Today, Sunday, July 22, 2012, at approximately 6:01AM, EDT, the Sun entered Leo.

In Western Astrology, the Ascendant (also known as the Rising Sign) is determined by the Time of Birth.  It represents one’s first response in social situations, as well as influencing physical characteristics.  It is sometimes referred to as the “mask,” but I personally do not care for that interpretation.  Simply because it is incorrect.

The Rising Sign Energy is at its strongest when we are around other people, but its Energy can be felt.  For example, my Rising Sign is Leo.  When I AM around other people and in social situations, it is natural for me to rule, take center stage.  Also, I have wavy hair, sparkling eyes and teeth and look more like a lion than a goat (my Sun-Sign is Capricorn).  Also, I LOVE looking at myself in a mirror (regardless of who, if anyone, is around).

All my life, long before I had even heard of Western Astrology, I have had cats with me.  I love dogs, but prefer cats.  And it is no coincidence that all three of them have a connection to the Ascending Lioness.  First, there is Isis, the Alpha Female; interestingly enough, according to The Mysteries of Isis, by deTraci Regula, there is an Aspect of Isis called Isis Victrix, “The Victorious Throne.”  In this Aspect, she has the face of a Lioness.  Next, Kore (kor-RAY, another name for Persephone), is my second cat and first rescued stray; she is a Calico with amber eyes.  And then, Durga the Kitten, my newest cat and second rescued stray; earlier today, I was reading about her Namesake in Invoke the Goddess, by Kala Trobe.  Durga, a ferocious Hindu Warrior Goddess, has Leo qualities.  And Durga the Kitten is certainly fearless!  Why do you think I nicknamed her “Spider-Cat?”

There are many Goddesses and a few Gods that have strong Leo Energy, but my personal favorite Leo Goddess Is Sekhmet (SEK-met).  She Is the Egyptian Lioness-Headed Goddess of Magick, Prophecy, Carnal Lust, Healing and the Scorching Heat of the Sun.  Her Divine Consort Is P’tah (TAH), the Egyptian God of Creation and Creativity (Who looks a lot like Oscar, the Academy Award).  Their Divine Son Is Nefer-Tum (neh-fur TOOM), the Egyptian Lion-Headed God of Essential Oils, Perfumes and Unguents and holds none of Sekhmet’s anger and rage.

Sekhmet Is a Warrioress, a Seductress, a Prophetess, but She Is also a Goddess Who loves Her Family, Her Pride.  She wishes to be left in Peace, and if someone starts trouble with Her and Hers, then She Is more than happy to spread the trouble right back.  In other words, you don’t wanna fuck with this pussy!

Seriously, working with Sekhmet, you may become much angrier and more enraged at yourself and at the world, but you shall know exactly why you are angry and enraged.  Also, you shall do something about the anger and rage and without going to jail.  And, you shall be able to surrender and release the anger and rage more easily and completely so.

Of course, if you wish to increase your Psychic skills, improve your sexual prowess or become a better Healer, working with Sekhmet shall help you, too.  Indeed, as a Prophecy Goddess, Sekhmet can assist you in receiving greater Illumination (and She Is a Sun Goddess, so working with her in daylight hours shall increase your Psychic abilities, even at night).  She Is a Goddess of Carnal Lust; as my fellow Reiki Master, Holly Troy ( might say, She Is a walking Sacral Chakra!  She loves her Sexual Energy, and she can certainly help you love yours, too.

As for Healing, the Sun has been proven to heal.  You can ask Sekhmet to shine Her Healing Sun Rays on you or someone else.  My Sense is that calling upon Sekhmet Is ideal for physical healing, although you can ask Her for other types of Healing, too.

Now, although I do not have Lions or Lionesses as animal companions (and probably shall not any time soon), I do love and adore these animals.  Just as Bastet Is the “Mother of all Cats,” Sekhmet Is the Mother of all Lionesses and Lions.  Those of you with Sun in Leo, or Rising (like me) or even Moon in Leo may feel an affinity with Sekhmet, or Bastet for that matter.  Nonetheless, I invite you to honor that Lioness/Lion/Leo Energy, especially while the Sun is in Leo.

Incidentally, both Sekhmet and Archangel Ariel, the Archangel of Divine Prosperity as well as the “Lion of God” have complementary Energies.  For years, I feel that some Goddesses Are naturally, Energetically coupled with an Angel.  Working with both Sekhmet and Archangel Ariel can not only assist you in magnetizing Divine Prosperity, but also Divinely Protecting it, too.  Also, if you are Divinely Guided to work with healing animals, locally or globally, you cannot call upon two better Celestial Beings.

My dear blog readers, thank you so much for honoring who I AM and what I do.  And may the Ascending Lioness Lovingly and Lavishly Bless you and yours with Great Psychism, Great Prosperity, Great Clarity, Great Illumination and Great Sex!

This Venerated Vision was created by the extraordinarily talented Hrana Janto; it remains my favorite image of Sekhmet.

2 comments on “Sunday

  1. Such a great post. I love sunday, I love cats, I love Sekhmet, the Sun, and all Lions/Lionesses (and rising signs alike!)

    I ∆M ∆ LEO, darling!

    • My friend, I called you with my thoughts! As I was writing this post, I thought of you, and here you are!

      And you are one of my favorite Leos; over the years, I much prefer the August Leos over the July ones, although I have met a few wonderful July Leos.

      I have a feeling a lot of people are going to be accessing/channeling their Inner Sekhmet. It was lovely to hear from you, my friend. Be well, and I look forward to seeing you, under Divine Timing and Goddess Grace.

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