Future Blog Posts…

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, and a Happy Tuesday and Day of Mars (Day of Taking Decisive Action) to all of you!

My Mind has been in overdrive today regarding writing, and I wish to let you know that I have several good things planned for future blog posts.

Soon, I shall have a new post regarding Divine Prosperity, and I also wish to resume transcribing some of the articles from my newsletters, especially Goddess Blessings! but I shall not forget the others, The Tarot Tribune, Blessings of the Gods, and of course, Pro$perity Blessings.

And, I have a feeling a new series is on the horizon.  What the topic shall be, Spirit has yet to Divinely Direct me to it, but when Spirit does, you shall soon know.

In the meantime, I Lovingly welcome my newest blog follower, “theimaginationmuscle.”  May you receive Divine Healing, Divine Inspiration and Divine Blessings from my blog.

And for the rest of my blog followers and readers, may you continue to receive many Divine Blessings from my blog.  Thank you.

What a lovely image!

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