If You Cannot Curse, You Cannot Cure…

As I stated previously, I AM leading a brand new Metaphysical Class on Monday, October 15, 2012 (the Night of the New Moon in Libra), 2012, 7-10PM in Manhattan, New York City, entitled “No, Bitch, This Is Mine, You Can’t Have It!”

I AM Re-Minded of the words of one of my favorite Goddess authors, Z. Budapest.  “If you cannot hex, you cannot heal.  If you cannot curse, you cannot cure.”  I AM a firm believer that we have the power to use whatever we can, especially in Ritual Work and SpellCraft to protect what we own, what we have, what we have worked hard to develop, obtain, etc.  When someone would rather spend his or her energy taking what you have from you, or endangering you and yours, then he or she is no longer an innocent.  And you–as my fellow Witches know–can curse or hex him or her and stop him or her from harming you and yours.

This morning, I discovered that a very lovely lady that I have only known for a short time was a victim of theft.  This is a woman who has sweet, lovely Energy, and that someone would steal something from her has me quite angry.  I almost feel sorry for those that stole from her.

Ladies and gentlemen, I AM not one of those stereotypical Witches that believes in hexing and cursing people because I have nothing better to do.  For several years, September through December is the busiest time of the year, so for me to need to spend time hexing someone when I have more important matters to which to attend, it makes me angrier.

I shall tell you something that many people would probably I rather keep secret.  The Mindset of the one being hexed is completely irrelevant.  It is the Mindset of the one doing the hexing that is most important.  And I AM one of the most strong-Minded people I know.
Several years ago, I recall a period of my life that was very challenging, nothing was going right for me.  So, I did a hex.  On the candle I carved, “All those that are sending negative energy my way.”  Well, at the time I gave Readings at a wellness center in Manhattan.  One of the other Readers there broke her leg.  I recall telling my personal Psychic Advisor, Roger Pratt about this, and he said to me that, although this woman was always nice to me, the fact that she broke her leg the day after I conducted this hex was not a coincidence, and perhaps she was not at nice as I thought her to be.  Well, it just so happens that after her leg healed, and she returned to the wellness center, she was not as flowing with niceness toward me.  Well, there you go.

I have always been amazed that there are people who would rather spend their precious time and Energy making another person miserable than spending a fraction of their time and Energy improving their own lives.

Before I close, I wish to acknowledge my two newest blog followers.  First, novelist Chris Martin, and “Ayslyn’s Corner.”  May both of you receive Divine Clarity and Divine Illumination from my blog, “This Is Who I AM.”  Thank you to both of you, and all my other blog followers and readers.

Sorry, ladies and gentlemen, I could not find the name of the artist. If you know, please let me know. Thank you from Robert Alvarez, the Psychic Witch.

22 comments on “If You Cannot Curse, You Cannot Cure…

  1. My mother in law hates her son but my husband loves her too much. She takes the advantage on monetary level (which left my husband with no savings). In the most critical times when my husband lost his job, all money gone, my own job lost all she was concerned about was where is the money for herself and sister in laws instead of even asking how we are surviving, forget about supporting us. All abuse started when we couldn’t send money for just one month. My husband paid her business loans. Now that I am in my husband’s life and he spends money on me or tries to save some for ourselves, My MIL has started all the abuse, fighting and shouting like menace, manipulations, LIES, false allegations to prove my husband that I am very bad and mean girl so that we break up and tear me apart from my husband. I tried everything to satisfy her household, cooking, money, gifts and took all abuse but that ain’t stopping her. Still I don’t want her to be hurt or unhappy coz that will hurt my husband. I request if you can please help me to find a way to stop her, deviate her or at least make my husband hate her so she can stop taking advantages and ruining my married life.

    • Priya, thank you for your comment, and I AM quite sorry to hear about the challenges you are having with your mother-in-law.

      Although I have been teaching Prosperity Classes since November, 2001, it never ceases to amaze me how money can change people and how it can bring out the worst in people, as seems to be the case with your mother-in-law.

      The only thing I keep hearing in my Mind about this situation is to call upon Archangel Michael, the Divine Protector of the Archangels to protect you, your husband and your family (human and animal children) from your mother-in-law.

      Also, I keep seeing Hekate, the Greek Goddess of Magick, Prophecy and the Crossroads, as well as Yemaya, the Afro-Caribbean Goddess of the Ocean Waters, as well as the Defender and Protectress of women and their children.

      Currently, we are in what I call the “Dark Moon Tides” which are the three nights before the New Moon (the next New Moon is on Sunday, February 10, 2013). I highly recommend burning either a black, dark purple or dark blue candle and ask Hekate to protect you and yours from your mother-in-law, as well as anyone else that wishes to hurt you and yours, as well as your Monies and Prosperity. Ask that all negative energy being directed at you be sent back.

      As for Yemaya, in the African Tradition, Her Sacred Day of the Week is Thursday, and today is a Thursday. Go to the ocean or to a river and give seven dimes or seven shells or whatever you can spare in seven (Yemaya’s Sacred Number) and if you cannot go to the ocean or river, then visualize it in your Mind and visualize the offering of your choice in your Mind.

      And ask the same of Yemaya, but take the person who is hurting you and yours and give them to Yemaya and see Her dragging that person down to the ocean floor, which is governed by Yemaya’s Twin Sister, Olokkun.

      You can easily find images of these Goddesses, as well as Archangel MIchael on the Internet.

      And I understand that you do not wish to harm your mother-in-law, but I would like to Re-Mind you that, anyone who harms another, stops being an “innocent.” If your mother-in-law continues to bring hardship, unease, pain, etc., in your life and the life of your husband and family, then she stops being an “innocent,” and you can hex or curse her.

