Prosperity Doors Continue to Open…

I have taught this in both “Divine Prosperity Events” and in private Prosperity Classes.  Sometimes, when we willingly close the door on an endeavor, new doors flood open for us.  Up until August, 2012, I was the Practitioner of a Wellness Center in Hoboken, New Jersey.

It was no longer serving my needs, and the level of Prosperity that I was receiving was less than what I felt I deserved.  I informed the director of this, and I did so respectfully and professionally when I wrote her a letter.  In spite of her efforts, and mine and the efforts of other Practitioners, I still felt frustrated.

And I made it clear to the Divine that I AM open to all avenues, channels and points of income that bring me Joy and Peace, and yet, in spite of all the efforts of so many people, nothing was happening on a regular basis at this Wellness Center.  So, it was time to go.

And I have no regrets about the decision.  I knew instinctively to wait until the completion of the Post Mercury Retrograde Storm was complete before mailing the letter, and that once it was received, so many wonderful new opportunities would flood open for me.  And they have, and they continue to do so.

So far, this month, I AM scheduled to give Readings at three Psychic Fairs not to mention several appointments with private clients and also leading a first-time Metaphysical Class, “No, Bitch, This Is Mine, You Can’t Have It!”  A dear friend and reader of my blog, who is also a fellow professional Psychic suggested to me, when she asked me for advice on a personal matter.  I AM happy to announce that I remain her Obi Wan.  YAY!

She suggested I lead a Class on Psychic and Spiritual Self-Defense Techniques, and I thought, “Oh, yeah!  What a great idea!”  And I kept the Class name she suggested, with a few changes.  After all, we no longer own people, so I needed to specify that this Class is for people.  Think of how many times you have spent time, Energy money, time, et al to develop something, obtain something, and then someone comes along and feels that he or she should have it just because he or she is consumed with pettiness, jealousy, bitterness, etc.

I AM so excited about this brand new Metaphysical Class that I hardly slept last night.  I had to ground my Energy to the Earth twice and read several chapters of Last Seen in Massilia, by Steven Saylor before I could fully relax and sleep.

I AM excited and so very thankful for all that I have received these last few weeks, and my Heart is so healthy and so is my body and indeed, every day, I AM so grateful for so very much.

Thank you, all, for honoring who I AM and what I do, and for those of you that lavishly and Lovingly Re-Minded me that I AM loved, adored and honored.

We all have the power to open new doors of Prosperity.

8 comments on “Prosperity Doors Continue to Open…

  1. Robert- Thanks for sharing this. It’s great for me to hear. As it turns out, I too had decided a few jobs were lesser than what I deserved. Up until today I thought I had closed all doors. But in true Robert form, your voice rang–”there are no coincidences.” Just after two fellow freelancers let me know that It’s been a slow summer FOR ALL freelancers/contractors, did I read your post expressing a similar subject matter. “There are no coincidences.” Almost as if it were choreographed!!!! As it turns out, jobs have been queuing all the (slow) while.
    I AM blessed!
    I AM prosperous.
    I AM a might money magnet!!!!

    ✖●✖● ΞM

    • See, wherever I AM, there is Money Magick!

      Remember the Affirmation I taught you during my recent “Divine Prosperity Event” about attracting clients that are ready to hire you. I do not recall if, now, as it was truly channeled for you. And remember that section from the Prospeity Treatment in Louise L. Hay’s “The Answers Are Within You,” “I ALLOW MY INCOME TO CONSTANTLY EXPAND, NO MATTER WHAT THE NEWSPAPERS AND ECONOMISTS SAY.” You are a Majestic Money Magnet, my friend.

  2. Robert thank you for such an inspiring post! As I am opening my spirit to taking a leap and expanding my income – your post came just in time!!! As I know you would say – “Coincidence? . . . Puhleaze . . . ”


    • Holly, thank you for your lovely comment and compliment, too.

      Actually, I would say, “Coincidence? Yeah, right!”

      One of my favorite compliments regarding the “Prosperous Minds Lead to Prosperous Lives” Emails that I send to the regular and semi-regular participants of my “Divine Prosperity Events,” as well as my private Prosperity Classes, is that they are always Divinely Timed.

      Indeed, my Spirit remains so grateful (which I AM usually spelling greatfull, before I do my own mental SpellCheck) is how much of a Holy Harvest I have received these last few weeks.

      Take that leap of Faith, and know that all the Prosperity Goddesses and Angels Are Guiding you to your own Holy Harvest.

  3. “Class on Psychic and Spiritual Self-Defense Techniques” I would so go to this Robert! I’m thrilled for you and the direction your life is taking you. You deserve it! When you speak of one door closing and another opening I am brought to a wonderful memory. My grandmother was getting to a point she couldn’t maintain her home anymore and my aunt and uncle were trying to find the best solution and the situation got quite volatile. Well one night before bed my aunt and I said a very simple prayer: May the doors that need to open, open and the doors that need to shut, shut.” The very next day we got a call for an assisted living apartment opening for my Grandmother. She subsequently moved in and was VERY happy. Sometimes we just have to let go and surrender – “Universe whatever you think is best” kind of thing. If I lived near I would certainly want to attend your classes.

    • Saymber, thank you for sharing that. Your grandmother was truly quite Spiritually wise. If I may, may I teach this Prayer in future Classes?

      Actually, I AM finally leading a Metaphysical Class on Prayer, although the date has yet to be scheduled, but I AM very clear that I AM long overdue to lead it. The Prayer is simple, but incredibly beautiful and powerful. Then again, some of the best Prayers are.

      And I AM glad that things worked out so beautifully for your grandmother. Was she your maternal grandmother?

      Indeed, it has happened in other times in my life when an endeavor stopped Prospering me, and the moment I closed that door, wonderful new doors began opening up. Now, I have noticed that the doors are simply flooding open! YAY!

      Well, you would certainly be welcome in my Metaphysical Classes. There is a lot of Healing Laughter in my Classes, as well as Sacred and Serious Moments.

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