My 100th Post

Good morning, dear blog readers, and a Happy Wednesday and Day of Mercury (Planet of Communication) to all of you!  A Blessed Full Moon in Aquarius–Sign of the Visionary–to all of you, too!!

My apologies for not having written and published a blog post since last Saturday, July 28, 2012.  I did not realize until yesterday, Tuesday, July 31 that I had already written and published ninety-nine posts.  I wanted to wait until today to write and publish “My 100th Post.”

Yes, today is a Full Moon, and therefore quite Auspicious.  However, today is a Full Moon in Aquarius, my Natal Moon-Sign.  That, and the fact that the Sun is in Leo (my Ascendant/Rising Sign) makes today even more Auspicious for this, my 100th post.

So, what is the topic?  Well, some of you may be surprised: I AM going to write about blogging.  Now, I have only been actively creating my blog, “This Is Who I AM” since Tuesday, March 20, 2012.  This year, that was the date of Ostara, also known as the Vernal/Spring Equinox.  In Western Astrology, that is the date when the Sun enters Aries, the Sign of New Beginnings.

However, in that time I have received some great advice about blogging, both from various Web sites (including, of course, as well as friends and loved ones.  So, it is my honor and pleasure to share with you some of those wonderful pieces of Angelic Advice.

Here we go…


1. TAG LINE: For those of us that are WordPress Bloggers, we have often seen “Just another site.”  A great way of making your blog your own is by changing that.  Now, when I first began my WordPress Blog, I thought that keeping that tag line was a badge of honor.  However, the word “just” makes a WordPress Blog just like everyone else’s, and unlikely to stand out and be noticed.  Hence the creation of your own tag line.  Personally, I love that I AM an Ascendant Avatar of Awesome Alliteration.  As a result, my tag line, “The Magickal and Mundane Musings of a Modern Mystic” makes my WordPress Blog my own, and more likely to stand out.

I received this Spiritual Pearl of Wise Advice from my fellow Capricorn and fellow Reiki Master, Holly Troy (  And it has served me well.

2. FREQUENCY: One of the first pieces of advice that I obtained from the Internet (sorry, I do not recall the Web site address, at this time) was on establishing credibility for one’s Blog is by writing four to six posts every week for the first six months.  I have found this to be a great piece of advice.  It makes sense to me, and it certainly gives anyone who is interested in reading your blog an expectancy.  It gives the reader a sense of “Oh!  The next post is coming up soon!”

Now, there are times when those of us who blog shall not be able to do this.  Either time constraints, life, personal challenges, etc.  However, I feel that the effort is worth it.  There have been times when I have not published a post and have anywhere from five to twenty views on that particular day.  Go figure.

3. SHORT PARAGRAPHS: Another piece of great advice I obtained from the Internet (again, sorry, I do not recall the Web site address, at this time) is to write short paragraphs.  A lot of people find it easier to mentally and visually digest a short paragraph, and if you can write blog posts consistently in this manner, those of us that have blogs may find more followers/readers, as well as views.

Does this mean it is a bad thing if you write longer paragraphs?  No.  Does this mean you are a bad person if you write longer paragraphs?  Hell, no.  There are times when one’s paragraphs shall be longer.  Nonetheless, you may find an easier time of writing for you (and others) by consistently writing shorter paragraphs.

4. SPELL CHECK: For many people, it has become part and parcel to see misspelled words on the Internet.  That does not mean that we have to accept it.  Simply put: For any one who writes anything, please check the spelling.  Thank you.

P. S.  I could write more, but it would be one of those “Oh-my-God-I-would-rather-Robert-shoot-me” moments.  You are welcome.

5. IMAGES: One of the advantages of having artists (especially fashion designers, fine artists, photographers, etc.) in my life is that they Re-Mind me how many more people are visual.  I AM literal; I can read a book with no pictures (in fact, I usually do) and I AM OK with that.  However, most people are not.  If you have a blog, an image or two to accompany your blog post makes it stand out more.  Indeed, I have noticed that, every time my blog post is accompanied by an image, I usually have more viewers.

This is another Spiritual Pearl of Wise Advice that I received from the wondrous Holly Troy (

6. VIEW AND REVIEW: It is one thing to look at what you are writing while creating your blog post, but it is something else to see what you shall publish as it shall be seen by others.  Indeed, the “Preview” button is your best friend.

As you may have noticed, most of my blog posts have Italicized words.  There are times when the words I want Italicized are not so when I click “Preview.”  Take a look at what you write before you click “Publish.”  It shall save you a lot of time and Energy in the editing process.

7. WRITING: It is neither my desire nor my intention to transform everyone on the Planet into blog writers.  However, unless you are a hermit, you are probably going to write at some point in your life, either professionally, personally or both.  Although some of my recommendations are primarily for blog writers, my Sense is that you can take what you have read and adapt it into your own life, both in business life and your personal life.

If you never have a blog, no worries.  Either way, let the power of your Energy move your words, your Body, your Soul, your life and your world.


Thank you, one and all, for taking the time to read this, “My 100th Post,” as well as for honoring who I AM and what I do.  May this Full Moon fill your life and your world with Divine Love, Divine Abundance, Divine Energy and Divine Vision.

Thank you, and, as always, for helping me bring images to my Blog.

6 comments on “My 100th Post

    • Thank you, Holly. Not only for honoring who I AM and what I do, but for the Spiritual Pearls of Wise Advice you gave me regarding my blogging endeavors.

      Again, thank you for everything.

    • Thank you, saymber. It was a quick surprise from Spirit that this would be the topic of “My 100th Post,” but I enjoyed writing it.

      Early on in my blog, I went from “work” mode to “fun” mode. I no longer look at creating and maintaining my blog as hard work or any work. It is a joy and a Blessing for all.

      Yes, when I have more time I shall check out your recent posts. I need to log off in less than twenty minutes so I can run a few errands. I have plenty of time today, but I do wish to get home before dark. That is one of the disadvantages of watching “Buffy the Vampire Slayer!”

        • Saymber, I have a feeling that you, your husband and I were separated at Birth! I have owned the complete “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” series for several years. I recently started watching it from the beginning two days ago (my fifth [?] go-round).

          A long-time client gave it to me as a Birthday gift. He is straight, but OK with my being Gay. Nonetheless, I told him that I had to kiss his left cheek for the gift; when he gave me the first two seasons of “Angel,” I kissed his right cheek.

          Incidentally, I have the first three graphic novels of “Buffy” and “Angel.” Also, I like “Firefly” but LOVE “Dollhouse.” Did I miss anything?

          Enjoy your day, hug to you and Kyle, too, and I shall be in touch. Enchanted Empress Blessings, Robert Alvarez, the Psychic Witch.

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