The Healing Journey: Day 4

Good evening, dear blog followers and readers!  I hope and pray all of you are having a truly Happy Saturday.

Today has been a wonderful, productive day.  However, I AM facing a slight dilemma.  The writer in me wants to make this post more appealing, but a bigger part of me simply needs to get over it!  Ha, Ha!!

Seriously, let me tell you about the fourth day of my current Healing Journey:


1. I have come to realize that this particular Healing Journey is going to heal a great deal and move me into a level of Divine Restoration.  Although my life has had more than its fair share of challenges, failures and setbacks, the worst of this was from early September, 2011 through mid March, 2012.  I felt more angry, hopeless, defeated, lonely and resigned that at any other time in my life and for so many reasons.  Now, I have come to Sense and Know that swirl of negative emotions is being fully healed and transmuted;

2. This year, I was more comfortable with my “Summer Vacation Laziness” than I was last year.  However, I knew I was moving past it when I began rereading The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, by Catherine Ponder (Revised Copyright 1988, DeVorss & Company, Camarillo, California).  It felt good to reconnect with this Sacred Tome (four hundred thirty pages!).  Just reading the first paragraph of the Introduction was a Healing for me;

3. I finally ate one of those wondrous Granny Smith apples I purchased yesterday, Friday, August 24, 2012 from my local ShopRite supermarket.  YUM!  Also, I ate them with peanut butter.  DOUBLE YUM!!  Indeed, there is much Healing—both physical and emotional—one can receive from eating apples.  It is not a coincidence that they are Sacred to many Goddesses, and it is also no coincidence that apples, strawberries and roses are in the same botanical family;

4. Shortly before I began writing this blog post, I had my “Reiki Shower.”  I stood under the water spray for a few moments, then I called upon all the Goddesses, Gods and Angels of Healing, as well as my Reiki Guides.  This time, I used a Fluorite Crystal.  My first Reiki Master Teacher, Joe Tulko, taught me that Fluorite is both a physical and emotional healer.  Of course, I love that Fluorite enhances Psychic Ability and mental clarity.  I usually attract the teal blue Fluorite Crystals, and that is totally OK with me;

5. A few hours ago, a mental belief surfaced: the belief that I AM old.  This was a bit surprising for me, since I rarely, if ever, engage in such nonsense (indeed, I know people who are twenty to forty years older than I AM, and they are hardly old!).  However, I knew that this belief was surfacing so that it could be cleared.  About half-an-hour before my “Reiki Shower,” I had this muscle strain from the right side of my neck to the middle of my torso (also on the right side).  Well, my Reiki Shower, and my lovely Fluorite (as well as the Healing Goddesses, Gods, Angels and my Reiki Guides) banished that pain back to the nothingness from whence it came.  Indeed, as I was completing my Reiki, I felt this Sacred Swirling of Healing Energy, moving my body to, well, move in the same pattern.  I think it made me giggle, too!  As a Sacred Sidebar, it felt as though I was connecting with my Kundalini Energy, that Coiled Snake at the Root/Base Chakra.  Interestingly enough, in the Native American Tradition, the Snake represents Transmutation.


As I sit here, in front of my notebook computer’s screen, I feel this deep level of Peace, of Completion, of Fulfillment.  And today, Spirit Re-Minded me that, all these small changes I have made in my life since the middle of March of this year are leading to something truly big.  I feel it is both something I AM receiving, as well as something that I AM to give.

Ladies and gentlemen, I hope and pray you are enjoying reading about this Healing Journey as much as I AM enjoying blogging about it.  May these words bring Divine Healing to all the areas of your life, and to all the relationships in your life quickly, and in Peace.  Thank you for honoring who I AM and what I do.

“The Portal,” by Charles Bartlett. Clearly, the Rainbow Serpent/Aida Wedo and Damballah was a part of my Reiki Shower today.

8 comments on “The Healing Journey: Day 4

  1. Robert! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

    This post of course had Divine timing. I am just about to take a shower and am going to give myself reiki. ALSO! I loved how much you enjoyed your apple. Made me smile!!!!

