“Magickal Mutual Admiration Society”

Over the years, both professionally and personally, I have met many people.  And I must confess that, I have not always connected with them (and some with whom I wish I had connected romantically/sexually).

I used to blame myself a lot for it (and, alas, sometimes I still do), but I FINALLY realized that there really is NOTHING wrong with me.  There are people with whom I connect and people with whom I do not.

I have come to realize that perhaps it may have something to do with being a Witch.  So many of my fellow Witches, Pagans, Wiccans, Magick Makers, Lightworkers, etc., may feel isolated because there is a history of us being separated (by our choice, more often than not) from the society of others so that we could remain grounded, centered, balanced and focused so we could better serve our communities.

In fact, just the other day, the words, “we do not immerse ourselves in the affairs of men” came to me.  I honestly do not know if I was remembering a line in a motion picture, a passage in a book, or if that was a clear memory of a past life.  It haunted me but there was a rightness to it.

Nonetheless, every once in a while (or, perhaps, more than) I meet someone and I feel as though I have reconnected with someone from my Soul Collective, or my Cosmic Tribe.  And when that person is Metaphysical, Magickal, Mystical or Spiritual, it is even better.

I love teaching, and I especially love teaching topics that are Metaphysical, etc.  However, there are times when I do not want to teach.  There are times when I wish I did not need to explain something; that is one of the things I love most when I connect with people on a Magickal Path: they get it.  They understand the phrase “Mercury Retrograde,” and they know the value of using Hematite to combat and deflect psychic attack, and they know that Auset/Isis Is a great Goddess to call upon for Magick and Witchcraft, and they know that a Waxing Moon is excellent for increasing and so much more.

And if feels so fuckin’ good!

Now, it is an idea in my Mind that roughly ninety per cent of all people have a measurable degree of Psychic Energy or ability.  The ten per cent that do not are called nulls.  Granted, that is not as nice-sounding as, say, “muggles,” but I learned this term by a Witch who is also a professional Psychic.  He is also a man who has been conducting Readings longer than I have been alive, so I AM disinclined to question his Wisdom.

Incidentally, no, the aforementioned paragraph is not about my personal Psychic Advisor, Roger Pratt (although it is NO coincidence that he Emailed me as I was writing that portion of my post.  And yes, there is so very beyond a Magickal Mutual Admiration Society” going on there!).

Wow!  I just realized that I dreamed this post.  I have come to realize that I dream things that come to pass about one year after I dream them.  So, I dreamed this around July, 2011 (and July 15 happens to be Roger’s Birthday), which was approximately eight months before I launched “This Is Who I AM.”

My dear blog readers, in a little while I AM getting together with some of the wonderful people in my life with whom I have a “Magickal Mutual Admiration Society” to celebrate one of their Birthdays.  However, before I publish this post, I wish to acknowledge my newest blog follower, “jessyopf.”  May you, as well as my other blog followers and readers receive Divine Healing, Divine Inspiration and Divine Prosperity from my blog.

In the meantime, ladies and gentlemen, I wish all of you and yours a Divinely Loving, Divinely Light-filled, Divinely Prosperous and Divinely Peaceful weekend.

“Soul Family,” by Joshus Hund



8 comments on ““Magickal Mutual Admiration Society”

  1. This describes exactly how I feel Robert. I can really relate to what you speak of regarding the isolation. Because I am very empathic (husband is too) it’s extremely difficult to be around other people – especially large groups, people with problems who need to talk to someone who will listen (sometimes they are psychic vamps and don’t know it) and just lonely people starved for attention/affection. With some interactions I can feel myself get weak and drained, sometimes break into a sweat and have to cut off the connection. When i don’t, it can take days to recover my energy! So I guess the point here, I too am isolated and that’s why meeting you has been so awesome. It’s wonderful to be with and communicate with people where there is no imbalance of the giving and taking of energy – just “bouncing” back and forth like a playful game of catch. Exhilerating. Anyhew Robert – we definitely have the Mutual Admiration Society connection going. It’s helping these two lonely pagans in the bible belt feel not so alone. Hugs.