      My position on this matter is clear and fixed. And, for the record, my mother is an alcoholic, and she harmed me, although not physically, but emotionally and Spiritually, which is why I keep my distance from her, especially when she reaches for a beer or a marijuana joint.

      I wish you the best of luck, and wish you and yours all the Joy, Riches, Success, Peace and Healing that you and yours so desperately need right now.

        • You are welcome, Holly.

          And remember we are in a Waning Moon phase. This is the best time of the Lunar Month for banishing, dissolving, eliminating, surrendering and releasing.

          Personally, I AM looking forward to my own Psychic Purge before Sunday’s New Moon. YAY!

    • Holly, it was my pleasure. And my apologies for not replying to your comment sooner. The last two days, have been especially Prosperous. You may recall I have taught that, when we willingly close a door that is no longer Prospering us, the Divine floods open new doors for us.

      Well, both this past Sunday, October 7, and yesterday, Monday, October 8, 2012 I gave Readings at two different Psychic Fairs. At both, I lost count of how many Readings I conducted. When that happens, you know I AM doing well! YAY!

      And it was my pleasure to listen to you, my dear.

  2. Hello Robert! My mother-in-law was just trying to get some support and vent a bit and I’m protective of the people I love and care about and highly empathic so naturally I was annoyed about the situation. It was probably just a coincidence lol but just thought is was spooky. If I’m a powerful witch I hate to think what’s going to happen to my neighbors after the explosion I had at them over taking care of their dog! Ugh….I felt horrible about how I handled it. Big “F” from the Universe on that reoccuring test lol. No tornadoes for you Robert – just gentle rain 🙂 Hugs.

    • Saymber, you have no reason to fell guilty. Someone hurt your feelings, and your emotions responded. Every once in a while, I watch an episode of “Charmed” that gets it right. I love it when Leo, the White Lighter, tells the Charmed Ones, that their Powers are connected to their emotions. Indeed, a Witch needs to be aware of his or her emotions. I AM very clear that my emotions were quite turbulent when I discovered that my lovely new friend and new client and student was the victim of theft. What she purchased was going to assist her in making a lot of dreams come true. So, every time I thought about the one who stole her things, my Hex flew hard and fast and true.

      On a lighter note, saymber, the package was delivered today. It is at my local post office and I shall be able to pick them up tomorrow. YAY!

      • YAY! Package arrival! I so hope you are pleased with everything. “-) Charmed — love it and own all of it on DVD with the exception of the last season which was REALLY bad lol. I love Leo too and you bring up a great point about emotions tying into powers. Negative emotions and me are bad news. On the way to my appointment today I remembered such a case. I had gone to the local Catholic church we use to go to in Delaware to ask if I might use their chapel to pray and meditate. I was feeling very troubled and needed a place to calm down. These places or gardens etc., have always been places I go to. Anyhew I was wearing a pentacle at the time and the staff at the church saw it and came up with some lame excuse that I it wasn’t available. When I left there I was FURIOUS! My thoughts turned to just the whole world burning — just go to hell all of you I thought. Subsequently the summer got very hot….as did all that followed. Coincidence, yes but spooky nonetheless. The old phrase “Mind your thoughts” is soooo true! Acck right?!

        • No, my dear, no coincidence! But clearly, I AM so happy you love and adore me! I recall reading in one of Doreen Virtue’s books (I think it was “Realms of the Earth Angels”), she advised to refrain from lobbing fireballs at people. As you know from watching “Charmed” that is a demon power, however, keep in Mind that Fire at its core represents Purification. And you know all about purifying Fire in Texas, yes? Anyhew, thanks for another lovely comment, saymber.

  3. For some reason reading this Robert the phrase “have you thought it through” came in. I have to be careful when I feel ill will towards someone because bad stuff happens to them. The latest example was my mother-in-law telling me something kind of rotten her daughter-in-law did and I felt quite annoyed about it. The next day a tornado hit their town lol. The law of threes/karma and other things come to mind when you wish ill will or do something bad to someone. It has happened too often in my life to be a coincidence! So I try to be very careful and would never hex anyone intentionally. When I think of trying to protect my family and property or praying for that for someone else, I think of the bubble of light or circle of protection.

    • Clearly, you are a powerful Witch, Saymber.

      Personally, I was Inspired to write this post simply because a dear friend and lovely lady was the victim of theft. And since I do not know the name of the one who committed the theft, as well as physical evidence, I decided to use some HexCraft to take care of the matter.

      And personally, does your mother-in-law not know you well enough to know your emotions. I would not deliberately upset you, or say something that I know you would find very offensive (good thing you and yours love and adore me!). My part of the country has already had tornado warnings, we do not need the actual tornado.

  4. I love the way you put this. As I told one friend, part of the reason I don’t do magic is because I believe it might work and it can weave complicated situations and energies that I just don’t want to be responsible for, but I do look at it like you. I have no problem with others protecting themselves if they have the knowledge and power.

    • Peaches, thank you so much for the compliment and the comment.

      Brilliant insight from you, too.

      But yes, it bothers me so much when people that are good are the victim of theft because someone had too much time on his or her hands and decided to spend that Energy on theft, then on improving his or her own life.

  5. Oh Robert, you know that this is perfect with Saturn moving into Scorpio! And, wow, this just adds another dimension to what I can do to protect my hard work – (especially my writing workshop)!

    Thank you, dear friend.


    • Holly, a dear friend was the victim of theft, which is yet another manner in which the Goddess Divinely Inspires me.

      I was so angry, especially given her Divinely Loving Intentions on what she had purchased, that a Hex was in the making. It took a lot out of me, but I have a feeling whoever stole those items from her shall not be committing theft anytime soon.

      And yes, please protect all your Divinely Inspired works, Holly.

      My pleasure to ongoingly contribute to your success, both professionally and personally.

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