“Honoring Your Prosperity”

About four years ago, I began a series of Emails entitled “Prosperous Minds Lead to Prosperous Lives.”  It was my response to what I call “poverty propaganda” which I began to see and hear about in the news and through other sources.

I send the “Prosperous Minds” Emails to both the regular and semi-regular participants of my group and private “Divine Prosperity” Classes.  However, once in a while I AM Divinely Guided to send a one to either someone who has not participated in one of my Prosperity Classes for at least six months, or to someone who never has and may never do so.

A few moments ago, I was Divinely Guided to begin a series of Emails exclusively for my blog entitled “Honor Your Prosperity.”  This shall be the “This Is Who I AM” WordPress blog version of the “Prosperous Minds Lead to Prosperous Lives” Emails.

For the last few years, it has been both a Divine Idea in my Mind, and a Sacred Truth in my Soul that Prosperity–financial and otherwise–is both a Divine Heritage and a Spiritual Birthright.  If we are here, in a Body, on a Planet (particularly Earth; since most of you reading this are on Earth, I figured I would mention this Planet in particular), then we were born to Prosper.

However, sometimes we do not Prosper.  There are many reasons for this, but one thing I feel I must state is that I do not believe blaming oneself or others for one’s lack of Prosperity does anything good.  On the contrary, blaming oneself and especially blaming others for one’s lack of Prosperity, past financial mistakes, etc., is a great way to keep Prosperity of all kinds from coming to you right now.

So, today, I wholeheartedly invite all of you (yes, ALL of you!) to surrender and release all blame, all guilt, all worry.  From the moment you read this until the moment you fall asleep tonight, whenever a worry comes up, declare (either out loud or in your Mind), “I SURRENDER AND RELEASE ALL MY WORRIES.”  If you begin to blame yourself or another for something, then immediately declare, “I SURRENDER AND RELEASE ALL BLAME.”  If you begin to feel guilt about something, no matter how recent or how long-past, immediately declare, “I SURRENDER AND RELEASE ALL MY GUILT.”

And yes, I AM going to do this today, all day, until I fall asleep tonight, too.

Dear blog readers, I would love to hear your comments on this post, but I especially wish to hear about what Miracles–Money Miracles, Love Miracles, Healing Miracles, Peace Miracles, etc.–have manifested for you by using the aforementioned Words of Power.

Before I close, I wish to welcome my newest blog follower, “Peaches.”  Thank you, Peaches, for honoring who I AM and what I do.  And may you and all my other blog readers, and those that you love and adore, receive Divine Joy, Divine Riches and Divine Success.  Now, today and always.

Your Divine Heritage and Spiritual Birthright of Divine Prosperity includes this.

2 comments on ““Honoring Your Prosperity”

  1. I needed to read this Robert. Whenever I think of being wealthy and materially prosperous I get really anxious and feel guilty….like I’m not worthy I guess? Like I’m afraid if I did make a lot of money I would get overwhelmed by the responsibility of it? That it would change me in a negative way? The duality of my nature showing here because as much as I’m afraid of it I want it to get my husband and I “free” of financial burden. There is always a war waging inside. Thank you for posting this – your intuition on this is definitely helpful for me!

    • Saymber, I have a feeling that I need to address this more often. I have, in the past, especially in my group and private “Divine Prosperity” Classes, but it does bear repeating.

      Indeed, so many people are not only afraid of success, but they feel guilty about being Prosperous. So many of us still have even an ever-so-slight bit of “it is a sin to be Prosperous.” And yet, that one little bit can create MASSIVE amounts of guilt, hardship, lack, etc.

      If the Moon were Waning, I would recommend you engage in a Banishing Spell to surrender and release your guilt about being Prosperous, but I think that it might be better if you engage in a Ritual or Spell that increases your Prosperity Consciousness. And if your husband is open to doing this with you, then so much the better.

      It was my pleasure to write this, and I have a feeling that the “Honoring Your Prosperity” posts shall be just what you and all my other blog followers and readers need to move forward with great financial freedom.

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