My Evening with Guadalupe.

Last night, I had the opportunity to attend a celebration of La Virgen de Guadalupe, the Supreme Marian Queen of Mexico.

These last few months, She has become Sacred to me.

Now, I AM aware that many see Her as a Saint, but for me She Is a Goddess.  And, I have only recently discovered that She has a connection to many Witches.

So, last night I went to a free theatrical production dramatizing how La Virgen de Guadalupe became a Beloved Saint to the people of Mexico.  It was wonderful, although I would have enjoyed it more if certain attendees would have silenced their cell phones.

Really?  Is a “Vibrate” or “Mute” setting difficult?  From people who are constantly taking photographs or videos?!

OK, my rant is complete.

After the theatrical production, we were invited to continue to remain in the presence of Guadalupe by going to a nearby church.

Now, I must confess, although I know it is nonsense, every time this Happily-Recovered-Catholic, openly Gay Male, Moon Magick Witch walks into a church, I keep expecting something to happen.  You know, like a lightning bolt, or something along those lines.  Of course, it does not happen (otherwise I would not even be here to create this blog post).

It was strange, at first, because here I AM in a Catholic Church, one in which I had not set foot in several years.  The last time I was in this church, I was attending the Confirmation of my older nephew, Nicholas.  And yes, I had the same thought, then, too.  If my life was a comedy, someone would have either begun chanting “Dead Witch Walking” or “DUCK!”

What I found strange was that, there were Prayers that I remembered.  The “Our Father” Prayer, and the Mother Mary Prayer.  Granted, everyone around me was saying them in Spanish, but since I never learned them in Spanish, I said them in English.

But the ones in which I did not know, I simply offered Prayers to Goddess.

Then, at the end of the evening, we were invited to have a meal.  I must confess, I was feeling rather peckish.  So, we crossed the street, and I had a cup of a corn beverage (sorry, I do not recall its name, in English or Spanish), but it was tasty.  I was also offered the choice of either a sugar bread or a tamale.

Now, I have had quite a few sweets these last few days, so I opted for the tamale, which was spicy, but not too much so.  YUM!

Then, I went home with a great deal of Love and Light in my Heart.

It was a lovely evening, and I AM so happy that there are such events in my area.  Also, it was interesting to be Re-Minded of a Tarot-related Biblical Passage.  No, I shall not repeat it here, but I shall tell you where to look for it: Revelation 12:1.  She Is The Empress Card.

So now, in addition to the other Goddesses that I See when I look at The Empress Card of the Tarot, I shall also begin to See La Virgen de Guadalupe.

My dear blog followers and readers, thank you for honoring who I AM and what I do.  And I AM clear that after last night, I AM a Happily-Recovered-Catholic, an open Gay Man, an Afro-Cuban, a Moon Magick Witch, a Son of Auset and Pan, and a Mexican!is


6 comments on “My Evening with Guadalupe.

  1. Robert-

    Amazing!!! Such a lovely post from one recovering Catholic to another. Thank you for that.

    The corn drink is called Miezenna (s/p Google to confrim). I haven’t had it in yrs but I recall my relatives drinking- it comes in flavors.

    Also, I think there’s a slight typo in the area when you speak if the lightening bolt.

    I’m finally back to speed after my stomach flu and have some news to share. I’m on day 78 of my prosperity prayers aaaaand one of the companies I’ve been asking Spirit and the Divne to employ me called on Monday- almost out of the blue. NO JOKE AND QUOTE ME ON IT! As you said, “my shit works!” And I’m proof. Thank you for all that you’ve shared. You truly are an otherworldly being that I’m blessed to call a friend.

    Now, I ask you what are some of your favorite essential oil scents, or are there any issues you would like to address (I.e. stress, trouble sleeping, headaches) or is there a particular time of day you find you love like ( I.e. morning, noon or night).

    Also let me know if lotion or body oil would suit you best.

    I would love to give you a hand made gift either in person or via mail.

    Much love, healing and blessings!

    • Enrique, thank you for this lovely comment, and for the additional info. No wonder you were on my Mind last night and this morning. Spirit was telling me you would know what this beverage is called.

      Also, I shall go back to the post and edit. Clearly, I was not even fully in my Body when I wrote this post.

      And thank you for your lovely compliment and Testimonial. I love when people receive both Money Miracles and Divine Prosperity Blessings from participating in my “Divine Prosperity Events.”

  2. And, Enrique, I AM happy you are feeling better. And I keep thinking that you are actually on Day 38 of the second go-round of John Randolph Price’s “40-Day Prosperity Plan,” yes?

    • Thank you, newheavenonearth. I also know myself to be a Sacred Son of the Great and Glorious Auset and the Beautiful and Beloved Pan.

      May all the Blessings you gave me return to you one thousand fold.

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