Exceeded 3,000 Views!

Dear blog followers and readers, I AM pleased to announce that my blog, “This Is Who I AM,” has exceeded 3,000 views.  The last time I checked, it listed 3,092 views.  YAY!

Personally, I find it flattering and honoring.  I love that there are so many people who find what I write interesting and intriguing, in spite of the fact that I have yet to write a book.  Nonetheless, I AM honored by every one of my blog followers and readers (those who read my blog, via other sources, without actually following it).

These last few months, I feel as though I AM  getting back on track with many things.  Fully recovering from my Divinely Orchestrated stroke, remaining compliant with my medication, spending time with my friends (and my Feline Daughters), cleaning and organizing my apartment and a lot more.

However, I remember that I AM a Sacred Servant to the Holy Spirit Goddess, and my Magickal and Spiritual Practices must remain constant, too.

But for now, a nap would be lovely (alas, right now, it is a fantasy, but a darn good one).

To all of you, thank you so much for honoring who I AM and what I do.


What do you think?

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