Ready for Big Changes

A few years ago, when I first purchased Doreen Virtue’s book Healing with the Angels, I learned the term “walk-in.”  A walk-in is a Spirit (or, Soul, if you prefer) that walks in and takes over a person’s body.  Usually because the previous Soul Transitioned (or, died, if you prefer) for some reason.

Usually, after the walk-in is in the new body, that person begins to make major changes in his or her life: leaving jobs, divorces, etc., have happened with walk-ins before, as well as changes in appearance.

Now, for the record, the Soul that inhabits the body of Robert Alvarez, the Psychic Witch (yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is me) is still here.  I still live for coffee with real sugar and real cream, still a Gay Man, as well as a Moon Magick Witch, still love reading Metaphysical books and psychological suspense thrillers and still LIVE for listening to music that is either Afro-Cuban or Contemporary R & B (in fact, I AM listening to Chante Moore singing “Love’s Taken Over.”  Thank you, Spotify!).

However, recently I had the hair from my  head shaved, shaved the beard of my face, and I AM currently wearing a tie.  Now, the last time I wore a tie was yesterday, and before that it was Tuesday, January 22, 2013.   Before that, it had been at last five (and probably much closer to ten) years since I had worn a tie.

So, why am I doing this?  Because I AM ready for big changes, and I felt that doing something big would be an excellent catalyst for bringing big changes in my life.  And I AM already seeing those big changes take place.

I have had some excellent dates recently, and have been Prospering more than I did in December, 2012.  Also, I feel happier (of course, my fabulous drugs may have something to do with that; seriously, I AM taking great prescription medication that is lowering my cholesterol, blood pressure and thinning my blood so as to prevent a recurrent stroke, and did I mention I already lost thirty-five pounds?!), and I AM enjoying life more.

No more emotional roller-coasters, and plenty of good people and great Energy in my life.  And the rest shall be taken care of, in good time.

Nonetheless, I AM ready for these big changes to continue.  And I AM very happy with them.

Before I close, I wish to acknowledge my newest blog follower, “seekersguide.”  May you and yours receive a Divine Abundance of Divine Healing, Divine Inspiration and Divine Joy from following my blog.

And for those of you that already follow or read my blog, thank you for honoring who I AM and what I do, and for continuing this journey of my Magickal and Mundane Musings.

May all of you have a wondrous, Divinely Prosperous and Love-drenched weekend.

Granted, I saw this on a bodybuilding Web site, but it fits.
Granted, I saw this on a bodybuilding Web site, but it fits.

4 comments on “Ready for Big Changes

  1. In many first nations cultures cuttinf/shaving a large amount of hair is tied to grief/loss/saying good bye to one phase and entering another, so I think it is awesome you did that and CONGRATS on all the other stuff too!

    • Peaches, thank you for this comment, and thank you for the info.

      I must confess that, as a fan of the television series, “Bones,” I have become more interested in Anthropology, although I have yet to read a book about it, and just let Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan do the talking about various indigenous cultures.

      Indeed, one of the reasons why I shaved my head and face was because I was ready to make big changes in my life, and I had been carrying a lot of grief, especially regarding unfulfilled possibilities and unexplored adventures with potential romantic partners.

      However, now I do feel more free, more alive (although I would LOVE to be back in bed; remember, “sleep is under-rated!”), and I AM entering a new phase of life.

      And I think I AM readying my complete Being to resume being a Living God, because this human crap is so last millennium!

  2. Hi! It is always great to be open for new chances! Especially from a spiritual point of view, it brings you in a new dimension! Great blog! Love it! And yeah, I love the cards from Doreen Virtue as well a lot! Surrounded by light!

    • Thank you, Mirabai, for the comment.

      I think you meant “chances,” although I think I AM also open to new chances, but chances (at least, to me) implies allowing Fate to dictate everything.

      Personally, I AM open to co-creating new and big changes with Spirit, and taking it from there.

      As for Doreen Virtue, yes, I have her first Oracle Card Decks (from “Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards” to “Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards,” [first through fourteenth], as well as her first Tarot Deck, “The Angel Tarot.” She also has “Mary, Queen of Angels Oracle Cards” and “Angel Dreams Oracle Cards.” Those I do not have yet.

      Thanks, again, for the comment and for the Divine Love compliment for my blog.

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