Turning Inward and Finding Love

Yesterday, Thursday, February 14, 2013, I retreated from the world and focused solely on those things that I love: pasta, coffee, my beautiful Feline Daughters, books, journals, and tending to my Altars.  Not necessarily in that order.

I began my day simply lounging in bed for an hour or so.  After that, I fed my beautiful cats, and then prepared for my bath.  I took two packets of Azure Green’s “Healing” sea salt bath, and one packet of their “Love” bath.  I then added six vials of Chakra Oils (it was a sample given to me by a professional Lightworker; I never realized until yesterday morning that there was no vial for the Heart Chakra, but that was being tended to all day and night yesterday).

I lit a white tea light candle and simply soaked in the bath for half-an-hour and engaged in my “Love Healing” bath (or, “Divine Love Healing Bath,” as the case may be).

I could feel all the debris from my complete Being (especially my Heart Chakra and my Soul) being cleansed away in that Blessed Bath.  I almost did not want to remove myself, but I remembered that I wanted to eat, too.

So, I pulled the plug from the drain and rinsed off the herbs with a quick shower.  Then I went to put on some clothes and off to my kitchen I went to cook.

Personally (and I AM sure this has some to do with my Natal Moon-Sign in Aquarius), I love “non-traditional” breakfasts.  I think that is why I have always loved IHOP; I can go in there at any time and eat breakfast, at any time of the day or night.  Non-traditional meals certainly work for me.

This was not the first time I had eaten pasta for breakfast.  Indeed, the first time I did so I was not hungry all day, and I hardly snacked between meals.

I also completed reading a novel entitled Witch Child, by Celia Rees.  Great novel.  I love novels that simply grab me with the first paragraph, and this one did.  Soon, I shall manifest the sequel, Sorceress.  I cannot wait!

What I especially loved about yesterday was that I did not feel sorry for myself.  I simply loved myself completely, and accepted myself completely, too.  No judgement, no blame, no self-pity, only good food, good books, and great Energy.

Tending to my Altars is a joy for me, and I always begin with the Altar to my personal Goddess, or as I call Her, my Celestial Mother, Auset.  The Egyptian Goddess more commonly known as Isis.

Then, to my Altar for Saints, then my Triple Goddess Altar, then my Divine Love Healing Altar and finally my Divine Prosperity Altar.

I made penne pasta with a garlic and onion sauce and the coffee was FAB!!!  Those of you that have had my Cosmic Coffee know how phenomenal it is!

The entire day, I remembered that I AM Love.  That I AM Loving, Lovable, and that I need to remember to Love myself, non-stop, no matter what.

And today, I feel wonderful, at Peace, happy.

Yesterday was my second favorite Valentine’s Day.  My all-time BEST Valentine’s Day was when Roger Ansanelli had a concert on Valentine’s Day, 2010.  THAT was my BEST Valentine’s Day ever!

But that is probably another post.

I invite all of you to spend a little time with yourselves today, even if you have to hide in the bathroom for a few minutes to do so.  And look at yourselves in the mirror and say:




And watch your entire day turn around as a result.

Thank you, one and all, for honoring who I AM and what I do.  Have a beautiful, Love-drenched weekend.

Which also increased as of yesterday.
Which also increased as of yesterday.

4 comments on “Turning Inward and Finding Love

    • Holly, I love it when my Emails, blog posts, etc., are Divine Timed. Go, me!!

      Oh, yes, Capricorns are truly Ascended Masters of the self-pity parties, and we simply cannot afford to indulge in such nonsense. And this especially applies to you and me.

      So, I wholeheartedly encourage you to engage in an all-day and all-night Ritual of Self-Love, Self-Healing, whatever gets you out of the gunk.

      Also, trust that the money is coming to you. I forgot which Catherine Ponder book, but she relayed the story of a couple that, whenever money was not flowing, they would go on a vacation, using the monies on hand. When they would return, their mailboxes would be overflowing with checks and they would have orders waiting to be filled.

      And guess what? I conducted a private Reading yesterday. And this client had contacted me on Valentine’s Day. So, money and a wonderfully Spiritual client were waiting for me to welcome them the day after my Divine Day of “Turning Inward and Finding Love.”

      I AM most thankful that you honor me greatly. Now remember to honor yourself on this Day of Saturn, just as greatly.

    • Thank you, “starrystez” for the comment.

      And yes, it was very good for me. As I wrote in this post, it was my second best Valentine’s Day.

      Thanks, again, and have a wonderful weekend. And a new post is forthcoming within the next few hours.

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