A 4,100 day

I had a feeling that before the end of the weekend I would be at 4,100 views all time.

Well, today as soon as I logged on to WordPress I discovered that I AM right now at 4,100 views all time.

Truly, I need to begin applying the light touch to every area of my life.

But for now, I AM looking forward to a weekend of relaxing, meeting great people, and more deeply connecting with Spirit and with several books.

In a recent Email (one I received this past Wednesday, January 16, 2013) from a long-time client and student, who is also a fellow professional Lightworker, she wrote about how the other day was a great day for “Candles, coffee, journaling and nurturing oneself.”  She began to close the Email with wishing me a “romantic, rainy Wednesday.”

I must confess I forgot about the “romantic, rainy Wednesday” Blessing.  And the other day I heard from someone from the past with whom I have become quite angry, someone with whom I wanted to co-create a Divine Romance.  I know that as much as I would rather hold my tongue (or, in this case, my fingers), I AM crystal clear now, more than ever, that if I do, then I shall prevent myself from being completely at Peace with creating, manifesting and maintaining Divine Romance.

So, I AM going to go against the wondrous teachings of Louise L. Hay and others and tell him to go fuck himself.  Especially since, also now more than ever, I AM crystal clear that “stress is a killer.”  And allowing these words to remain locked within me is NOT a good thing, for anyone, especially not me.

And so, ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for honoring who I AM and what I do, and thank you so much for honoring my blog, “This Is Who I AM.”  And yes, feel free to comment.

May all the Goddesses, Gods, Angels and Saints Lovingly Bless all of you and yours with Divine Love, Divine Light, Divine Prosperity and Divine Peace.candlescoffee heartjournalsnurturing oneself


4 comments on “A 4,100 day

  1. Dear Robert, amazing synchronicities: I just had the same “go fxxx yourself” moments this week, with two romances. Good for us, sometimes things (etc) just need to be named for what they are, nothing else will suffice.

    • Oh, my Goddess! What a wonderful comment. Thank you so much.

      And you know, I AM also angry that I saw so many people around me dating people exactly ten years younger than they are, and this guy is exactly ten years younger than me. He spoiled my Sign from Spirit! Ha, Ha!!

      I know it is a cheesy, corny line, but it is nice to be nice. However, sometimes, at least in my experience, being nice is not going to cut it.

      Thank you, again, for this lovely comment.

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