Archangel Raphael Revisited…

As I have mentioned to many clients, students and friends, I love and adore Archangel Raphael, Divine Healer of the Archangels.

He truly is the Archangel (or, Patron Saint, if you prefer) of Energy Healing Practitioners.  Indeed, I have yet to meet one who does not have a strong connection to this Divinely Loving Healer.  He has a strong, yet gentle and Loving Presence and working with Him Is very easy.

Also, from the moment I learned about Archangel Raphael and His connection to Trump VI, The Lovers Card of the Sacred Tarot, I came to know in my Heart of Hearts that He Is sorely underused when it comes to matters of romance and marriage.

Astrologically speaking, Archangel Raphael Is connected to the Planet Mercury.  In Magickal Traditions, Wednesday is the Day of Mercury.  Because of these two Spiritual Correlations, I often refer to Wednesday as Raphael’s Sacred Day of the Week.  Of course, like any Divine Being, you can call upon Him or Her at any time, regardless of the day of the week, or the time of the day or night.

And yes, because of Archangel Raphael’s connection to the Planet Mercury, He Is (at least, for me) the Archangel of all Sun-Sign Geminis and Virgos.

Recently, I have resumed a lovely practice.  Every Wednesday, I write a “Divine Love Letter” to Archangel Raphael and post it on my Facebook page.  Today has been a non-stop day, which is why I have yet to do this.  However, before 10PM, I shall have done this.

For those of you reading this, I wholeheartedly recommend working with Archangel Raphael and calling upon Him for any kind of Healing: Physical, emotional, sexual, Spiritual, psychological and financial.  Also, if someone you know needs any kind of healing, you can call upon Archangel Raphael on his or her behalf.

If you wish to become an Energy Healing Practitioner, you would benefit enormously from working with Archangel Raphael.  The Divine Healer of the Archangels can Divinely Guide you to study the right Energy Healing Modality for you, provide you with the monies and resources for teachers, classes, books, equipment, time, etc.  Also, Raphael can assist you in attracting clients.  Incidentally, of all the Energy Healing Practitioners I have met in the last, say, ten years, I have yet to meet two or more that have the same client.

If you wish to manifest a Divine Romance, then Raphael Is your Archangel.  Again, it is no coincidence that, of the many Archangels, Raphael Is traditionally on The Lovers Card of the Sacred Tarot.  Archangel Raphael can assist you in creating, manifesting and maintaining and Divine Romance but, more importantly, He can prepare you for it, from Energetically cleansing you to helping you surrender and release any lingering doubts, fears or wounds from the past, especially from past romantic relationships.  By the way, the color of Archangel Raphael’s Aura (and, not coincidentally, the traditional color of the Heart Chakra) is emerald green.

I wholeheartedly encourage you to work with Archangel Raphael as a way of bringing Divine Love Healing Energy into your life and world.  Thank you.

A venerated vision of Archangel Raphael, by Marius MIchael-George.

4 comments on “Archangel Raphael Revisited…

  1. The angel I’ve always thought of is Michael – a protector for me – “hedge of thorns” comes to mind when I think of him and I’m scared. I don’t normally look to specific angels. The deity I most identify with is Morrigu. Hope all is well with you.

    • Saymber, thank you for the comment.

      I have been actively working with The Angelic Realms since January, 2004. I have noticed that many people have a strong connection to Archangel Michael, Who Is the Divine Protector of the Archangels. I have especially found this to be true of people whose Sun-Signs are Aries, Libra and Sagittarius, as well as Leo.

      However, I have met people who do not have those Sun-Signs who also have a strong connection to Archangel Michael. Growing up, I rarely entered a Latino/Latina household without seeing an image of Him slaying the demon above the front door frame.

      As for Morrigu/Morrigan, you may wish to read “Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Ravens of Avalon,” by Diana L. Paxson. It features Boudica, who almost successfully defeated Rome when it occupied Britain. There are several instances when Morrigu has “claimed” Boudica and is moving her body to slay her/their enemies.

      Incidentally, I AM long overdue to write about various Goddesses and Gods.

      I AM well, and I shall be in touch. Thank you.

      • It’s funny your would mention Boudica as I have read about her and admired her but didn’t know about her connection to Morrigu! An article about various Gods and Goddesses would be very interesting to read! Not sure if you have my blog on follow so here’s link for today:
        I’m finding drawing to be a way to reconnect with the Universe and that part of myself more so than words.

        • When I participated in Doreen VIrtue’s “Goddesses & Angels” workshop in June, 2006, she stated that artists are naturally Clairvoyant. There is no question in my Mind that artists of all kinds have a strong connection to the Divine.

          I shall certainly check out your post for the day, but soon need to get ready to freelance for a local non-profit.

          Personally, I would recommend reading all the novels in the Avalon series, especially in the order in which they were written, but I certainly shall not fault you for wanting to skip ahead. Actually, I need to spend more time rereading “The Mists of Avalon;” I AM still in Book One.

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