    • Saymber, as I stated previously, the Divine used you as the Vessel of Divine Inspiration for this post.

      Lately, I have noticed that I have been using more Feng Shui Cures, as well as burning White Sage more often, and using more “Uncrossing products (essential oil blend, mostly, but have the incense, too). And given how many clients, students and friends count on me, Psychically shielding myself is a MUST!

      Oh, before I forget, this weekend was a very busy one, so I AM just starting to catch up on Emails. Nonetheless, I received yours, and shall reply, as soon as Celestially possible.

      You honor me greatly, saymber, and I AM most thankful.

      • You are so intuitive to mention about the psychic shield…definitely my achilles heal! You would laugh at this. Today the scanner was giving me SERIOUS shit – Mercury in Retrograde to the max – and I told my husband I felt we needed to start doing smudgings on the hand me down electronics from his folks lol. They are passing their negative energy/emotions they felt about the item to us and I’m starting to wonder if that’s why I get so negative and pissed off using them! They don’t mean to pass this on but I wonder…hmmm. No worries on timing for email etc. Whenever you do it will be right on time 🙂 Always is. Hugz hope your having a good day. Now that I’m done with the antichrist scanner alls good….need some sage I think lol.

        • Whenever I purchase anything new or acquire anything used, I ALWAYS smudge it with White Sage. If not, then I call upon Archangel Michael, the Divine Protector of the Archangels and His Band of Mercy and ask Him and Them to dissolve any lingering negative energies from the item. It always works.

          Most people do not realize that the positive or negative energies do linger. And once again, you and I are too linked! I just remembered that, less than half-an-hour ago, I was walking by a used car lot, and I thought, “Boy, I hope those people (as in, new car owners) smudge the shit out of those cars!” Although I neither own nor lease a car, I AM aware of how angry people can become in cars (there is a reason why one never hears of “train rage!”).

          I used to smudge my home with White Sage once a week, whether or not my home needed it. However, now I smudge my home with White Sage at least three days every week, and I constantly light candles and incense, too. It works. Well.

        • 🙂 you crack me up and that is too funny about what you said regarding used cars. Sometimes I swear my little car, which I absolutely adore, and I become one little hellion when we go out. A rainbow of emotions lol. Well I think I’m going to have to track down some sage and get smudging. My scanner was just being a major pain in the patooty yesterday! I burn a lot of candles and incense also!
          Another scorcher here today but they are getting closer to finishing the road so soon I’ll be able to get back to regular Tai Chi/meditation in the backyard. My pecan tree gives me wonderful shade through the day. Had an interesting experience with trees yesterday. My neighbors and I had a chance to visit and I was able to inquire to them about their three dying trees. Turns out they are elms and they are infested with some wierd bug, and probably dutch elm disease. Just heartbreaking to all of us. As I stood next to one of them I just felt sick to my stomach and could feel her suffering. So sad! Have you ever had that kind of experience with trees?
          Almost time to get off of this contraption and spend some time in the craft room….feel a drawing needs to be done! HUGZ!

        • Thank you, saymber. In spite of having three Planets in Capricorn, I love being funny and Light-Hearted.

          Indeed, smudge that car! As well as your home, backyard, etc. There is a great book entitled “Wicca Source Book: A Complete Guide for the Modern Witch,” by Gerina Dunwich. It has a great and extensive listing of various Metaphysical/Wiccan stores by state. You may want to check it out. Also, you can visit http://www.witchvox.org to see about stores in your area that sell White Sage. Any Metaphysical/Wiccan/Native American store would carry it.

          In the last few years, I have become more Empathic, which is why I have felt the need to Psychically shield myself more strongly; my clients, students and friends do not deserve a screwed-up Psychic Witch, especially since they pay for my Psychic Services. So, I Psychically shield myself.

          Nonetheless, I pick up vibes from objects more so than from living things.

          Thanks for the HUGZ! Same for you and the husband, too, and by 12PM today you and the others shall be able to read “My 100th Post.”

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