3,500 views is coming!

As I have written previously, I have been helped enormously by reading books written by Dr. Catherine Ponder, the Director of the Unity Church Worldwide, headquartered in Palm Desert, California.

In some of her Prosperity books, she has written about giving challenging situations the “light” touch, which shall bring either Peace or Blessings.

I must confess, I always wondered what she meant by that.  I always understood what she wrote, both grammatically and syntactically, but there was something about the “light touch method” that always left me feeling bewildered.

Well, I think I AM finally getting it.  Currently, my blog is at 3, 419 views all-time.  From the beginning, I have given my blog, “This Is Who I AM” the light touch.  I do not stress if I have no views, although sometimes I wonder why certain posts were not read (for example, the post “Mercato Magico” has no views, but the post “The Magic Market Day” has roughly ten views.  Both are related, but one was viewed several times, and the other not even once.  And both were successfully published).

I AM happy, and at Peace with all of life.  The tide has begun to turn for me, and as with two of the participants of my recent “Divine Prosperity Event,” my last one of 2012, I AM catching up on bills and expenses.  And that certainly feels good.

I have also come to realize that the Energy of Divine Romance is becoming more prominent in my life, which moves me to tears at how much my life has improved since my Divinely Orchestrated stroke.  And the Blessings continue.

My physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual health are stronger and more beautiful.  And now that I have both a 2013 calendar planner and a 2013 Astrological calendar, I shall begin scheduling Metaphysical Classes from January through April, 2013.

To all of you that love, adore and honor who I AM and what I do, and to all of you, my blog followers and readers, I AM most thankful for all of you.  I wish all of you and yours a Happy, Healthy, and Divinely Prosperous Holiday Season and New Year.islight touch genie


3 comments on “3,500 views is coming!

  1. Don’t feel bad Robert. I don’t think WordPress stats are always 100%. Sometimes the numbers don’t add up. I do hope prosperity and romance find you in abundance..and then I hope you’ll share these happy stories 🙂 We need more happy stories.

    • Actually, I do not feel bad that (at least, from what I have seen on my Stats) that no one read the post entitled “Mercato Magico.” It was just a tad frustrating, considering how many views the post entitled “The Magic Market Day” had.

      And yes, I could not agree with you more that so many of us need more happy stories. Some of those stories are still being written, so I shall share later, but other stories I shall share sooner.

      Thanks for the comment and the support, Peaches.

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