The Many Holidays of the Witch…

I felt that I needed to write a companion blog post to the one I wrote and published yesterday “Samhain is not the only Witch’s Holiday.”  My Sense is that a lot of people simply did not read the whole thing, because they were turned off by the title; I could be wrong; it has been known to happen.

First, every Full Moon and every New Moon is a Witch’s Holiday.  So are the Festival Dates of a Witch’s Sacred Deities.  Now, personally, if I AM alive and breathing (which I AM, by the way), then that is an opportunity for me to honor and give offerings to a Deity.  That’s how I roll!

My personal Goddess, my Celestial Mother Who gave Birth to my Soul, Is the Egyptian Goddess Auset (pronounced oh-SET, as well as OW-set, more commonly known as Isis).  She has many Festival Dates and two or three Birthdays (based on various books I have read over the years).  However, I talk to Her every day and any time I receive money, from whatever avenue, channel or point of income, I purchase bread, and give her a piece, as well as light candles and incense on my Altar for Her.

Other than Samhain, which is commonly known as Halloween to non-Witches, there are three other Cross-Quarter Holidays, that occur between a Solstice and Equinox, or Equinox and Solstice.  Samhain (again, pronounced SOW-when) is October 31, and that date is always between the Autumnal Equinox (which some call Mabon) which was on Saturday, September 22, 2012, and the Winter Solstice (which some call Yule) which shall be on Friday, December 21, 2012.  Of course, there is also Imbolg (pronounced ih-molk), usually on February 1 or February 2, Beltane (pronounced BELL-tane), on May 1, and Lughnasadh (pronounced LOO-nuh-suh), usually on August 1, although some Traditions celebrate it on August 2.

So, ladies and gentlemen, there are many Holidays that a Witch has, Samhain is not the only one.  And as I stated in yesterday’s post (SEE “Samhain is not the only Witch’s Holiday”), I know of no religion that only has one Holiday.

Before I close, I wish to acknowledge my newest blog follower, “notesofashamanstudent.”  May you continue to receive Divine Blessings from your Spiritual Path, and may my blog bring great Blessings into your life and the lives of those you love.

Thank Goddess for Steve Moore, the artist who created this image for a comic book called “Chester the Bastard.” It is nice to see people can draw Witches without green skin and wart-studded noses!

6 comments on “The Many Holidays of the Witch…

  1. I read it Robert and like Peaches, agreed with you. A lot of times, people just don’t know and if it’s not on their radar…they won’t try to find out and start making assumptions. You know what assumptions do loool “make a ass out of you and me.” ROFL. Anyhew – I wouldn’t fret about it. Since I’m not a witch either I don’t keep track of the other holidays but do know they are there and respect the people who celebrate them! 🙂 Got the last thing I needed for your order today so getting closer to getting it out to you. It’s been A BUSY week ad next week is no better. Shew.

    • Saymber, thank you for your honesty, as well, and for your comment, too.

      Indeed, as I wrote in the “Samhain is not the only Witch’s Holiday…” post, I was frustrated that journalism students only wanted to interview me about being a Witch around Samhain, and the ones that interviewed me never kept their promises that they would send me a copy of what they wrote. So, if a journalism student wants to show me that you are not all of the same ilk, please do.

      • That’s only courtesy if your going to take the time to talk to them that they should make sure you get to see what they are going to publish before it’s published and afterwards! Grrrr lol. I have your box of goodies prepared to go out tomorrow. I hope you’ll be pleased with everything. I’ll send you a scan of the mail receipt so you have tracking number. Going to enjoy day of relaxation. It’s one of those overcast, drizzly days that’s great for getting under a blanket in (with a feline on top of course lol).

        • Saymber, I cannot agree with you more. Thank you.

          Actually, I felt cold this morning, and it felt so good! However, there are some things I need to do on the Internet first before I go back to bed and lounge.

          And thank you, I shall be on the lookout for it the package.

  2. I’ll be honest. I didn’t read your other post because I simply agreed whole heartedly with the title. I don’t consider myself a witch. I don’t practice. But I do believe in many of the spiritual aspects and like to recognize the I am a non-witch who likes Samhain.

    • Peaches, thank you for your honesty, and for your comment.

      Frankly, I had not planned on a second post in this vein. However, I could not shake the feeling that some people were turned off by the post entitled “Samhain is not the only Witch’s Holiday…” Hence, this post.

      As I wrote in the aforementioned post, I had been interviewed by several journalism students in the last few years. Enough written.

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