Gratitude as a Prosperity Power.

When you are thankful for what you have, that is a clear indication to the Divine that you are happy with it, and that you are open to receiving more.

Yesterday, I went to a store, and there was a woman with a little girl (her daughter) and she began crying.  I cannot stand to listen to children crying, it does something to my Soul that is most unpleasant.  So I asked this woman if I could help her.

It turns out that her daughter accidentally dropped her penny on the escalator going down to the store’s entrance.  She began crying and she told her mother she wanted to go back to get it.  Her mother told her that she does not want her getting her fingers cut (neither would I, for that matter).  Even before her mother told me she lost a penny, my eyes focused on a penny in the coin purse section of my wallet.  It was surrounded by so many silver coins so it stood out, visually, but I knew my Divine Guidance was on target, as usual.

Well, I happily gave her the penny, and then her mother told me that she was kissing it.  Now, it just so happens that this little girl’s name is Victoria, which means “winning woman.”  So, I have no doubt that as Victoria grows older, she shall become quite Prosperous and successful in her life.

One of my favorite passages from Louise L. Hay’s “Receiving Prosperity” lecture is when she says, “Money is as Spiritual as a rose.”  If you give Love and Light to your money, it shall stick around.  Think about it: Have you ever been in the presence of someone who is always in a bad mood, and who wants to be around that?  There are times when I AM crotchety, and the best thing I can do is refrain from being around other people when I AM feeling that way.

Money has a Spiritual Vibration.  Money wants to be around Love Energy.  If you Bless your Money, your position of employment, your relationships, your home your everything with Divine Love and Light, it shall stick around and remain with you for a long time.  If you are always complaining about everything and everyone, then you can expect to be a very lonely soul.

Money thrives on Divine Love and Divine Light Energies.  Regardless of what is or is not happening in your life, be grateful for what you have.  I have experienced a Divine Abundance of Thankfulness these last few weeks.  Every day it seems as though I AM expressing Gratitude for something or someone.  And, no surprise, my life has been much sweeter as a result.

Also, when you are thankful not only is your life sweeter, but worries melt away.  As I often say in my “Divine Prosperity Events” desperation manifests nothing.  Well, nothing good.

One of my favorite Metaphysical Methods for inviting the Power of Gratitude in my life, is to begin with “I AM most thankful…” then state for what or whom I AM most thankful.  If you are in a bad mood, your bad mood shall disappear rather quickly.

A Japanese Symbol for “thank you.”

4 comments on “Gratitude as a Prosperity Power.

  1. Thanks for sharing this lovely story. Is there a particular way to bless your money, employment and home? I give gratitude everyday to the Divine, The Universe and Sprit for blessing me with all that I have and I ask that it keep coming. Hope that does the trick!

    • EM, thanks for the comment. I was reluctant, at first, because I did not want to seem like I was showing off, but I got over it.

      Usually, what I have taught in my “Divine Prosperity Events” is to hold your wallet in your hands or a big handful of money for those people who do not carry wallets. My sister-in-law is so feminine, but she must be the only woman I know that never carries a purse or a wallet. I always look at her, like “What?!”

      Anyway, hold your wallet in your hands and say, aloud, if you can, “I Bless you with Love and Light!” You can also add, “I Bless you with Divine and Permanent Prosperity.”

      As for your home, touch a wall or a door in your home, and say the same or similar Blessing.

      As for your employment, touch something you work with, such as your computer, or your desk, for those that have one, and use the same or similar Blessing.

      “I Bless you with Love and Light” is simple, beautiful and powerful.

  2. AMAZING!!! It’s all very simple and rather elementary. It’s s shame how–as we grow into adulthood–we loose the child-like wonder. This blessing is something I would have have done as a child for sure. To my food, my crayons and my books! I would have invited my imaginary friends as well! THANKS SO MUCH. Much love, healing and blessings!

    • My pleasure, EM. It truly makes me smile when I see Victoria in my Mind kissing the penny I gave her. I can easily see her being a Mindful, Spiritually Uplifting Millionairess.

      And it was my pleasure to share the Wisdom.

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