“Radical Self-Expression”

Yesterday, Monday, December 17, 2012, while writing my first blog post of the day (have you recovered, yet?!), I did not notice that every time I wrote the phrase “Radical Self-Acceptance” I wrote the word “Expression” following the Self.

In fact, it was not until the end of the second paragraph that I noticed the word “Acceptance” had not even been written, even in the header.

For those of you that are new to me, as well as my blog, especially my newest blog follower, “traineehypnotist,” an integral part of my writing process is to get quiet, commune with Spirit, then allow the Divine to move my words.  It works for Doreen Virtue, and it works for me.

However, there are moments when I AM so focused on what I AM doing that I do not even notice the Presence of the Divine.

An example: I have a friend who is a professional Lightworker.  He was facilitating a workshop, and at one point before it began, he asked me if I felt the Presence of the Goddess, Isis, (Whom the Ancient Egyptians called Auset, the Egyptian Goddess of Magick, Witchcraft, Psychic Powers, the Full Moon, Healing Love and Restorative Love).  I looked at him and said, “Hon, every room in my home has an Image of Her; I feel Her Presence constantly.”  This remains true.

Even now, as I begin writing this blog post, I feel Her Presence.  On my left wrist, I AM wearing a Sterling Silver bracelet of Her Winged Form, and one of the pendants I AM wearing is shaped like Her Crown, and set with Carnelian, whom the Ancients called the “Blood of Isis.”  So, the Great and Glorious Auset (or, Isis, if you prefer) Is constantly with me.

Now, about Radical Self-Expression, I must confess this is a new concept for me.  For starters, for many years I lived my life afraid that if I was completely honest with people, especially the people in my personal life, they would walk out of my life.  My Divinely Orchestrated stroke back in late August of this year certainly took care of that.

Also, with each passing day, I AM more comfortable with exploring being a Free Spirit.  For many reasons, this is challenging for me.  There are people, such as actors, dancers, musicians, and fine artists, that are naturally Free Spirited.  There are many athletes that are naturally Free Spirited, too.

Alas, being Free Spirited is not a natural expression for me, although I have noticed that I can definitely “prepare” myself for it.  Back in October of this year, I co-led a “Healing Love” Ritual with the NYC Open Gay Men’s Pagan Magick Circle.  I had the honor and pleasure of invoking Het-Heret (more commonly known as Hathor), the Egyptian Goddess of Love, Beauty, Sensual Pleasures, Balance and Harmony.  I took a container that contained oatmeal and turned it into a rattle (Her Sacred Instrument is the Sistrum, which is a kind of rattle).  And I recall telling the attendees of this Ritual, that they need to be completely Self-Expressed and “shake, shake, shake, shake their booty.”

Those of you that have known me for years, are either thinking, “Was he on drugs when he said that?”  Or, “IT’S ABOUT FUCKING TIME!”  Either way, yes, I did say that out loud, and with a big smile on my face.

In simplest terms, being Radically Self-Expressed is being Self-Expressed, expressing every facet of your Being completely, no matter what.

Once again, I wish to acknowledge my newest blog follower, “traineehypnotist.”  May you and yours receive Divine Blessings of Divine Joy, Divine Riches and Divine Success from doing so.

And for my other blog followers and readers, may you continue to receive Divine Blessings of Divine Healing, Divine Inspiration and Divine Prosperity from “This Is Who I AM.”  Happy Holidays!

"9 Greek Muses," by Thalia Took.
“9 Greek Muses,” by Thalia Took.

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