    I am 41 – and that old feeling surfaces sometimes. I went through a similar bit of ander and sadness (a Capricorn thing maybe?) around the same times that you mentioned – actually mine really came to a head in June – and then released. But that anger takes so much energy. I realize when I am angry and unforgiving is when I feel old the most. Practicing on surrender and forgiveness – and not taking things so personally.


    • Holly, thank you for yet another wonderful comment.

      Indeed, I have never enjoyed Reiki so much. And I just remembered that woman from the commercials, the one that hostessed a party and ran her household from her bathtub! When you can, you may wish to search for her on YouTube; she would be a Living Goddess/Hera (feminine form of hero) to you!

      Personally, I have never felt old, nor have I ever had that feeling come up for me. It was odd, but only for a moment. Then I realized why I felt old. And yes, a lot of it had to do with all the stuff I experienced from early September, 2011 through mid March, 2012. I now realize that my Healing Journey began to begin back then.

      Actually, there is a Forgiveness Treatment that I read in one of Catherine Ponder’s pamphlets that I always keep in my Angel Letter Writing Journal. I think I need to share it here, and so I shall.

  2. Granny Smith and peanut butter…a yummy treat I’ve enjoyed lol – love dipping them in caramel too. Yesterday I had one of my anxiety attacks while out walking Spot. Just out in the middle of the field we walk in and boom it hit “I’m going to delete my wordpress and newsvine blogs, nobody will miss me if I was gone from this world” Real gut wrenching, hurtful stuff. I stopped and just looked at the sky and cried asking where the hell this garbage was coming from, “what this mine or somebody elses” that I was picking up on. This happens just out of the blue after two wonderful days. I found laying down with my doggy and two cats yesterday really helped restore me and taking pictures of nature. Drinking more water too. It’s difficult to do that mental/spiritual/emotional battle but I won yesterday. I thought of the reiki shower you have been doing in the evening – thought of the water washing away everything. Thank you Robert for sharing your healing tools.

    • Saymber, thank you so much for your courage.

      Although I have only known you for a short time, I have no doubt that, if you were no longer in this world, you would be spectacularly missed.

      Second, I was Divinely Guided to share with you something that I read in “Flirt,” by Laurell K. Hamilton. Jason Schuyler (the werewolf) says to Anita Blake, “Second, one thing I’ve learned in therapy is that when you feel your most safe, most happy, is when the really painful stuff rears its head.” By the Goddess, how true is this!

      I shall write more about this later when I post, “The Healing Journey: Day 5” but I have come to realize that this particular Healing Journey on which I AM traveling is total; not just emotional or physical or mental or financial, but total.

      And I think you are long overdue for a Reiki Shower, too.

      • SO TRUE Robert! It’s like the Universe lets me have a couple days respite and then it’s time to work on some more buried “stuff” that’s not quite resolved inside….obviously not resolved if I keep getting attacked by it like the other day! It’s kind of like the other thing the Universe does about lessons we need to learn and until we fully learn them, they will cycle around in different circumstances over and over again until you do. One that I had cycling on a tight rotation was conflict resolution with difficult people. Tough one! I guess the latest one is self esteem AGAIN. Sigh lol. This afternoon after yardwork I took a good shower and it helped me some…having a phantom cycle again and everything goes wacky when that happens! UGH!

        • For a while, when I would read a novel, I would keep a notepad handy, just in case I found a gem of a passage. I do not recall when I stopped that practice, but resumed it when I began reading “Flirt,” by Laurell K. Hamilton. That quote was one of four or five, and just in the same chapter.

          Your comment also touches on something about which I AM divided: is Healing permanent or ongoing? I have no answer yet, but I AM focusing on the Healing Journey.

          Of course, your Timing remains Divine. I laid down for a bit about an hour or so ago, and as soon as I got up I was going to write “The Healing Journey: Day 5.” When I do, I receive a comment (two, actually) from YOU!

        • And–surprise, surprise!–I had already begun writing it when you made your comment.

          I look forward to your comments regarding “The Healing Journey: Day 5.” Thank you, saymber.

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