“Radical Self-Acceptance”

I have an amazing friend in The Amazing Nicole Tomassini.  You can check her out by visiting http://www.ilovenicoleshow.com.

She is funny, warm, Loving and very Spiritually connected.  Well, last Friday night, she and I had a great night hanging out and catching up on what has been happening in her life, the lives of her friends and in my life, too.  Of course, the Spiritual made Its Presence Known very early on in the night (those of us that have been to her home know how MUCH the Angels and Fairies–not to mention various Goddesses and Gods–enjoy living there, and how often They let us know this).

Well, she was telling me about her friend, Effie (this man is FABULOUS!  A true original, guaranteed, you have never met anyone even remotely similar to him) and his particular Spiritual Journey.  And, at one point the phrase “Radical Self-Acceptance” came into the conversation.

Well, as soon as I heard that and allowed it to float through my Mind, it was not until I kept seeing this as a blog post.  And here it is.

So, what would it mean to you to fully, completely, radically accept yourself and your world completely?  What would it mean if you lived your life fully from the perspective of “accepting everyone exactly as he or she is, and exactly as he or she is not?”

Now, this does not mean that you stop having boundaries and letting people walking all over you.  It simply means that you accept everyone (ESPECIALLY yourself) exactly as they are and exactly as they are not.

And this applies to the world.  What if you simply accepted everything exactly as it is, and exactly as it is not?

Now, this does not mean that you stop doing what you can to improve your life, your home, your world.  Some of you are going to fuck yourselves up by trying to figure this out.  This is not to be figured out: this is too simple for complicated Minds.  If you try to figure this out, you are going to fuck yourselves up (but, as LeVar Burton often said on his television program, Reading Rainbow: “You don’t have to take my word for it,” although, as per yours truly, you are better off doing so).

There is an amazing Affirmation that I learned from Louise L. Hay several years ago.  It goes:




What if every day, you said that, wrote that, were that, LIVED THAT?

Many of my fellow Lightworkers have discovered and talked about the many Spiritual Energy Shifts that have occurred this year, as well as these past several years.  They shall continue, and I invite you to welcome them, as they are going to dramatically increase the amount of Divine Love, Divine Healing and Divine Prosperity Energies in your lives and in the lives of everyone and everything on this Planet.

I invite all of you to engage in Cosmic Contemplation with the phrase “Radical Self-Acceptance.”  You can do this now or later, whatever works better for you.

Make a Ritual of it.  Light a candle, some incense, bathe beforehand or simply rinse your hands and face with water as cold as you can stand it.  Then, simply say the words “Radical Self-Acceptance” in your Mind, over and over again, then allow your Higher Mind to give you greater insights on it.  Then, write down whatever comes to you in a journal or Spiritual Playbook.

The Sacred Sequel to this post, “Radical Self-Expression” is forthcoming.

As always, I AM most thankful for all of you, my dear blog followers and readers, as well as those wonderful friends (like The Amazing Nicole Tomassini) that make my life sweeter and much more wonderful.is

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