The Prospering Power of Persistence…

Because of last week’s severe weather conditions, the appointments I had needed to be rescheduled.  However, in spite of that, I knew that Spirit was informing me that I needed to continue to be diligent in the Metaphysical Methods I use to manifest Prosperity.

So, I continued to use John Randolph Price’s “40-Day Prosperity Plan,” and declare Affirmations for Financial Supply, Divine Love Healing and more.

The result?  Well, yesterday, Sunday, November 4, 2012 I had lunch in my sister-in-law’s new home.  She made me an amazing lunch!  In fact, yesterday I ate like a King.  Not only did she give me money for transportation expenses to meet with a client (who also feed me well and greatly) but after the client’s Reading I had more than enough to pay my rent in full.

Then, I learn from one of the employees of the property management company that, because of the severe weather conditions, the tenants have until this Thursday, November 11, 2012 to pay their rents.  So, I have even more time than I thought.

Ladies and gentlemen, when I teach about Prosperity Consciousness, I do so from a Spiritual perspective.  I do not teach “get-rich-quick” schemes.  I teach people how to be Spiritual and Prosperous.  Also, I teach Metaphysical Methods and Sacred Tools that I use.  Rarely, shall I teach a way to manifest Divine Prosperity that I do not already use.

So, for all of you reading this post, if you have been experiencing difficulties in your life, financial or otherwise, I cannot over-recommend that you call upon the Divine (by whatever Name you call Her or Him) and begin to receive your Prosperous Good, in whatever form you desire.  And be open to receiving it, too.

I AM most thankful to the Goddess, the God and the Angels for the Prosperity I AM receiving now.

Thank you.


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