Well, It Happened…

Sometime yesterday, Monday, February 25, 2013 (the date of the Full Moon in Virgo, Sign of Healing), I exceeded 5,000 views all time on my blog.

I promise, I shall refrain from sharing a “I wish I had prepared something” acceptance speech.  However, I do wish to take a few moments to acknowledge a few people who have been instrumental in encouraging me to do this, either directly or indirectly.

First, my the Goddesses Who Are an integral part of my Psi-Altar for Divine Inspiration.  They Are: Athena, the Greek Goddess of War and Wisdom, as well as Arts and Crafts; Brighid, the Irish Goddess of Divine Healing, Divine Inspiration and Divine Prosperity; and Sarasvati, the Hindu Goddess of Creativity, the Arts, and the One credited with creating and inventing the fifty characters of the Sanskrit Alphabet.

And, now more than ever, I wish to thank the Gods, the Fathers that Are a part of my Earthly Sojourn: Ausar/Osiris, the Egyptian God of the Afterlife and Resurrection; Tehuti/Thoth, the Egyptian God of Moon Magick, and the Divine Scribe credited with creating the Egyptian Hieroglyphs; Shango, the Afro-Caribbean God of Fire, Lightning and Thunder and One of the “Guererros” (Warriors, in Spanish) of the Orishas; Pan, the Greek God of Wild Fields and Wilder Lust.

In addition, I have developed a closer connection with Archangel Gabriel, the Divine Messenger of the Archangels.  He Is also the Divine Communicator, and helps all artists–writers, actors, dancers, musicians, etc.–to be more creative and certainly to Prosper in the Arts.

As for people, I wish to thank my personal Psychic Advisor, Roger Pratt (http://www.rogerpratt.com) for being amazing and for spoiling me for other professional Psychics, and for being such a wonderful friend that the mere sight of his name helps me stop worrying.

Of course, I wish to thank Michelle “The Enchanted Swan” Graham (http://swanofdreamers.blogspot.com) for spoiling me for participants.  She is one of a small number of participants that, when unable to participate in my Metaphysical Classes, it takes me a moment to get over it and adjust.  Yes, that is how FAB her Energy is.  She comes open and receptive to Ancient and Infinite Knowledge and Wisdom, as well as Divinely Radiant.  So, when she informs me she shall be unable to participate in one of my Classes, I think, “Aw, man!”  Then, I sulk and pout for a few minutes (or hours, if I AM by myself) and then by some Goddess-Graced Magickal Miracle, I get over it.

Of course, I wish to thank Holly Troy (http://holly-troy.com) for being so receptive and honoring of my blog.  Her blog is badass, too, so take a visit or follow (even better!).  Of course, from the first time she and I met seven years ago this coming November, 2013, she has fully honored who I AM and what I do, and she has become more open and receptive to her Divine Destiny as a Star-Achieving Artist (thank you, SARK, for such a great expression!).

And, I wish to thank one of my closest friends, The Amazing Nicole Tomassini (http://www.ilovenicoleshow.com).  She is funny, talented, creative and truly a Living and Loving Goddess.  She is also one of the most talented and compassionate Metaphysical Teachers I have ever known and Re-Minded me that I truly can have and do anything.  Plus, the fact that she has the Soul of a tall, skinny black man has helped me ENORMOUSLY when I have allowed myself to talk to another person about romance.

There are other people I can thank, but I would like to complete and publish this post before I exceed 6,000 views all time on my blog.

I recall reading an article on the Internet about blogging (sorry, I do not recall the details, but when I do, I shall happily acknowledge it).  The article recommended that it is good for one to blog for at least one year, then decided if it is a good idea to continue the blog.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, given that I first launched this blog on Tuesday, March 20, 2012 (the date the Sun entered Aries–Sign of New Beginnings) and given that the Sun shall enter Aries on Wednesday, March 20, 2013, I AM crystal clear, then yes, I shall continue my blog (well, at least for another year).

Before I close and publish, I wish to acknowledge my newest blog follower, “lauriesnotes.”  May you and yours receive a Divine Abundance of Divine Blessings from following my blog.

And for all of you who already follow and read my blog, thank you so much for honoring who I AM and what I do.  Thank you for letting me bare my Soul to you, letting me be discouraged and disgusted, radiant and reflective, honoring and healing, Prosperous and Peaceful.

"Divine Inspiration" by Elizabeth Erazo Baez
“Divine Inspiration” by Elizabeth Erazo Baez

5 comments on “Well, It Happened…

    • Shell, you are most welcome and thank you, too!

      Indeed, it becomes a year on Wednesday, March 20, 2013. I may do something special in a blog post on that date. Ironically, the Day of Mercury has been my usual day of Sacred Solitude, and it may be so next Wednesday, too.

      And, let me tell you something, my dear: YOU make my day, too!!

  1. I love you, Robert – and have so much gratitude for you. I am happy you are blogging, it keeps me in the flow and know of what’s happening in your Divine and Wondrous World.

    Hugs ~ Holly

    • Oh, my Goddess! What a beautiful comment and compliment!!

      Thank you, Holly, so much. today is one of those hypersensitive days for me, where I wanted to disconnect from the world for a day, but I do not have that luxury today.

      Nonetheless, this lovely compliment makes me happy that I AM in and around the world today.

  2. Why am I not surprised? By the time I published this post, my views all time increased.

    So, now it is 5,022 views all time. (Not bad for less than a year of this blog’s existence, huh?)

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