard two people talking about the Meditation/Visualization they are going to conduct tonight to either lessen or eliminate the storm’s impact.  And I AM most aware that there are several people who I honor greatly, both Witches and non-Witches that are saying A LOT of Prayers and consecrating Candles for Protection and Peace.

As for me, I have been Blessing everything and everyone with Divine Love.  Not surprisingly, today I have had a very Prosperous, Loving, Healing, Loving Day, filled with great food, great friends, great places and great Energy.  It seemed as though everywhere I went today on this Friday, Sacred Day of Venus/Freyja/Oshun either someone had a gift for me, or gave me food or treated me to lunch or something else.

For you, whether or not you have ever participated in any one of my Prosperity Classes, whether or not you ever do, or whether or not you ever avail yourself of my Psychic Services, I wholeheartedly invite you to be a part of the Sacred Solution.  Every single time you begin to worry, or fear, or experience anxiety or poverty propaganda, Divinely and Lovingly Decree:




If you are Decreeing it for someone else, Divinely and Lovingly Decree:




And for an object or an obstacle (weather or otherwise), Divinely and Lovingly Decree:




I shall keep all of you posted on my updated Metaphysical Class schedule at Seasonal Health in Hoboken, New Jersey.  In the meantime, may all Celestial Beings Lovingly and Lavishly Re-Mind you that Divine Love is an essential part of your Divine Heritage and Spiritual Birthright and may you continue to create and maintain Heaven on Earth.


Dear blog readers, I must inform you that, as I read what I had written approximately eleven months ago, I could not help but notice that the Divine Guidance I gave the recipients of that broadcast Email is Goddess-Graced Angelic Advice that shall serve me well right now.  Recently, I had a challenge that, in spite of everything that I was doing to dissolve it, I found no success in doing so.  Now, that situation shall DEFINITELY be banished back to the nothingness from whence it came!

Before I close, I wish to acknowledge my newest blog follower, “justinawei.”  May she, and all of the followers and readers of “This Is Who I AM” ongoingly receive Divine Joy, Divine Riches, Divine Success, Divine Radiance, Divine Prosperity and Divine Peace from these words.

Thank you, one and all, for honoring who I AM and what I do.


6 comments on “Another Weather Post

  1. The Gratitude journal is a neat idea. I’ve tried it before in a relationship, writing down three things about that person or that they did that day that we were each grateful for, and I think it worked for a while. It was doomed to fail (we were young and he was a closeted gay 😦 ) but our personal interactions became much better. I assume if this was applied on a larger scale the power could be wonderful.

    • Wow! It never occurred to me to do this in a romantic relationship! I just change my Mind about them! Ha, Ha!!

      Seriously, what a wonderful way to strengthen the bond in not only a romantic relationship but in any relationship, even professional. The next time I spend with my Gratitude Journal, instead of writing that I AM most thankful for someone, I shall write what it is about him or her for which I AM most thankful.

      Applied on a larger scale, we would have permanent Heaven on Earth.

    • Actually, in both my group and private “Divine Prosperity” Classes, I have often talked about Gratitude as a Prospering Power. Also, I recently resumed a Gratitude Journal and it has increased my levels of both Inner and Outer Peace.

      When next I spend time with it, I shall give great gratitude and profound praise for the rain, as well as my area’s most recent Sacred Storm.

  2. The shower method you talked about is a great idea for climatizing the body! The idea of a group of people getting together to focus energy on positive weather change sounds wonderful to me. I’d do it! If you lived near by I think we’d be coffee buddies lol.

    When I go out and do my Tai Chi exercises I am also connecting with the elements and visualize what I want to see in the weather. I will visualize Native American raindancers in my movements. I’m always joking with my husband saying “Your babbas is a rain maker.” There have been several occasions after I’ll do my session outside that rain will come not long after. I put my thought energy into believing there will be rain, there will be enough.

    The other day I did Tai Chi and yesterday a surprise thunderstorm rolled through lol. What I tell myself in my meditations about weather – rain in particular – “there is enough for all.” I am trying really hard to focus on what I want to see in the weather and not give power to what I don’t. I wonder if more people did that if things would change. My husband and I wonder sometimes if we all don’t make the weather. So many people are angry and upset right now….wouldn’t that anger manifest heat? May be a stretch but I wonder sometimes! (another one of my symbology drawings.)

    • Yes, saymber, I have noticed that beginning my shower with warm water, then completing it with cool water has made a difference, and I do not feel like a walking sweat gland! Ha, Ha!!

      Years ago, I read in a book (sorry, I do not recall the author or title) that, if you filled a football stadium with people, and on the ground you had a tree, and then you asked everyone seated to visualize that tree catching on fire, then it would catch on fire! The human Mind is infinitely powerful.

      I have no doubt that if I lived near by, not only would we be coffee buddies, but I would be making coffee for us, too. I would describe how I make my French Press coffee, but I doubt your husband would enjoy another man (even a Gay Man) giving you a spontaneous orgasm! Ha, Ha!!

      No, I truly believe that many Witches, and a few non-Witches, as well have a deep connection to the weather. There are times when I refuse to cry over something or someone, and then it rains continuously for several days. And I did have some unexpressed anger these last two weeks, and that is when my area had all these heat advisories.

      Personally, I only engage in Weather Witcheries on rare occasions; I always feel as though, if I AM messing with someone naturally occurring, then I AM going to increase something else. Just a thought.

      Regarding your drawing of Deagen, WOW! There is a LOT going on in that sketch. I shall comment on your blog about it, though.

      As always, saymber, thank you.

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