A Blog Update.

Ladies and gentlemen, now that my blog “This Is Who I AM” has been in existence for more than six months, it is likely that I shall not write and publish four to six posts a week.  This is wonderful for those of you who are quite behind on my posts, I AM sure.

Also, for several years September through December is the busiest time of the year.  And this September through December is already booking up fast.  Now, please know that I AM taking it easy, and I AM getting plenty of rest and walking being compliant with my medication and rebuilding my strength slowly but surely.

As I have stated previously, I AM so happy that I AM sleeping in my own bed again, with my Feline Daughters and I refuse to be sedentary.  But I AM taking it easy, because if I do not, then there are plenty of people who shall be more than happy to put me in the hospital.  As one of my dearest friends would say, “True dat!  True dat!”

Thank you, my dear blog followers and readers for honoring who I AM and what I do, and for Re-Minding me how great I AM.

Look it is a Mended Heart.

16 comments on “A Blog Update.

  1. While I’m happy you are booking up fast I hope you won’t be a stranger while your away! Glad to hear you are getting restored back to strength with the help of friends and your feline companions! My two girls have always been fabulous nursemaids and the dogs we’ve had too. They just know when things aren’t right and want to comfort.

    • No, saymber, I shall not be a stranger. For several years now, September through December is the busiest time of the year for me. Although, when I began leading group Prosperity Classes, my schedule became busier the entire year through. Nonetheless, my Energy and my physical health are a lot stronger, and I was so happy to conduct two private Readings last Friday, September 14, 2012, the Night before the New Moon in Virgo.

      Animals are truly Intuitive, especially cats and dogs. And our animal companions know when we need that extra TLC!

      • I got your lovely letter yesterday and your request has been fufilled – dropped it into the mail today lol. Hubby and I were so amused with the request we had to try and figure out how to make it lol. Even if you get one wearing out of the deal it will be fun. Make sure to have a picture taken wearing it (actually made two but they are different). It makes sense this time of the year would be busy for you. The veil is very thin this time of year and great time for spiritual work. Glad you have lots to look forward to. Your work has got to be so rewarding.

  2. Sent you an email a bit ok and included my cell so we can talk if need be about your request. My biggest concern is how much time I have as I can be quite the perfectionist especially if it’s something like this. As your friend Gary can probably tell you about his clothes – when someone is wearing what he makes, it’s like he’s on their body — what people see is his work and he wants it to be the best represenation of his work possible. I feel the same about my jewelry — I want people to be proud to wear it and for it to be a positive reflection of what I do.

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