Stop and Go

Good morning, dear blog followers and readers, and a Happy Sunday and Day of the Sun to all of you!

These next few days are going to be quite powerful for me. I have been waiting for the completion of the Post Mercury Retrograde Storm.  Although I have not read the actual date on some of my favorite Western Astrology sources (such as, as per Spirit that Magickal date is this Thursday, August 23, 2012.  That is exactly four days from today.

I find it interesting that not only did Mercury turn Direct in Leo on Wednesday (Day of Mercury), August 8, but that the Sun enters Virgo (which, like Gemini, is ruled by Mercury) on Wednesday (again, Day of Mercury), August 22, 2012.  I have a feeling that, regardless of one’s Sun-Sign, there is going to be a lot of mental, creative, and writing activity during the next few weeks.

So, I have been feeling what I now call “Stop and Go.”  Move forward, stop, review, go.  Am I OK with this?  Yes, I AM.  For several years, September through December is the busiest time of the year for me.  This time of the year became even busier for me when I began leading group Prosperity Classes on a monthly basis.  I can already feel that busy Energy coming, and I already have appointments scheduled in both September and October of this year.

Nonetheless, for all of you, I highly recommend you be especially Mindful of everything the next few days.  If you are in a period of high activity, then great!  If not, then that is OK, too.  In any event, no matter how much activity there is, remember to make time to rest, as in really rest.  Also, after periods of rest, make sure you get right back on the ball.  IN other words, if you need to resume something, make sure you have all the details, tools, etc.

Remember: Although Mercury is Transiting Direct, the Post Mercury Retrograde Storm looks and feels like a Mercury Retrograde.  Be Mindful, balance activity and rest and be fully you.

Thank you, one and all, for honoring who I AM and what I do.  May this week, for you and yours, be Divinely Abundant with Divine Joy, Divine Riches and Divine Success.

I found this image, via, on a Web site about the Ancient Greeks ( The accompanying article was about the balance between exercise (activity) and rest. Coincidence? Yeah, right!

4 comments on “Stop and Go

  1. I saw the image below the “Dear Fellow Bloggers and Readers, This is who I AM” tag with no further words and for a moment, forgot all previous knowledge, and thought “to bad Robert is gay and I am married”. hahahaha. Greek dudes…I tell you.

    • Peaches, I take it as a compliment!

      For the record, I AM not Greek and although it is not one of my Pantheons, I do have reverence for this Pantheon, as well as respect for this Ancient Culture.

      Thanks for a lovely comment. Today is going to be a busy day for me, especially within one hour, so I AM relaxing as much as I can and FINALLY eating breakfast.

  2. Robert – I just woke up. It’s noon!!! I feel good and excited about the day. The Mercury storm has been harder for me than the retrograde. But, these last couple of days, despite a few MAJOR setbacks – I am feeling excited. I wrote for more than a page phrases that began with the words – I am ready. It started out with, “I am ready to go to pilates class (I love pilates class)” . . . to finally . . . “I am ready to get going on with my life in Phoenix” (and all the other readies in between were about making art and having gallery opening and taking and teaching yoga and being glamourous and gorgeous and soaking all the good stuff of life IN and shining) to I feel good good good!

    It is amazing what a good night’s sleep can do to one’s psyche!

    Best of all, even though there have been major snags in the last week, I feel like it’s ok, it was meant to be.

    Love – Holly

    • Holly, in spite of the fact that I feel behind schedule (and probably am), I could not leave my home for the day/night before replying to this truly lovely comment.

      Once again, great Capricorns think alike! Whether I AM working with the “40-Day Prosperity Plan,” or working with my Elimination and Manifestation Lists, I often use the phrase “I AM ready.” In fact, here is one for you: “I AM READY TO BE PROSPEROUS IN EVERY WAY, ALL THE TIME.”

      Second, indeed, I, too, have faced certain challenges since Mercury turned Direct in Leo (my Rising Sign) that have been more frustrating than when Mercury was Retrograding. However, I, too, feel that there is a Divine Orchestration in effect. There is a period of great and lovely activity that is coming for many of us and I find it quite exciting.

      Interestingly enough, when I was writing the portion about how, regardless of one’s Sun-Sign that there would be a lot of creative, artistic and writing activity, I immediately thought of you. To paraphrase my lovely friend, Gary Suto, “How Psychic AM I?”

      I have a feeling that a lot of big, good and juicy things are heading your way, Holly. Thank you, as always, for a truly wonderful comment.

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