The year is coming to a close.

So far, I have participated in one Yule Ritual, and expect to participate in two more (not to mention leading one, as well).  I have already led my last “Divine Prosperity Event” of 2012, and soon I shall have the honor of being one of the Psychics of the last “Secret Garden Psychic Faire” of 2012, too.

I have done some Holiday shopping, but truth be told, I AM not one for the Holiday shopping craziness.  Several years ago, I worked in retail, so I never set foot in a mall after December 1, not for love and not for money.

And, I AM looking forward to 2013, which as per Spirit is “The Year of the Ascending Star Goddesses and Gods.”  In fact, I already have a 2013 appointment calendar and a 2013 Astrological Calendar.  I AM set to schedule!

And I AM also receiving plenty of rest!  In fact, these last few days I have been sleeping a lot.  You know, for years I had dark circles under my eyes, and they are no longer there.  No cucumbers or under-eye cream needed!

Personally, I AM looking forward to 2013 (and yes, there shall be a 2013).  As one of my closest friends recently Re-Minded me, I have been given a second chance.

To all of you, my dear blog followers and readers, I wish all of you the Happiest of Holidays and may you and yours have a truly Loving, Healing and Prosperous Holiday Celebration (regardless of how few or many Holidays you celebrate) and a Wondrous and Prosperous New Year!is


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